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Eastbound & Down

Eastbound & Down - Season 1 Episodes

Eastbound & Down - Season 1

Eastbound & Down - Season 1

As a rising baseball star, Kenny Powers had it all: money, fame, obsessed fans. But he threw it all away in a haze of hard-living and complacency. Only problem is: Kenny doesn't know he ever lost it. HBO presents Season One of this delightfully subversive comedy series starring Danny McBride as the former pitcher who finds himself out of baseball and reduced to teaching Phys Ed at the North Carolina school he once attended.

Eastbound & Down S1E0
Episode 0

The Making of Eastbound and Down

Eastbound & Down S1E1
Episode 1

Chapter 1: Career Errors

Home life isn't going any better for Kenny. His sister-in-law is tired of his foul language and verbal abuse (and her damned kids won't stay off his jet ski). Some bro-time spent with Clegg, the coked-out bartender at Sha-BOOM's, helps ease Kenny's sorrows. But when Dustin later finds his brother belting frustrated pitches at the side of the house, he tells Kenny it's time to leave the past behind him – which the ballplayer hears as a mandate to focus fully on rebuilding his career. Inspired, Kenny sashays into school the next morning, hijacks the morning announcements and formally accepts a full-time position as the gym teacher... until the majors call him back up.

Eastbound & Down S1E2
Episode 2

Chapter 2: Training Day

Kenny finds a novel way to cope with the humiliation: Popping ecstasy and crashing his school's charity dance, where he ends a sweaty dance-tribute to April by puking and passing out cold. After waking up disoriented in the school library, he cusses out Principal Cutler before stumbling home. Stevie scoops him up on the highway, begging to be his best friend, and Kenny has a sudden epiphany. An assistant could be just what he's needed to focus full-time on his return to glory.

Eastbound & Down S1E3
Episode 3

Chapter 3: Out of the Box

In full-on assistant mode, Stevie follows Kenny's orders to track down and incapacitate a local high school pitcher before he can steal Kenny's spot on a pro roster. Stevie fails miserably of course, unable to look threatening even after pulling a knife on the kid. Kenny's souvenir business fares just as poorly. After lowering his opening bids at Cassie's suggestion, Kenny's appalled to see his homerun bat sell for a measly $7. Too bad he doesn't realize there's more than just money involved; the bat actually sold to April, who's hiding this new passion from her fiance...

Eastbound & Down S1E4
Episode 4

Chapter 4: Kenny's Pitching Clinic

Hurt that April didn't invite him first (and determined to make her regret it) Kenny classes up Tracy as best he can and tries to make a splash at the party.

Stevie tries to pump the crowd for Kenny by showing his highlight reel, but no one's feeling it. April leaves to go to the bathroom, and when Kenny follows her, they share a heated moment in the bedroom — a moment which ends prematurely in Kenny's pants. Ashamed, he tries to collect his drunken date on the way out, but Cutler's also pounded down enough tequila to feel brave: He mocks Kenny, calling him a has-been, until April finally shuts him up. The night ends with Kenny sitting on Dustin's porch, weeping.

Eastbound & Down S1E5
Episode 5

Chapter 5: Beginning A New Audio Book

Beginning a new audio book at Stevie's house, Kenny eulogizes his own awesomeness. Finally ready to put the past behind him and accept his boring life as a regular person, Kenny throws on... a pair of khakis, teaches during his classes and pitches in on Dustin's sun-porch contracting. But when Reg Mackworthy, the slugger who ended Kenny's career, dares the pitcher on live radio to try and strike him out at Ashley Schaeffer BMW, it's actually Dustin who talks Kenny into accepting the challenge.

Arriving on the scene, Kenny's confidence is shaken in the face of Mackworthy and a parking lot packed with fans. His first pitches fly wildly off the mark. But when April shows up – after ditching Cutler in the midst of his triathlon – Kenny finds his focus. Like a murderous eagle, he zeroes in and rifles a 101-mph fastball into Mackworthy's face, popping the batter's eye right out of its socket. As a victory lap, Kenny pegs Schaeffer with a pitch and then proceeds to decimate the dealership with expertly aimed fastballs. The carnage ends only after he embraces April for a deep kiss.

Eastbound & Down S1E6
Episode 6

Chapter 6: Getting It On With April

As if Kenny's getting it on with April hadn't made life awesome enough, the ballplayer receives a visit from Pat Anderson, a big league executive ... from Tampa. The incident with Mackworthy's eye is all over the internet, making Kenny hot enough to sign a new contract. He's f**kin' in. When Kenny shows up at April's house in a new (leased) Denali, however, she's not ready to abandon her own life and join him.

That night Cutler – who disappeared into the forest to live off the land after seeing his fiancé kiss Kenny – comes to visit the pitcher. Kenny explains to the principal that April has settled on a boring life with him after all, and only after Cutler shakes his hand and turns to leave does Kenny notice the pistol tucked into his waistband. The next day, as Kenny says his goodbyes and prepares to leave town, April pulls up at the last minute with a suitcase. Kenny's victory doesn't last long, though: Anderson calls a moment later and rescinds his offer. Kenny doesn't share the bad news with anyone, but when April runs inside a gas station as they leave town, he drives off, ditching her for the second time.

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