Eleventh Hour

Eleventh Hour

Eleventh Hour - Season 1 Episodes

Eleventh Hour - Season 1

Eleventh Hour - Season 1

Rufus Sewell stars as Dr. Jacob Hood, an elite science advisor to the government who investigates scientific crises. Called in at the eleventh hour, he represents the last line of defense against those who misuse science for nefarious motives.

Eleventh Hour S1E1
Episode 1


Special Scientist Advisor to the FBI, Jacob Hood and his FBI partner, Rachel Young travel to Seattle to solve the case of nineteen genetically identical human fetuses that have been discarded. For years, Hood has been tracking a mysterious geneticist, Geppetto, whom he knows has been unsuccessfully trying to clone humans. He surmises the illusive Geppetto has a client in the Seattle area who is trying to clone a lost child. We also follow an unwitting young mother who believes she is a surrogate for a childless couple; in fact, she is carrying a cloned embryo and she's having life threatening problems with her pregnancy. Hood and Rachel must figure out who hired Geppetto, in order to find and save the young mother before her troubled pregnancy kills her.

Eleventh Hour S1E2
Episode 2


Dr. Jacob Hood and Rachel Young go to Pooler, Georgia where three otherwise healthy eleven-year-old boys have died from heart attacks.

Eleventh Hour S1E3
Episode 3


Jacob Hood and Rachel go to northern California to investigate why almost an entire family ended up paralyzed and near death after eating breakfast.

Eleventh Hour S1E4
Episode 4


When three autistic teenagers who had gone missing for a month return with Savant abilities, Hood and Rachel investigate what might have happened to them.

Eleventh Hour S1E5
Episode 5


Cal Rigdon, an old friend of Hood's asks him to come to Philadelphia to help out with an outbreak of a mysterious infectious disease.

Eleventh Hour S1E6
Episode 6


Hood gets called in to help solve the mystery of a college co-ed who was frozen to death and will not thaw, despite blistering heat of the Los Angeles sun.

Eleventh Hour S1E7
Episode 7


Col. Henry Brooks, with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), asks Hood and Rachel to investigate an experiment funded by his agency that appears to have gone horribly wrong.

Eleventh Hour S1E8
Episode 8


Hood and Rachel head to a college campus in Oklahoma where two students have died of "the bends" but neither one was even in the water, much less diving.

Eleventh Hour S1E9
Episode 9


Hood and Rachel travel to Daytona Beach, Florida where two young men appear to have died after a wild night of partying.

Eleventh Hour S1E10
Episode 10


When a number of people with no criminal history have bizarre violent episodes, Hood and Rachel travel to White Tail Hills, Texas to investigate. They pursue a number of leads, but when Hood has his break with reality, he realizes the source is the city water. However, since not everyone is affected, they must determine what causes the water to be contaminated. Their investigation leads them to a drug smuggling group who laced plumbing pipes with PCP, but a shipping discrepancy sent the pipes to someone who installed them in people's homes.

Eleventh Hour S1E11
Episode 11


After seeing a national news report that a boy's kidney tumor miraculously disappeared after the child drank from a natural spring in Minnesota, Dr. Jacob Hood rushes to the scene to debunk what he believes to be a fraudulent miracle cure.

Eleventh Hour S1E12
Episode 12


When it's discovered during a routine autopsy, that the dead man had two hearts, Hood and Rachel travel to Southern California to investigate the medical anomaly.

Eleventh Hour S1E13
Episode 13


Three genetically identical babies are discovered during an ICE raid at the Texas/Mexico border and when they discover a fourth passport revealing a fourth baby who was taken by a couple who escaped the raid, the search is on to find the missing baby and solve the mystery of how these babies came to be on a truck smuggling people over the border.

Eleventh Hour S1E14
Episode 14


When a Milwaukee helicopter pilot/traffic reporter goes blind suddenly in the middle of a broadcast and crashes his helicopter, Hood and Rachel are called in to investigate this high profile mystery.

Eleventh Hour S1E15
Episode 15


When thirty people are killed on one night after being hit by lightening, Hood, Rachel and Felix travel to Massachusetts to investigate.

Eleventh Hour S1E16
Episode 16


When several people in Philadelphia fall victim to a what seems to be a nerve-agent, Hood, Rachel and Felix get called in.

Eleventh Hour S1E17
Episode 17


Hood, Rachel and Felix are in New York during Fashion Week because of a series of murders in the fashion industry.

Eleventh Hour S1E18
Episode 18


Hood gets inadvertently drawn into a case when a woman accuses an FBI Deputy Director of having fathered a child with her.

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