Empty Nest

Empty Nest

Empty Nest - Season 1 Episodes

Empty Nest S1E1
Episode 1


Harry is proposed to eighteen months after the death of his wife.

Empty Nest S1E2
Episode 2

The Check Isn't In the Mail

Carol gets all dolled up for a date with her contemptible ex-husband. Harry thinks Dreyfuss may be sick.

Empty Nest S1E3
Episode 3

Barbara Gets Shot

Harry tries to get Barbara to give up her police career after she is shot.

Empty Nest S1E4
Episode 4

Fatal Attraction

Neighbor Blanche thinks she is in love with Harry and comes on strong when showing her affection. An old friend of the family dies after an illness. Carol decides to move in and take care of her father.

Empty Nest S1E5
Episode 5

Father of the Bride

Harry is ecstatic when Barbara accepts her surgeon boyfriend's marriage proposal, but she has second thoughts the night before the wedding.

Empty Nest S1E6
Episode 6

Harry's Vacation

Harry thinks he has become a burden on Carol and Barbara when they send him away on a vacation, despite his objections.

Empty Nest S1E7
Episode 7

Tinker to Evers to Tucson

When husband Nick is traded to a Japanese baseball team, Laverne is forced to quit. A sick Charley camps out on Harry's couch.

Empty Nest S1E8
Episode 8

What's a Father to Do?

Harry makes plans to accompany Carol to see her photographs displayed in an art gallery, and also to attend a ceremony honoring Barbara with a gold medal of valor. The problem is, both events are on the same day.

Empty Nest S1E9
Episode 9

Harry's Friend

Harry isn't too happy when Carol begins dating his old friend.

Empty Nest S1E10
Episode 10

Libby's Gift

An organ that Libby ordered before dying finally arrives at the house and Harry becomes determined to learn to play it in time for his and Libby's anniversary. Barbara and Carol worry that he is going too far. A patient asks Harry for birth control.

Empty Nest S1E11
Episode 11

The First Time, Again

Harry is encouraged to spend a weekend alone with his girlfriend. Jeffrey Millstein's imagination runs wild after he sees a scary movie.

Empty Nest S1E12
Episode 12

Full Nest

Financial trouble forces Barbara to move back in with Harry but it's not all fun and games. A lonely Carol soon decides to move in as well.

Empty Nest S1E13
Episode 13

Here's a Howdy-Do

Harry doesn't understand why no one likes his new girlfriend, but soon realizes they were right. When the relationship ends, Carol, who actually liked the lady, questions her own instincts.

Empty Nest S1E14
Episode 14

Strange Bedfellows

Carol falls in love with a South American freedom fighter and announces she's going away with him. Jeffrey Millstein falls in love with Laverne.

Empty Nest S1E15
Episode 15

Tears of a Clown

Carol becomes public relations director of the hospital and causes a multi-million dollar lawsuit when she reveals the mental problems of local celebrity Poko the Clown at a press conference. Charley convinces Barbara to pose as his fiance to get a promotion.

Empty Nest S1E16
Episode 16

Blame It on the Moon

The Westons laugh when Charley says the full moon will bring love, but then realize he could be right. A rude doctor catches Harry's eye. Carol's finds romance when a man returns run-away Dreyfuss (who in turn finds love in the man's female dog). A stake-out leads Barbara into the arms of a high-school boyfriend.

Empty Nest S1E17
Episode 17


Barbara falls in love with neighbor, Dorothy's nephew, but is surprisingly not phased when he dumps her. Dorothy and Harry have an argument when Dorothy blames Barbara for the breakup.

Empty Nest S1E18
Episode 18

The More Things Change

The hospital's new owner forces Harry to move his practice after 25 years in the same office. Meanwhile, Carol tries to amend the past after reading Emily's old diary and Charley tries out a new look.

Empty Nest S1E19
Episode 19

Man of the Year

When Harry receives a Man of the Year award, his estranged father comes to town for the ceremony, but Harry gets upset when he learns that his father didn't think he could make it as a doctor. Carol overhears the conversation and thinks her grandfather is dying.

Empty Nest S1E20
Episode 20

Cyrano de Weston

Harry gives Charley advice on how to impress a new girlfriend, who turns out to be the same lady Harry is seeing. When a relative dies and leaves Barbara and Emily money, Carol is anxious to see what she'll be getting but isn't too thrilled when it arrives.

Empty Nest S1E21
Episode 21

My Sister, My Friend

Harry promises to take Carol and Barbara with him to Paris if the two can go one month without fighting. Charley wins a greyhound in a card game.

Empty Nest S1E22
Episode 22

A Life in the Day

Harry sees five patients: a week-old baby, a five-year-old whose father denies the boy's onset diabetes; a seven-year-old curious about sex; an eleven-year-old having the cast removed from his arm; a belligerent 14-year-old who uses drugs; and an 18-year-old picking up his medical records before going away to college. The end of the episode reveals that all of these have been the same patient at different ages.

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