Empty Nest

Empty Nest

Empty Nest - Season 6 Episodes

Empty Nest S6E1
Episode 1

When the Rooster Dies

Harry sells his pediatrics practice to another doctor, who ends up firing Laverne. When the hospital sends Harry to check out an inner-city clinic, he ends up teaming up with the owner, Dr. Maxine Douglas, to keep the place open. Laverne joins them as nurse. Meanwhile, Sophia Petrillo moves back into nearby Shady Pines retirement home and drops by the Weston house.

Empty Nest S6E2
Episode 2

Bye-Bye, Baby ... Hello (1)

Carol throws Patrick out when she realizes that he'll never grow up, but later learns that she's pregnant. Laverne goes too far when trying to organize things at the clinic.

Empty Nest S6E3
Episode 3

Bye-Bye, Baby ... Hello (2)

Carol can't decide how to tell Patrick about her pregnancy. Laverne refuses to tell Maxine a secret.

Empty Nest S6E4
Episode 4

Mama Todd, the Sequel

Laverne's mother-in-law visits, unaware that Nick and Laverne are divorced. Charley tries to persuade Carol to make him godfather of the baby.

Empty Nest S6E5
Episode 5

Mom's the Word

Carol is afraid to tell a date that she is pregnant. Laverne and Maxine disagree when trying to plan a baby shower.

Empty Nest S6E6
Episode 6

Diary of a Mad Housewife

Carol reads her mother's old diary and thinks she wasn't wanted. Maxine is annoyed by a mime and a hypochondriac at the clinic.

Empty Nest S6E7
Episode 7

Mother Dearest

Maxine's mother visits and drives her crazy, but then finds out she may have glaucoma. Charley finds out the sex of Carol's baby, something she didn't want to know. Harry and Casey MacAfee try to make a date.

Empty Nest S6E8
Episode 8

No Volunteers, Please

A shy woman volunteers at the clinic and starts sending Laverne flowers and cooking her dinner, which prompts Maxine to think the lady is a lesbian. Carol tries to get her unborn child enrolled in a posh preschool.

Empty Nest S6E9
Episode 9

Das Boob

Harry and Charley get stranded at sea. Maxine tries to overcome her fear of public speaking.

Empty Nest S6E10
Episode 10

The Girl Who Cried Baby

Maxine and Harry compete to sell opera tickets. After a series of false alarms, Carol gives birth to son Scotty while at the opera.

Empty Nest S6E11
Episode 11


When the baby starts "singing Beethoven," Carol fears the hospital has given her the wrong child.

Empty Nest S6E12
Episode 12

Read All About It

When Maxine has a dental emergency, Harry steps in and gives an interview in her place, but the journalist makes the article sound as though Harry deserves all the credit for the clinic's success. Meanwhile, Charley falls for Dreyfuss' vet.

Empty Nest S6E13
Episode 13

Love a la Mode

Charley plans to marry a waitress from a pancake house. When she finds out they have the same birthday, Laverne thinks that explains why she and Maxine are so much alike, which Maxine thinks is ridiculous.

Empty Nest S6E14
Episode 14

What's A Mother To Do?

Carol joins a mother-daughter support group and ends up feeling that she is the worst mother in the world, especially after locking the baby in the car. Laverne thinks Maxine is dying when she mysteriously asks for time off after a check-up.

Empty Nest S6E15
Episode 15


When the baby can't stop sneezing, Carol hires Studs With Suds to clean the house from top to bottom, and Sophia charges her friends to come and see them in action. But when they think it may be Dreyfuss causing the allergy, Harry takes him to stay with Charley, who doesn't want to give him back. Meanwhile, strange noises from upstairs make Laverne think the clinic is haunted by the ghosts of men who were murdered there years before.

Empty Nest S6E16
Episode 16

Under the Gun

Harry gets shot when a young boy brings a gun to the clinic. Carol has a date with a famous anthropologist, who opts instead to go party with Charley.

Empty Nest S6E17
Episode 17

Brotherly Shove

Charley ends up working at his brother's used car lot, but when he makes a big sale his brother takes all the credit. Maxine and Laverne become competitive when they start jogging to get in shape.

Empty Nest S6E18
Episode 18

The Ballad of Shady Pines

Laverne fills in for a friend at Shady Pines, where Sophia's boyfriend hits on her. Sophia catches the two together and thinks Laverne is stealing her man.

Empty Nest S6E19
Episode 19

Hog Heaven

Laverne's old biker boyfriend returns and the two rekindle their romance, which annoys Harry, who doesn't think the guy is good enough for her. Carol makes a memory video for baby Scotty.

Empty Nest S6E20
Episode 20

Charley's Millions

After receiving an inheritance, Charley assembles a group of people who have meant a lot to him over the years (which includes Harry, Carol, Sophia, and Don Adams from Get Smart) and takes them all on a trip to Mardi Gras. Laverne's hideous looking cat dies.

Empty Nest S6E21
Episode 21

Half That Jazz

Harry persuades his old jazz idol Sonny Baxter to come out of retirement and play at a benefit. Strange things start happening after Sophia vows revenge on Charley for dumping her niece.

Empty Nest S6E22
Episode 22

A Foreign Affair

Maxine's boyfriend, an African cultural attache, proposes marriage. Sophia and Charley get Carol (who meanwhile has started to play the guitar again) hooked on the dog races.

Empty Nest S6E23
Episode 23

Lordy, Lordy, Landlordy

When their good-for-nothing landlord refuses to repair the problems at the clinic, Laverne threatens a rent strike and ends up getting the gang evicted. Meanwhile, Sophia convinces Carol to spend some time away from baby Scotty but she can't seem to bring herself to let him out of her sight.

Empty Nest S6E23
Episode 23

Absence Makes the Nurse Grow Weirder

Harry fills in at his old practice and becomes smitten with the nurse. Laverne is upset because Harry forgets the anniversary of the day they started working together.

Empty Nest S6E24
Episode 24

The Devil and Dr. Weston

A wealthy philanthropist eyes Harry. Carol tries to help shy Doris (who once volunteered at the clinic but now sales roll-on moose door-to-door) come out of her shell.

Empty Nest S6E25
Episode 25

Best Friends

Carol is upset when her childhood friend returns and starts dating Harry. A patient at the clinic turns out to be a member of the family which has feuded with Laverne's for years, which sparks a mini-war between the two.

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