Empty Nest

Empty Nest

Empty Nest - Season 7 Episodes

Empty Nest S7E1
Episode 1

Let's Give Them Something to Talk About

Rumors fly after Charley and Laverne begin spending a lot of time together, but the two swear they are just friends. Carol is excited about her new job at a local newspaper, until she finds out that she has been hired merely as a driver for the paper's teenage reporter.

Empty Nest S7E2
Episode 2

Mrs. Clinton Comes to Town

Reporter Carol tries her best to meet Hillary Clinton, who is visiting the clinic, but only ends up getting thrown in jail along with Laverne and Charley.

Empty Nest S7E3
Episode 3

Just for Laughs

Charley pursues a new career as a stand-up comedian and centers his whole act around making fun of Harry. Meanwhile, a mentally unstable woman befriends Laverne and Maxine battles the bus station when they move the bus shelter.

Empty Nest S7E4
Episode 4

A Chip Off the Old Charley

Charley discovers he has a son, who is a 17-year-old flautist. Carol fills in for Laverne at the clinic and tries to put a damper on Maxine's smoking.

Empty Nest S7E5
Episode 5

The Woman Who Came to Dither

Sophia, who is fed up with the strict Shady Pines manager, moves in with the Westons. Carol tries to help with the problem and ends up bringing all the retirement home residents to the house. Meanwhile, Maxine doesn't trust Doris, Laverne's temporary replacement at the clinic.

Empty Nest S7E6
Episode 6

Carol Gets a Raise

Carol wants career advancement and ends up in a compromising position with her boss. Meanwhile, Maxine fills in for Harry and speaks at an elementary school.

Empty Nest S7E7
Episode 7

The Courtship of Carol's Father

When Harry wishes his ex-girlfriend well on her new marriage, the woman realizes she still has feelings for him. Carol tries to set Harry up with a lounge singer.

Empty Nest S7E8
Episode 8

The Tinker Grant

When the clinic applies for a grant, a man comes to evaluate their request and leaves his notebook behind, which Maxine reads. Charley seeks Sophia's help when trying to impress an Italian girlfriend's parents.

Empty Nest S7E9
Episode 9

Would You Believe . . .

Harry is attracted to the minister Charley is dating. Meanwhile, Maxine buys Laverne's beloved truck.

Empty Nest S7E10
Episode 10

Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Pain

Maxine gets unwanted attention when dating a television weatherman. Carol and Charley make a bet: He can't mooch from the Westons for one week, and she can't call Harry "Daddy" for one week.

Empty Nest S7E11
Episode 11

Single White Male

Charley is uncomfortable when he finds out his new roommate is gay. Meanwhile, Maxine joins Harry's golf group.

Empty Nest S7E12
Episode 12

Dear Aunt Martha

Carol tries to pick up a man who wrote to the newspaper's advice column, but has trouble picking him out of a crowd. Harry's old navy sparring partner shows up with a score to settle.

Empty Nest S7E13
Episode 13

Goodbye Charley

After a death, Charley feels depressed about his own mortality and fears no one will miss him when he's gone, so Carol tries to boost his morale and helps him stage his own funeral.

Empty Nest S7E14
Episode 14

Family Practice

Maxine agrees to take care of a patient's children while the lady has gall bladder surgery. Sophia invites Harry to a Shady Pines square dance.

Empty Nest S7E15
Episode 15

Grandma, What Big Eyes You Have

Harry is attracted to a woman he meets in the park, but soon finds out she is married. Laverne keeps a parrot at the office while waiting for it's owner to claim it, which annoys Maxine. Carol goes overboard when shopping at a value size discount club.

Empty Nest S7E16
Episode 16

Feelings, Whoa Whoa Whoa, Feelings

Laverne is afraid to reveal her true feelings for her visiting friend Matt, and becomes jealous when Carol asks him to dinner. Charley poses for a nude layout in a magazine.

Empty Nest S7E17
Episode 17

And Kevin Makes Three

Carol is jealous over Kevin's quick bonding with Scotty. Harry and Maxine help Laverne learn to speak Spanish.

Empty Nest S7E18
Episode 18

Harry Weston: Man's Best Friend

Harry becomes Carol's boss' new best friend, which makes Charley jealous. Laverne auditions for a commercial in which she'll play the voice of a cartoon owl.

Empty Nest S7E19
Episode 19

The Ex-Files

Carol is afraid her relationship with Kevin is over when she meets his beautiful intelligent ex-wife. Meanwhile, Charley sues Harry when he gets sick after eating some old Chinese food from the Westons' fridge.

Empty Nest S7E20
Episode 20

Stand By Your Man

Constant interruptions frustrate Laverne's relationship with Matt, prompting her to go out with Maxine, Charley, and his friend Bud (who she "hits it off" with). Harry meets a woman whose dog looks just like Dreyfuss and persuades her to breed the two.

Empty Nest S7E21
Episode 21

Life Goes On (1)

Empty Nest S7E22
Episode 22

Life Goes On (2)

Empty Nest S7E23
Episode 23

My Pal Valy-Val

Carol goes off looking for a friend and ends up stopping a woman from committing suicide. Harry goes on a survival camping trip to be alone, but Charley tags along. A psychic opens up a shop next to the clinic, which excites Laverne and annoys Maxine.

Empty Nest S7E24
Episode 24

Remembrance of Clips Past

While at Laverne's going-away party, the gang remembers old times as she prepares to get married and move back to Hickory.

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