Entourage - Season 7 Episodes

Entourage - Season 7

Entourage - Season 7

Vince's career is back in high gear--but will his friends be by his side when he crashes off course? Fasten your seatbelts for an exhilarating seventh season of 'Entourage,' the hit HBO comedy series about a young Hollywood star and the three buddies he's brought with him from their hometown in Queens, NY. In Season Seven, a near-fatal accident during the filming of his latest action flick leaves Vince with a new lease on life that makes him even more difficult to manage.

Entourage S7E1
Episode 1


After an accident during the filming of his latest action flick, Vince has developed a new lease on life that makes him even more difficult to manage. Meanwhile, the rest of the guys face the challenge of mapping out their own futures, both personally and professionally.

Entourage S7E2
Episode 2


In the midst of a public relations crisis over Vince’s movie, Ari has a face-to-face with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and other top NFL figures, and gets unexpected help from black-sheep agent Lizzie Grant (Autumn Reeser). At Vince’s behest, Eric agrees to help Drama find the perfect script. Turtle ends up with egg on his face when he accuses Alex of maxing out his corporate credit card. Sporting a bold new look, Vince takes his risk-taking proclivities to new heights.

Entourage S7E3
Episode 3


Envisioning the possibilities in a partial script written by an old-school scribe, Eric and Phil (William Fichtner) try to convince Drama that he has talent on the sitcom front. In part not to anger his wife, Ari resists when Babs (Beverly D’Angelo) urges that Lizzie be promoted. With his car-service business in shambles, Turtle is intrigued by a business proposal from a suddenly sympathetic Alex. Scott Lavin (Scott Caan) continues to ingratiate himself with Vince following a wine-auction road trip, in the process rankling Eric.

Entourage S7E4
Episode 4

Tequila Sunrise

Turtle gets a south-of-the-border business pitch from Alex, but has a hard time believing he isn’t being used. Drama enlists Bob Saget to help him smooth out a rough first impression with John Stamos, a potential sitcom co-star. Ari’s euphoria after making an NFL pitch to a group of Hollywood high rollers is tempered when he learns that Lizzie may be siphoning off some of his prized clients. Eric and Scott patch up their differences with an eye on Vince’s future – and the shared success of their company.

Entourage S7E5
Episode 5

Bottoms Up

Vince (Adrian Grenier) is impressed by porn star Sasha Grey and her literary knowledge, and ends up bringing her along to a meeting with Stan Lee. Suspecting that Lizzie (Autumn Reeser) is trying to steal his clients, Ari (Jeremy Piven) woos Jessica Simpson, Aaron Sorkin and Mike Tyson, but not before taking out his ire on Mrs. Ari (Perrey Reeves). Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) pitches Eric (Kevin Connolly) about Vince becoming the face of his new venture. Drama (Kevin Dillon) is anxious about his new series with John Stamos, especially after learning Bob Saget is eyeing his role.

Entourage S7E6
Episode 6


Facing a possible lawsuit, Ari readies himself to do battle with Lizzie and her new boss, old foe Amanda Daniels (Carla Gugino). Vince puts his next big-budget movie in jeopardy with his antics, including a risqué online video. Turtle’s romancing of Alex (Dania Ramirez) does not go as well as he’d envisioned. A cleaned-up Billy Walsh (Rhys Coiro) returns to ask Eric about directing jobs – and comes up with new show idea for Drama, who’s been wallowing in self-pity.

Entourage S7E7
Episode 7

Tequila and Coke

Seeking assurance that Vince’s life is under control, director Randall Wallace calls a meeting, but Vince parties a bit too hard the night before. Ari agrees to help Lizzie find a new job in exchange for some potentially damaging audiotapes. Turtle winds up in damage control after promising an L.A. retailer more product than he can deliver. Billy Walsh’s latest pitch leaves Drama indignant and Eric intrigued.

Entourage S7E8
Episode 8

Sniff Sniff Gang Bang

Eric is informed by Phil Yagoda (William Fichtner) that the network is interested in Drama’s show, though the star is not enthused about its content. In the wake of recent bad press, Ari attempts to fashion a kinder, gentler persona at work and home. When demand for Turtle’s tequila line outpaces production, he sets out to find new sources of funding. Vince tries to convince Sasha to turn down a high-paying offer to do another porn movie.

Entourage S7E9
Episode 9

Porn Scenes From An Italian Restaurant

To keep her out of a porn film, Vince tries to land Sasha a part on his new movie. During a chance run-in with Queen Latifah, Ari finds out that Amanda Daniels may have landed a deal he’d coveted. Eric tries to get Drama on board for Billy Walsh’s series, and Eric’s assistant Jennie (Janet Montgomery) pitches in to help persuade him. Turtle’s efforts to find financial backing from Mark Cuban gets him in hot water with his Mexican boss.

Entourage S7E10
Episode 10

Lose Yourself

Drama paces, fearing the worst: Vince never came home. Waiting expectantly for Vince to appear at his kid's Little League game, Ari quarrels with his wife about the scene he caused at the restaurant. John Cleese advises Ari to cancel the surprise party he's throwing her; the tension is too palpable.

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