Episodes - Season 2 Episodes

Episodes - Season 2

Episodes - Season 2

Beverly and Sean Lincoln had their dreams utterly buggered when their high-brow British sitcom was given a lewd, crude, Hollywood makeover, starring none other than "Joey." Now, with the series pilot projected to be a big hit, the downtrodden scribes are set for success, and Matt LeBlanc is ready for his return to stardom on the small screen. Unfortunately, they soon realize that success in Hollywood is as fleeting as a paparazzi flash. Instead of his name in headlines, his waistline is the punch line on all the critics' lips - and when the series bombs in the ratings, it starts to look like Matt could be making the flop of his life.

Episodes S2E1
Episode 1

Episode one

Sean and Beverly's marriage is in tatters and they are living apart, after Beverly's fling with Matt just before their new US sitcom Pucks! opens to appalling reviews yet unexpectedly high ratings. Matt's attempts to be friendly with Sean again are rebuffed. After Sean's birthday celebration, Morning kisses him several times and indicates she wants to develop a closer relationship.

Episodes S2E2
Episode 2

Episode two

Sean and Morning have slept together the night before the second week's dreadful viewing figures are released, with Pucks! being bested by the talking dog show. Merc's wife Jamie has sex with Matt in his dressing room. Merc and his creative team try to brainstorm a replacement project for Pucks!. After a concerted effort Matt finally schmoozes his way back to being friends with Sean and Beverly with gifts of two cars.

Episodes S2E3
Episode 3

Episode three

Matt and Jamie's affair continues. Merc's father dies leaving Sean, Beverly and Matt struggling to decide what condolence gift they should buy to stay in Merc's good books. Morning accidentally reveals to Beverley that she had slept with Sean on his birthday. Merc interrupts his father's funeral service to talk business on a cell phone. Beverly cries about the loss of their marriage while standing at the grave-side.

Episodes S2E4
Episode 4

Episode four

Pucks! numbers continue to tumble. Beverly is surprised Sean now has a Facebook page. Beverly and Sean are pressured by the network to shift the show's focus more towards the students, which leads to Matt having a temper tantrum. After a difficult dinner meeting with Merc Matt gets drunk and threatens to both leave the show and tell Merc about his affair with Jamie; Beverly pleads with him not to and Matt eventually agrees.

Episodes S2E5
Episode 5

Episode five

Matt's young stalker, Labia, turns up while he and Sean are in a restaurant, despite a 500 foot restraining order. Carol insists Merc takes her away for a weekend to celebrate their 5th 'anniversary' together. Jamie then tries to book the weekend away with Matt, but she and Merc use the same travel agent and the resulting confusion comes close to exposing both their extra-marital affairs. Morning's disastrous plastic surgery to one side of her face causes camera angle problems during filming of the show.

Episodes S2E6
Episode 6

Episode six

Matt discovers stalker Labia naked in the kitchen of his rental home and throws her out. Merc asks Matt to get a Friends co-star to appear in Pucks! but after several terse and embarrassing phone calls all he can get is 'Gunther' after nobody will give him Jennifer's lastest cell number. Techies fix Morning’s face with bluescreen tape and $40,000 worth of CGI. Matt asks Sean and Beverly to write a speech for him but they struggle with the task late into the night, get drunk and start making love on a desk; It ends badly, with Sean walking out and leaving a bereft Beverly.

Episodes S2E7
Episode 7

Episode seven

Merc and Carol ask Sean and Beverly to convince Matt to reverse his recent ‘chunky’ weight gain. Matt’s ex-wife Diane is furious that stalker Labia has turned up at the boys’ school. Matt is offended by the suggestion he has gained weight but, during filming, the bulge in his trousers turns out to be loose candy and chocolate bars. Beverly 'moves on' and reluctantly goes on a dinner date with Morning’s brother, Rob, but the date keeps being interrupted and they agree to try again the following day. Matt sits at home morosely filling his face with pie, then rings Labia and invites her to visit.

Episodes S2E8
Episode 8

Episode eight

Labia has stayed the night with Matt and they spend the day together at the studio. A newspaper article hints that Merc is under threat from the network and he tries to get new programme ideas from his clueless team. Sean quizzes Beverly about her date and is obviously dealing with it badly. Diane rings Matt’s phone and is horrified when Labia answers it. Network head, Elliot Salad, takes Carol out for a drink and tells her that Merc will be out after his ‘Man of the Year’ award and that Carol is slated to replace him. After their second dinner date Beverly and Rob kiss.

Episodes S2E9
Episode 9

Episode nine

Carol still feels that Merc will never leave Jamie, but she forces Beverly to reveal Jamie’s affair with Matt. Matt’s lawyer rings to tell him that Diane is starting proceedings to remove his visitation rights. Carol tells an incredulous Merc about Jamie’s affair and he flies into a rage. During Merc’s ‘Man of the Year’ celebration the network is packing up and clearing out his office ready for his dismissal. The night descends into one big brawl, with all affairs out in the open. The fraught evening ends with Merc standing in the downtown rain after Carol orders him out of her car for deciding to stay with Jamie, and Matt on the way to hospital with a dislocated arm; Sean and Beverly are bruised but finally reconciled.

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