ER - Season 1 Episodes

ER - Season 1

ER - Season 1

The first season of ER proves the strength of its storytelling and stellar ensemble cast. From exploring personal problems outside of Chicago's County General Hospital to the political issues being raised inside, the drama is nothing short of intense.

Episode 1

24 Hours

A Chicago building collapses, and everyone in the ER must overcome personal dramas to save lives.

Episode 2

Day One

Dr. Ross works up the nerve to visit Carol eight weeks after her attempted suicide. Carter is enchanted by an attractive young patient.

Episode 3

Going Home

Dr. Lewis is confronted by a private physician concerning her risky treatment of a heart patient.

Episode 4

Hit and Run

Carter contacts the wrong parents to inform them that their son is dead.

Episode 5

Into That Good Night

A business contractor prepares his family for his impending death because a heart donor can't be found for him.

Episode 6

Chicago Heat

Dr. Ross and Dr. Greene treat a 5-year-old girl who accidentally swallowed cocaine.

Episode 7

Another Perfect Day

A drunk Chloe shows up in the hospital and Carol and Doug share a kiss.

Episode 8

9 1/2 Hours (aka Growing Up)

Dr. Susan Lewis notices that Dr. Cvetic is ill-tempered lately.

Episode 9

ER Confidential

Ross continues his relationship with medical supply saleswoman Linda Farrell.

ER S1E10
Episode 10


The ER goes from completely empty to jammed beyond capacity during a snowstorm that caused a 32-car pile up.

ER S1E11
Episode 11

The Gift

Benton announces the availability of a dying man's organs before he has permission from the wife.

ER S1E12
Episode 12

Happy New Year

Chloe plans to move to Texas with her boyfriend and have her baby. Carter struggles through his first surgery. Benton's sister insists they place their mother in a nursing home.

ER S1E13
Episode 13

Luck of the Draw

Benton is called out of surgery to find his senile mother.

ER S1E14
Episode 14

Long Day's Journey

Kayson is brought in as a heart patient and gets treated by Susan.

ER S1E15
Episode 15

February Fifth, 1995

Morgenstein offers Greene a position as attending physician after completion of his residency.

ER S1E16
Episode 16

Make of Two Hearts

Kayson, a married man, tries to start a romance with Susan by asking her to dinner. Deb unknowingly eats LSD-laced chocolates. Carol takes an interest in a Russian girl abandoned in the ER.

ER S1E17
Episode 17

The Birthday Party

Carol wants to adopt Tatiana, but Taglieri doesn't.

ER S1E18
Episode 18

Sleepless in Chicago

Jennifer informs Mark that she wants a divorce. Tired, Benton falls asleep while taking care of his mother, and she gets injured. Carol may not be able to adopt Tatiana after all. Susan is fascinated by a doctor she meets--but the man is a fraud.

ER S1E19
Episode 19

Love's Labor Lost

Mark misdiagnoses a pregnant woman, who returns to the ER shortly afterward. The ER staff works frantically to save Jodi O'Brien and her baby in this Emmy-Award winning episode.

ER S1E20
Episode 20

Full Moon, Saturday Night

Hathaway's patient believes that he is a werewolf. Ross goes out on a date with Diane Leeds. Lewis impresses the new chairman of the ER, and Greene doesn't. Benton tends to his sick mother.

ER S1E21
Episode 21

House of Cards

Ross pursues a relationship with Diane Leeds.

ER S1E22
Episode 22

Men Plan, God Laughs

Helpless to do anything more for his mother, Dr. Benton intends to heal every patient he sees.

ER S1E23
Episode 23

Love Among the Ruins

Even though Jeanie is married, Peter finds himself attracted to her. The ER staff discovers that Carter is rich. Greene tries to reconcile with his wife. Hathaway struggles to write her wedding vows. Ross coaches Jake's baseball team.

ER S1E24
Episode 24


Lewis delivers her sister's baby. Ross sees an old lover again, jeopardizing his relationship with Diane. Carter does not accept a posistion in the ER because he believes that he will be offered a surgical position.

ER S1E25
Episode 25

Everything Old Is New Again

Greene is sued for malpractice. Benton offers Carter a surgical internship, and Swift offers Greene an attending job in the ER for next year. Tag and Hathaway prepare for their wedding day.

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