ER - Season 14 Episodes

ER - Season 14

ER - Season 14

ER explores the inner workings of an urban teaching hospital and the critical issues faced by the dedicated physicians and staff of its overburdened emergency room.

ER S14E1
Episode 1

The War Comes Home

In the overburdened emergency room of the urban Chicago teaching facility County General Hospital, a Level One Trauma Center, the difference between life and death rests on split-second decisions -- and the pressure, joy and guilt are often overwhelming.

ER S14E2
Episode 2

In A Different Light

Moretti continues to institute new measures that cause many of the emergency room doctors to despise him.

ER S14E3
Episode 3

Officer Down

When a teenage wrestler comes into the emergency room with severe vomiting, Pratt quickly tries to solve the problem, but he finds out that the cause is much more serious.

ER S14E4
Episode 4


County General Hospital is turned into a beauty parlor for a day when a gracious former patient provides free beauty treatments.

ER S14E5
Episode 5

Under The Influence

Moretti (recurring guest star STANLEY TUCCI) decides that Gates has done an impressive job in the intensive care unit and is now ready to return to the emergency room.

ER S14E6
Episode 6

The Test

When Moretti brings in a new attending physician, Skye Wexler, to help with the workload, Morris and Pratt find the time to cram for their medical board examinations.

ER S14E7
Episode 7


In an effort to be more environmentally conscious, Morris buys an energy-efficient smart car. Meanwhile, Abby and Pratt try to treat a fussy baby but disagree on the diagnosis.

ER S14E8
Episode 8

Coming Home

Gates and Julia nurture their newfound romance but are soon interrupted by a troubled phone call from Gates' ward, Sarah.

ER S14E9
Episode 9

Skye's The Limit

When Kovac's brother visits from Croatia, Abby feels crowded in her own home. Meanwhile, Gates starts to experience the pressure of fatherhood after Sarah decides to have a sleepover with her friends.

ER S14E10
Episode 10

300 Patients

In this special 300th episode, Kovac, Abby and baby Joe quickly make plans to go to Croatia after Kovac's father unexpectedly passes away, yet something still seems off with Abby.

ER S14E11
Episode 11

Status Quo

When a young woman comes in with a badly hurt ankle, Sam is shocked to learn how much they have in common. Jeanie Boulet rushes into the ER after her son takes a fall during gym class.

ER S14E12
Episode 12

Believe the Unseen

Abby checks out of rehab and makes her way back to the ER. When multiple victims of a fire come into the ER, Abby thinks that one of the little girls is suffering from LCA, a degenerative eye disorder.

ER S14E13
Episode 13


Pratt gets cold feet when Bettina tries to take their relationship to the next level. Neela joins the Ortho's hockey team and is shocked to see who their opponents are in the first game.

ER S14E14
Episode 14

Owner of a Broken Heart

Pratt is off to a bad start with a new doctor, and Abby considers telling Kovac (former series star GORAN VISNJIC) the truth about her affair. Sam learns Gates and Julia broke up.

ER S14E15
Episode 15

...As the Day She Was Born

Neela makes a quick decision about a patient with a torn aorta (guest star AIDA TURTURRO - "The Sopranos"). Gates sends Sam flowers.

ER S14E16
Episode 16

Truth Will Out

Neela is upset after she finds out the aorta surgery on Sheryl Hawkins (AIDA TURTURRO) has caused an infection. Kovac (GORAN VISNJIC) struggles to forgive Abby.

ER S14E17
Episode 17

Under Pressure

Pratt fights for his relationship with Betina (recurring guest star GINA RAVERA). Neela finds out about a patient's criminal status when one of them pulls a gun (JOSH STEWART).

ER S14E18
Episode 18

Tandem Repeats

Morris goes in for a psychological debriefing after his traumatic run-in. Neela is frustrated Sheryl Hawkins (AIDA TURTURRO) needs a fourth surgery. Abby is offered a new job.

ER S14E19
Episode 19

The Chicago Way

In an explosive season finale, a mysterious patient (guest star STEVE BUSCEMI - "Fargo," "The Big Lebowski," "The Sopranos"), with very mysterious visitors, comes into the ER.

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