ER - Season 15 Episodes

ER - Season 15

ER - Season 15

ER explores the inner workings of an urban teaching hospital and the critical issues faced by the dedicated physicians and staff of its overburdened emergency room.

ER S15E0
Episode 0

Series Retrospective

ER S15E1
Episode 1

Life After Death

After the ambulance explosion, Dr. Pratt fights for his life and the entire ER team rallies around him.

ER S15E2
Episode 2

Another Thursday At County

Dr. Banfield's arrival and tough attitude causes the whole ER staff to feel defensive. Gates and the new interns fight to save the life of a terrorist while risking their own lives.

ER S15E3
Episode 3

The Book of Abby

On Abby's first day as an attending and her last day at County, she faces off with Banfield over the care of a gunshot victim, teaches Frank to tango, and defends Sam before the disciplinary board.

ER S15E4
Episode 4

Parental Guidance

Banfield gets mugged, Sarah gets a tongue stud, the interns are paired with mentors, and an abusive sibling is found out.

ER S15E5
Episode 5


On Halloween, doctors treat a student who's injured in a cafeteria fight while trying to defend his dysfunctional mother.

ER S15E6
Episode 6

Oh, Brother

Banfield is upset when her husband Russell insists on a visit with his parents; Morris favors Chaz over senior interns, resulting in trouble; Gates asks Sam and Alex to move in with him.

ER S15E7
Episode 7

Heal Thyself

While trying to save a little girl who fell into icy Lake Michigan, Banfield relives the death of her five-year-old son, who was attended at County by Dr. Mark Greene.

ER S15E8
Episode 8

Age of Innocence

When an accused pedophile winds up in the ER, Brenner relives his painful past.

ER S15E9
Episode 9

Let it Snow

While snow strands Banfield and Morris in Omaha, Sam's son Alex is gravely injured in a fatal car crash.

ER S15E10
Episode 10

The High Holiday

At Christmas time in the ER, Sam's son Alex is still on a ventilator, and immigration waits to deport a new mother who's just undergone a complicated delivery.

ER S15E11
Episode 11

Separation Anxiety

A drug deal gone wrong brings four gunshot victims into the ER; Banfield investigates her fertility; Sam and Gates deal with the results of their break-up.

ER S15E12
Episode 12

Dream Runner

Neela dreams the same day several times over; which ultimately leads to the saving of two patients, an interview with Corday, a job offer at County, and an afternoon delight.

ER S15E13
Episode 13

Love is a Battlefield

Morris tries to help a young accident victim, and a couple that have been married and divorced three times over 50 years visit the ER. Garry Marshall guest stars.

ER S15E14
Episode 14

A Long, Strange Trip

An elderly patient with dementia is revealed to be an early progenitor of the ER -- how times have changed! William H. Macy guest stars.

ER S15E15
Episode 15

The Family Man

A car accident in the ambulance bay leaves a woman with a young child severely injured and in need of immediate surgery. Brenner has difficulty finding a family member to care for the daughter. Morris treats an elderly patient in need of an MRI and gets the run around from an insurance company. Neela tells Brenner about her job offer from North Carolina.

ER S15E16
Episode 16

The Beginning of the End

On a busy Valentine's Day, Dr. John Carter returns to the ER, hoping to pick up a few shifts. Noah Wylie, David Eigenberg and Wallace Shawn guest star.

ER S15E17
Episode 17


Carter's skills are called into question on his first day back in the ER; Brenner's old wounds resurface; Sam struggles when her estranged mother doesn't recognize her. Amy Madigan and Judy Greer guest star.

ER S15E18
Episode 18

What We Do

A documentary film crew records the day when Claudia gets shot and Carter falls down on the job while trying to care for her.

ER S15E19
Episode 19

Old Times

Dr. Ross and Nurse Hathaway at a Seattle hospital work with a patient's grandmother to get permission for them to harvest her grandson's organs to help save lives, one of whom is Dr. Carter.

ER S15E20
Episode 20

Shifting Equilibrium

On her last day in the ER, Neela agonizes over her fear of making mistakes.

ER S15E21
Episode 21

I Feel Good

The ER staff spends the day volunteering at Camp Del Corazon, a program for kids who've had open heart surgery. Tom Arnold guest stars.

ER S15E22
Episode 22

And In The End

In the series finale, Dr. Carter opens a new medical facility for the underprivileged in Chicago and some old friends from County General all come to show their support.

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