ER - Season 3 Episodes

ER - Season 3

In the ER of County General Hospital, the difference between life and death rests on the split-second decisions of its dedicated physicians and medical personnel. These healers deal with AIDS, a brutal attack, and the departure of a beloved colleague.

Episode 1

“Dr. Carter, I Presume”

Jeanie discovers she is HIV positive but refuses to disclose her status to the hospital.

Episode 2

“Let the Games Begin”

While undergoing aggressive treatment for HIV, Jeanie gets dismissed from a bloody trauma by Benton. Greene and Lewis' mutual attraction increases.

Episode 3

“Don't Ask, Don't Tell”

Carter has a problem with Anspaugh when Carter pretends that his patient's condition is worse than it is so he can operate.

Episode 4

“Last Call”

Ross' personal life results in tragedy.

Episode 5


On a stormy Halloween, Hathaway and Ross ride in a health mobile dispensing free medical care in poor neighborhoods.

Episode 6

“Fear of Flying”

Lewis confronts her fear of flying to travel in a rescue helicopter with Greene and assist a family of accident victims.

Episode 7

“No Brain, No Gain”

Benton keeps vigil on a critically ill baby whose condition is the result of Benton's surgical error.

Episode 8

“Union Station”

Nurse Lydia Wright and police officer Al Grabarsky get married.

Episode 9

“Ask Me No Questions, I'll Tell You No Lies”

Greene snoops into Jeanie's confidential files and learns her secret after he discovers that Al is HIV-positive.

Episode 10

“Homeless for the Holidays”

Jeanie finally divulges her HIV status to her co-workers.

Episode 11

“Night Shift”

Gant feels intense pressure from Benton who Gant feels is too tough on him.

Episode 12

“Post Mortem”

Carter feels sorrow and guilt about Gant's death even though the police rule it an accident.

Episode 13

“Fortune's Fools”

Carol admits to a newspaper reporter that she made a fatal mistake and, consequently, the hospital suspends her.

Episode 14

“Who's Appy Now?”

Jeanie and Fischer's relationship continues to grow, and they share their first kiss.

Episode 15

“The Long Way Around”

Although she is suspended from work, Hathaway experiences a busy day when she and a store full of customers are taken hostage.

Episode 16


Hathaway gets reinstated.

Episode 17


Jeanie treats a pregnant Carla who is experiencing premature labor as the result of a car accident.

Episode 18

“You Bet Your Life”

Greene competes with Weaver for a teaching position.

Episode 19

“Calling Dr. Hathaway”

Hathaway finds out that she had a high score on her medical-school admissions test; however, she realizes she loves being a nurse and really does not want a career change.

Episode 20

“Random Acts”

Greene is severely beaten by an unknown assailant in a hospital bathroom.

Episode 21

“Make a Wish”

A battered and bruised Greene returns to work.

Episode 22

“One More for the Road”

Unable to sleep, Greene destroys the hospital lounge, throwing furniture and other items around.