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Everybody Loves Raymond

Everybody Loves Raymond - Season 6 Episodes

Everybody Loves Raymond - Season 6

Everybody Loves Raymond - Season 6

This is a list of episodes for the sixth season of Everybody Loves Raymond.

Everybody Loves Raymond S6E0
Episode 0

The First Six Years

This exciting clip episode contains our “Best of” moments from the season one through season six of “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

Everybody Loves Raymond S6E1
Episode 1

The Angry Family

Ray and Debra are more than a little concerned when they realize that the constant bickering and screaming that goes on between them and Rays parents are having an effect on young Michael. In an effort to make things better, the whole family meets with the schools counselor and a local clergyman to uncover what -- and who -- is to blame.

Everybody Loves Raymond S6E2
Episode 2

No Roll!

When Ray and Debra sit down to play "Sensuopoly" its clear that they have very different approaches to playing the game, which leads to a rather uncomfortable conversation about ways they can improve their intimacy after being together for 12 years.

Everybody Loves Raymond S6E3
Episode 3

Odd Man Out

Frank is so green with envy that he forces Marco to choose either Marie or him as a friend. Meanwhile, Ray sides with Frank because he doesnt approve of a married woman especially his motherhaving a male friend.

Everybody Loves Raymond S6E4
Episode 4

Ray's Ring

Its not bad enough that Rays lost his ring while away from home, but then an attractive woman at the airport propositions him. When Debra learns what happened, she decides to take matters into her own hands and show Ray what it would be like if she pretended to be single but her plan has disastrous results.

Everybody Loves Raymond S6E5
Episode 5

Marie's Sculpture

Ray and Debra are horrified when Marie presents them with an abstract sculpture she made in art class which bears a striking resemblance to a part of the female anatomy. Frank, on the other hand, is totally mesmerized by Maries creation, though neither he nor Marie have picked up on its erotic resemblance.

Everybody Loves Raymond S6E6
Episode 6

Jealous Robert

When Ray realizes that Debra and Marie have been in cahoots in a scheme to drive Robert back into Amys arms, he urges them to mind their own business. Debra and Maries good intentions backfire badly when they find that Amy and Gianni are actually hitting it off.

Everybody Loves Raymond S6E7
Episode 7

Frank Goes Downstairs

After hurting themselves during a tryst, Ray and Debra lie about their injuries, saying they fell down the stairs. When Frank hears their tale, he runs home for the toolbox to repair the "broken" stairs. But during his handyman session, Frank gets hurt, causing Ray and Debra to feel guilty about their lie.

Everybody Loves Raymond S6E8
Episode 8

It's Supposed to Be Fun

While the Barones watch their sons play basketball, Ray finds that Geoff is having trouble getting the hang of the game. As Geoff skips down the court and does pirouettes at the free throw line, Ray is mortified. He then learns the hard way that his sons lack of ability shouldnt interfere with either of them enjoying the game.

Everybody Loves Raymond S6E9
Episode 9

Older Women

Its the first Thanksgiving since Debras parents have been divorced, and Debra is thrilled that both her parents have agreed to have dinner with the Barones. However, she soon learns that Warren is bringing a date. Everyone is horrified -- except Debras mother, who thinks its just great.

Everybody Loves Raymond S6E10
Episode 10


Robert meets a beautiful woman who's a big fan of Ray Barones sports column. But when the woman mistakes Robert for Raymond, Robert doesnt set her straight. Now, Robert has to involve Ray in a complicated plot to keep the woman from learning Roberts true identity.

Everybody Loves Raymond S6E11
Episode 11

The Kicker

While enjoying a college football game, Frank catches a football from a record-setting field goal and refuses to give it back to the kicker. When word of this gets back to the local sports community via a talk radio show, he becomes a wanted man among sports fans. The rest of the family devise a way to get the football away from Frank and back to its rightful owner, but Frank might be too crafty for them.

Everybody Loves Raymond S6E12
Episode 12

Season's Greetings

When Marie receives a letter from a relative detailing how wonderful her life is and how well her kids are doing, it drives her insane with jealousy. She enlists Debras help in writing a Barone family update, but despite efforts to make everyone sound successful, the letter makes them all feel inadequate about what they have done or havent, as the case may be.

Everybody Loves Raymond S6E13
Episode 13


When Debra grudgingly agrees to let him be more involved in the daily decision-making, Ray starts grocery shopping for things that he likes and Debra lets him choose where the family will go on its next vacation. However, this newfound power quickly becomes Rays undoing.

Everybody Loves Raymond S6E14
Episode 14

Snow Day

Held captive at Frank and Maries during a snowstorm, Debra, Ray and Amy actually find themselves having a great time. Then Debra makes a nasty comment to Frank that totally upsets the good mood. This causes Marie to defend Frank and finally reveal her true feelings for Debra.

Everybody Loves Raymond S6E15
Episode 15


When Ray learns that Troop Leader Peggy and her daughter have targeted his parents' house as a spot to make a big sale for themselves during the Frontier Girls selling competition, its all-out war. Ray vows to get even with this woman no matter what and take home the grand prize in the cookie drive.

Everybody Loves Raymond S6E16
Episode 16

Lucky Suit

Robert is ecstatic when he is recommended for the FBI job. That is, until it becomes apparent that Marie's intrusive ways may be his undoing. This time, Robert may not be able to forgive and forget.

Everybody Loves Raymond S6E17
Episode 17

The Skit

Thinking it would be hilarious to show the partygoers a typical day in the life of Frank and Marie, Ray and Debra do a dead-on impersonation of the two that brings down the house at the party. But when Frank and Marie turn the tables and do a "Ray and Debra" imitation, Ray and Debra don't find it funny at all.

Everybody Loves Raymond S6E18
Episode 18

The Breakup Tape

When Debra stumbles across a cassette tape that contains a message from Ray's college girlfriend, she wants to know why he has saved it all these years. Ray retaliates by asking Debra to divulge any gifts that she's kept from her former boyfriends, but he's in for quite a shock when he sees the quantity of gifts still in her possession.

Everybody Loves Raymond S6E19
Episode 19

Talk to Your Daughter

Armed with research and much preparation, Ray is ready to speak with Ally about the facts of life, only to find that Ally's interest has changed from where babies come from to the meaning of life. Totally unprepared for this line of questioning, a baffled Ray gets unsolicited advice from his family on how to answer.

Everybody Loves Raymond S6E20
Episode 20

A Vote for Debra

Debra decides to run for school president, but Ray isn't sure he can handle the twins by himself during all those meetings -- so he votes against her. She loses and finds out what he did, causing an argument. But her mouth is quickly shut when she reveals that she denied knowing him because he was embarrassing her.

Everybody Loves Raymond S6E21
Episode 21

Call Me Mom

When Ray finally feels comfortable enough to call Debra's mother "Mom," he wants Debra to reciprocate and start calling Marie the same. After initially giving Ray a hard time about it, Debra rises to the challenge and heads across the street to try out her new motherly salutation on Marie, but when Debra finally gets the words out, she's completely stunned by Marie's reaction.

Everybody Loves Raymond S6E22
Episode 22

Mother's Day (1)

Debra takes offense when Marie accuses her of being rude, and the two wind up fighting and not speaking to each other. When Ray tries to make things better by getting each of the women to apologize to the other, he only achieves in making a bad situation worse. Then, the unthinkable happens (at least to Ray) Debra decides she likes it when Marie doesn't speak to her, and she intends to keep it that way.

Everybody Loves Raymond S6E23
Episode 23

The Bigger Person (2)

Now that Debra and Ray's mom aren't speaking to each other, Debra goes out of her way to ensure that Ray doesn't spend time with his mother by waiting on him hand and foot so he prefers to stay close to home. When Ray realizes that he can benefit by exploiting this situation, he actually starts to like the fact that the two women aren't speaking. However, when Robert catches on to Ray's mischievous plan, he knows he must intercede and try to repair the now severely damaged relationship between Debra and Marie -- because Ray certainly isn't helping.

Everybody Loves Raymond S6E24
Episode 24

The First Time (3)

When Debra accuses Ray of still not being able to pick up on her "not in the mood" signals, they fondly recall the first night they spent together. As Ray prepares to spend an evening with his now-serious girlfriend Debra, he picks up on signals that this may be "the night." Marie, however, also picks up on the same signals and will do everything in her power -- including enlisting the help of the family priest, Father Hubley (recurring guest star Charles Durning) -- to ensure that the deed doesn't get done.

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