Fastlane - Season 1 Episodes

Fastlane - Season 1

Fastlane - Season 1

To take down the most dangerous crime rings in Los Angeles, two undercover detectives -- a former Orange County surfer and a street-smart New York native -- borrow from the "Candy Store," a warehouse filled with dazzling valuables impounded by the police: sports cars, designer clothes, jewelry, guns, and cash. Led by their sexy boss, it's a dream come true for these driven, young cops.

Fastlane S1E1
Episode 1


After Van's partner, Andre, is murdered while trying to apprehend a powerful car thief, Van gets into a fight with Deaq, who he discovers is Andre's brother.

Fastlane S1E2
Episode 2

Girls Own Juice

While out socializing together for the first time--in a valuable sports car taken from the Candy Store without authorization--Van and Deaq encounter a trio of female jewel thieves who destroy the car, getting the pair into trouble with Billie.

Fastlane S1E3
Episode 3

Gone Native

Van and Deaq are sent to infiltrate a gang of Russian mobsters in order to learn whether or not an undercover cop, Dallas, who has been investigating the gangsters for two years, has actually joined them in their criminal activities.

Fastlane S1E4
Episode 4

Things Done Changed

When Deaq's ex-girlfriend, Rosaria, has trouble leaving her abusive husband, Alton Loud, Deaq convinces Van and Billie to help stop Alton's armed robbery crew before they steal millions in a well-orchestrated casino heist.

Fastlane S1E5
Episode 5

Ryde or Die

Van and Deaq open a hip Hollywood nightclub to trap a major ring dealing the drug Ecstasy. When the investigation encounters problems, Billie gets involved.

Fastlane S1E6
Episode 6

Ray Ray

Van frees his legendary convict father, Raymond, from prison to help with a counterfeiting case. Musician IGGY POP guest stars as McNair, a disheveled man with a connection to Raymond.

Fastlane S1E7
Episode 7


Van and Deaq search for a female assassin, Sophia Jones, who plans to kill a club owner, Wisdom Bailey. Bailey is expected to testify against a major gang in exchange for leniency on a murder charge.

Fastlane S1E8
Episode 8

Mighty Blue

Billie assigns Van and Deaq to infiltrate an Asian drug ring. Already undercover in the gang is Alexa Tan, Billie's best friend from the police academy.

Fastlane S1E9
Episode 9

Get Your Mack On

Van and Deaq struggle to reconcile their distinctively different investigative styles when they go undercover to apprehend a murderous pimp, Nathan. But when Nathan senses trouble with one of his women, the operation goes awry.

Fastlane S1E10
Episode 10


Billie arranges for Van and Deaq to work with Shane, a gang member whom they have just apprehended.

Fastlane S1E11
Episode 11

Strap On

Van and Deaq pursue a pair of sexy robbers who use an all-girl valet service to gain access to the homes of rich people.

Fastlane S1E12
Episode 12


Billie orders Van and Deaq to train a rookie cop, Jarod, the son of the deputy police chief.

Fastlane S1E13
Episode 13

Defense (1)

Van and Deaq infiltrate a criminal enterprise headed by Cyrus One, a thug who hires out-of-town assassins to kill Los Angeles Police Department cops.

Fastlane S1E14
Episode 14

Offense (2)

Under increased pressure from the Chief Investigator of Internal Affairs, Rolland Hill, Billie decides to take action herself and help Van and Deaq put an end to a recent spate of cop killings.

Fastlane S1E15
Episode 15


Van's legendary convict father, Raymond, is released from prison. However, he has some difficulty enjoying his freedom since he has betrayed a Nigerian crime lord who doesn't forgive.

Fastlane S1E16
Episode 16

Slippery Slope

Van and Deaq's seemingly easy assignment is to go out of town, pick up a witness, and bring her back to Los Angeles.

Fastlane S1E17
Episode 17

Simone Says

Billie assigns Van and Deaq to protect the wealthy and spoiled 19-year-old daughter, Simone Collins, of a former arms dealer after he learns that gangsters have targeted her for assassination.

Fastlane S1E18
Episode 18


Van and Deaq try to capture a violent, handsome psychopath, Julian, whose killing spree doesn't seem to make any sense.

Fastlane S1E19
Episode 19


As the birthday of Deaq's murdered older brother approaches, Van and Billie realize that Deaq is coping with painful memories. He tries to avoid the issue by focusing on the case against a ruthless drug lord.

Fastlane S1E20
Episode 20


Billie and Van go undercover to end the partnership between a crazy crystal methamphetamine manufacturer, Murdoch Goucher, and a pornography producer, Lena, who distributes the drug.

Fastlane S1E21
Episode 21

Dosed (1)

After a long and arduous undercover operation, Van hopes for some rest and relaxation--and some flirting with a sexy hotel worker, Hillary.

Fastlane S1E22
Episode 22

Iced (2)

Van, Deaq, and Billie must carry out the orders of a killer named Nick McKussick.

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