Fillmore! - Season 2 Episodes

Fillmore! S2E1
Episode 1

The Currency of Doubt

Fillmore! S2E2
Episode 2

The Shreds Fell Like Snowflakes

Fillmore! S2E3
Episode 3

Foes Don't Forgive

Fillmore! S2E4
Episode 4

South of Friendship, North of Honor

Spring Break has arrived, so Fillmore's taking the time to visit his former partner, Wayne Liggett. In Wayne's new school, something about the Safety Patrol stinks - so much that Emily had to quit. The prize pralines of the school have been stolen, and the prime suspect is their Patrol Sheriff Thrift - who just so happens to be the son of their principal.

Fillmore! S2E5
Episode 5

Immune to All But Justice

X Middle School has gone Canada Crazy - and the ambassador is staying over, along with his assistant Penny Madrid, who happens to be an old partner in crime with Fillmore. Winston Kotter, the Canadian ambassador, turned Penny around just as the Safety Patrol turned Fillmore around - but Fillmore can't help but suspect something's up, especially as a huge supply of counterfeit baseball cards appear. Unfortunately for Fillmore, Winston has full diplomatic immunity, and plans to pin the blame of the counterfeit all on Penny - and without the power to officially bust him, what can Fillmore and the Safety Patrol do?

Fillmore! S2E6
Episode 6

The Nineteenth Hole is a Shallow Grave

Something's down at the X Middle School Open - professional golfers are failing at games, and foul play is suspected. Normally, Fillmore would be all-up for an undercover job like this, but something in his past - something involving mini-golf - is making him hesitate.

Fillmore! S2E7
Episode 7

Links in a Chain of Honor

Ein Neuer ist ins Securtity-Team gekommen: Peter. Schon seine drei großen Brüder haben erfolgreich im Securtity-Team gearbeitet. Jetzt sollen Fillmore und Ingrid den Neuling anlernen. Und der ältere Bruder von Peter hat auch schon einen Auftrag. Das Team soll herausfinden, wo die Hummerfan-Handschuhe abgeblieben sind. Bald hat Neuling Peter eine heiße Spur...

Fillmore! S2E8
Episode 8

The Unseen Reflection

Vampirita, a series of novels about an astronaut vampiress, has attracted a huge following at X - and none moreso that Torrey and Terri. The next instalment of the series will be released in a fortnight, and until then, fans can audition to star in the next book! Terri and Torrey start to build projects to win the auditions, but every time one is finished, it gets sabotaged. Naturally, the main suspects are two members of a rival novel's fanclub - TQ, an mysterious and riddle-talking guy with an affinity for Asian tea, and Trace, a girl who never seems to be happy with the color of her hair. But evidence points to just who could have enough knowledge about the projects to find the perfect way to sabotage them?

Fillmore! S2E9
Episode 9

Codename: Electric Haircut

Fillmore and Ingrid have to investigate the mysterious vanishing of a student named Alexis, only to find that all reports of her have vanished from the school, and she's even been taken out of pictures. Coincidentally, a girl named Gladys only just returned to school as Alexis vanished...

Fillmore! S2E10
Episode 10

Play On, Maestro, Play On

The Ultrabox, the hottest new game system on the market, makes its debut at X, and everyone wants one - including "The Maestro," a gaming mastermind who will stop at nothing to get it. Fillmore and Ingrid track him down, but the Ultrabox is stolen while he's in custody. It looks like a copycat is on the loose, but there's more to this case than meets the eye...

Fillmore! S2E11
Episode 11

A Dark Score Evened

Four victims - Wilbur, Grover, Becca and Stella. Four bullies - Rochelle, Bryan, Fiona and Horace. Someone's fed up of people being made to feel small and scared and is targeting each victim's bully respectively. Despite not wanting to help bullies, Fillmore sets up a bodyguard system for some of the bullies and starts to work on who would want to have scared the bullies so much. The main suspects are obviously the four victims, but the victim of each bully is proven to have had nothing to do with it. Unless of course, the four victims banded together to form the ultimate Bullypayback squad....

Fillmore! S2E12
Episode 12

Field Trip of the Just

Guildenstern, the Science Department's tarantula mascot, has been poisoned, and the prime suspect, Eric Orben, has escaped into the city. Fillmore is given a license to go out and track him down, but he has to contend with an relentless opponent from his bad-boy past and a case that isn't as obvious as it seems...

Fillmore! S2E13
Episode 13

This Savior, a Snitch

Facing expulsion under Princpal Folsom's new 'Three Strikes, You're Out' rule, Fillmore must protect the only evidence clearing his name to a crime he has been framed for, the destruction of a giant Folsom statue made out of 12,000 pieces of macaroni.