FlashForward - Season 1 Episodes

FlashForward - Season 1

FlashForward - Season 1

What would you do if you were given a glimpse of the future? Would you accept what you saw and live life to its fullest, or would you do everything in your power to change your destiny? When the world's population is given a glimpse of their future, it forces everyone to come to grips with whether their destinies can be fulfilled or avoided.

FlashForward S1E0
Episode 0

What Did You See?

FlashForward S1E1
Episode 1

No More Good Days

A mysterious global event causes everyone to black out simultaneously for two minutes and seventeen seconds during which each person sees a glimpse of their lives six months from now

FlashForward S1E2
Episode 2

White To Play

It’s a jarring, horrifying image as we see a group of seemingly unconscious children on the ground of a schoolyard. Only Mark and Olivia Benford’s daughter, Charlie, is standing. She wears an unsettled look on her face as she clutches her favorite stuffed doll, Squirrelio. Thankfully, the kids are only playing a game called blackout. Everyone is having fun. Everyone but Charlie.

FlashForward S1E3
Episode 3

137 Sekunden

Rudolf Geyer, an elderly Nazi criminal being held in a German prison claims to know why the blackout lasted exactly 137 sekunden (that’s German for seconds). Mark recalls seeing a picture of Geyer and a printout of “137 Sekunden” on the bulletin board in his flash. The murderous Nazi will only talk to Agent Mark Benford of the FBI. Good thing the planes are up and running again, as Mark and Janis are headed to Munich.

FlashForward S1E4
Episode 4

Black Swan

Mark and Demetri argue about their cases, Olivia and Bryce disagree on how to treat a patient and Nicole hopes to atone for something she hasn’t done yet.

FlashForward S1E5
Episode 5

Gimme Some Truth

In a Washington, D.C. parking structure, FBI agents Benford, Noh, Vreede and Wedeck pile into a passenger car. Moments later, a black SUV barrels toward them, crashing into their vehicle. A team of assassins exit the SUV, one of them armed with rocket-propelled grenade launcher. A deadly missile streaks toward the car. There’s a massive explosion. Smoke envelops the screen.

FlashForward S1E6
Episode 6

Scary Monsters and Super Creeps

In the aftermath of simultaneous attacks on the Mosaic investigation team, Janis is rushed to the hospital where Olivia manages to stabilize her. But complications arise involving her uterus. Olivia and Bryce pull her through but the chances of her being able to have children are all but gone. The news devastates Janis even though she claims she never even wanted to have a baby. But as we all know, she was pregnant in her flash forward.

FlashForward S1E7
Episode 7

The Gift

Mark, Demetri, Gough and MI-6 Agent Fiona Banks (Alex Kingston) look into a Blue Hand club's possible connection to recent suicides; Aaron gets a surprise visit from a former army pal of his late daughter.

FlashForward S1E8
Episode 8

Playing Cards with Coyote

Janis returns to work with plans of resigning. She wonders if getting shot was a sign that her baby wasn’t meant to be. Wedeck says, “You gonna let a bullet decided whether or not you bring a baby into this world?” He refuses her resignation and she reconsiders her baby options. Back on the job, Janis checks out enhanced video footage of Suspect Zero. She and Wedeck notice that he’s wearing a ring. Could be a clue.

A woman named Ingrid captures the murder of a man on her cell phone camera. The gunman and his accomplice are seen taking a case from the man. Enhanced images show the gunman with a three star tattoo on his arm, just like the one adorned by the assassin who was hunting down Mark in his flash forward. The team believes they have a mole in their department. They figure the gunman will come after Ingrid, so they opt to use her as bait in a trap.

FlashForward S1E9
Episode 9


A few weeks before the blackout, Keiko Arahia lands a job at Nakahara, the best robotics firm in Japan. Keiko is a brilliant mechanical engineer whose role models include Marie Curie and Jimi Hendrix. Yes, she marches to the beat of her own drum.

FlashForward S1E10
Episode 10


The scientists behind something called the National Linear Accelerator Project hold a press conference where Lloyd Simcoe declares that their experiments caused the global blackout. The admission stuns and angers the room. One audience member is so overcome with rage that she grabs a security guard’s gun and starts firing at the stage. Out of harm’s way, Simon tells Lloyd that he should not have admitted responsibility until they were sure. He declares himself officially at war with Lloyd.

FlashForward S1E11
Episode 11

Revelation Zero (1)

Wedeck informs Mark that he must be cleared by a Bureau-mandated therapist before there’s any chance of him being reinstated into the FBI. Olivia is in an adjacent room recounting the details of Lloyd Simcoe’s kidnapping. Marshall Vogel, the CIA agent Mark and Demetri met in Hong Kong, joins the Mosaic Task Force.

FlashForward S1E12
Episode 12

Revelation Zero (2)

Tracy is still drinking. She’s worried that Jericho will track her down. Aaron believes she’s making it easy for them, as he found her just by walking into the nearest bar. This logic actually sinks in, and Tracy takes the first step toward staying sober by heading home with her dad.

FlashForward S1E13
Episode 13


Demetri, Janis, Simon and Vogel go to Somalia to search for clues; Bryce tells Nicole he has cancer; Olivia tries to get her daughter to tell her what she saw in her flashforward.

FlashForward S1E14
Episode 14

Better Angels

Charlie is upset that Mark is moving out of the house. She gives her daddy a friendship bracelet to replace the one she thinks he lost. Charlie says, “It’ll keep you safe from the bad guys until you come back home.” Let’s hope so because it’s what Mark was wearing as assassins were hunting him down in his flash forward.

FlashForward S1E15
Episode 15

Queen Sacrifice

When Marcie is asked who recruited her to be a mole in the FBI, she says that information will be revealed in due time. That’s because in her flash forward, Marcie was incarcerated. She tells her attorney that she’s indispensible to the FBI until she tells them who recruited her.

FlashForward S1E16
Episode 16

Let No Man Put Asunder

It’s March 15th, 2010. D-Day for Demetri, who is strapped to a rigged chair in an abandoned warehouse. Across the room, a motion-activated device aims Mark’s gun at Demetri’s chest. He moves, he’s dead.

FlashForward S1E17
Episode 17

The Garden of Forking Paths

Two years before the blackout, rookie FBI agent Janis Hawk is approached by people who want her to keep tabs on her new federal friends. Her handler is a woman named Carline who works out of a fish store. She’ll be her only contact with those who recruited her. This marks the start of Janis Hawk’s career as an FBI mole.

FlashForward S1E18
Episode 18

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

It's one week until April 29th, the day in everyone's flash forward. Lloyd Simcoe goes on national TV to say the forces of the universe may be pushing people toward the futures they've seen. Those who were supposed to die before the 29th but lived past the fatal event may still perish if the universe course corrects.

FlashForward S1E19
Episode 19

Course Correction

“Tomorrow is D-Day. The day we catch up to the flash forwards.” These are the words of Stanford Wedeck as he assures everyone in his charge that come April 29th the FBI will, indeed, be open for business.

FlashForward S1E20
Episode 20

The Negotiation

Mark does everything in his power to protect Gabriel.

FlashForward S1E21
Episode 21


It’s April 29th, the day everyone saw in their flash forward. The world is about to catch up to its future.

FlashForward S1E22
Episode 22

Future Shock

April 29, 2010 arrives as everyone waits to see if the flashforward predictions take place; Mark uncovers the date of the next blackout; Simon and Demetri break into the NLAP mainframe.

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