Food Party

Food Party

Food Party - Season 1 Episodes

Food Party S1E1
Episode 1

Thu Become One

After many failed dating experiences, Thu realizes that she is actually in love with herself, and sets out to marry Thu Number Two. Thu makes the invitations, cooks the hot wing wedding cake, hosts a bachelorette party, and finally marries herself.

Food Party S1E2
Episode 2

Cave Duck

Thu embarks on a hunting adventure, which takes her to a nudist picnic, underwater in search of caviar, and the Purple Potato Caves. In the cavern, Thu kills a giant blue Cave Duck, but is ordered by the cave spirits to "use every part" of the fowl if she wants to take it home to cook.

Food Party S1E3
Episode 3

My Fair Maybe

Thu, bored with being the world's greatest cook, consults "The Deli Llama" for advice. And what is the wise plan? Thu is to take on a protégée, teach him to be a better cook than she is and once that happens, destroy him.....thus becoming the greatest cook again!

Food Party S1E4
Episode 4


After running out of apples for her apple-stuffed, caramel-coated pork chop recipe, Thu invites Johnny Appleseed over for an apple party. Against Johnny's advice, Thu travels to Mount Avocado to search for the mystical "White Tiger" apple and battles a Viking heavy metal band along the way.

Food Party S1E5
Episode 5

Thu's Cafe

Fired from her job selling gourmet snacks at a boxing arena, Thu opens up a restaurant which becomes an instant success. Unable to keep up with the stress of serving so many costumers, Thu purposefully poisons her loyal customers with rancid ham salad.

Food Party S1E6
Episode 6


Thu is pregnant and plans on making a special dinner for her husband and two children. But after cooking Tamarind soup, she births a kitten and the night goes awry, as a mysterious villain stalks her family.

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