Food Party

Food Party

Food Party - Season 2 Episodes

Food Party S2E1
Episode 1

Thu Tran takes everyone through a typical day in the life of Food Party.

Thu takes us through an average day. We follow her through town on Main Street where she steals ingredients to make lunch, back home where she cooks herself some delicious foods, watches a steamy soap opera featuring Baguette, and swims with a whale.

Food Party S2E2
Episode 2

Things go awry when Grape Jenny falls in love with Peanut Butter Jerry.

We meet up with Peanut Butter Jerry once again, right after his head has been stung by bees. Thu takes him to get his head shrunk back to normal size but things go awry when Grape Jenny comes in raving mad ready to shoot the head‐shrinking doctor for being a phony. Grape Jenny falls madly in love with PBJ and demands that they start dating. Their relationship quickly goes from bad to worse and Thu calls on Ranch Randy to kill Grape Jenny.

Food Party S2E3
Episode 3

A rich playboy crashes his car through Thu's kitchen.

Food Party S2E4
Episode 4

Thu tries to improvise when King of the World comes to eat at her restaurant.

Thu has opened up the most hi‐end restaurant imaginable and pressure is on to make the most elaborate meal when Thu learns that the King of the Universe is coming to eat. After designing and preparing an exquisite 5 course meal served entirely in balloons a rogue panda destroys all the food by popping the balloons. Completely out of food, and with no time to go shopping, Thu decides to serve the "essence" of food. When the King arrives and is served imaginary food he gets irate, turns everyone into food, and eats them instead.

Food Party S2E5
Episode 5

While having lunch with her father, Thu discovers she is adopted.

Thu makes a lunch for her father who reveals that she is adopted and her family is out there in the world. After giving her the address she goes to find them but realizes that she's back where she started in her kitchen and there's no family to be seen. Thu's father shows up again to have lunch and tell her that she has a real family. All of this repeats in a viscous cycle where Thu is unable to leave the same couple hours of her day until the truth is revealed.

Food Party S2E6
Episode 6

After winning turkeys in a game show, Thu uses them to cook a unique stuffing.

Thu wins a game show and the grand prize is 8 turkeys. She takes them home and begins cooking the 8 unique turkey stuffing's including hamburger, pizza, and pork fried rice. Peter Van Hyning (the puppet) is there to disapprove of anything Thu does. After laboriously cooking and using everything in her house, Thu meets up with her space engineer who coincidentally has just finished making her a spaceship that uses turkeys as fuel.

Food Party S2E7
Episode 7

Vampire Thu offers blood-inspired dishes.

Thu the vampire hosts a variety of blood inspired dishes. While hunting for blood in the forest, Thu finds a duck and turns him into a vampire. A little German boy is furious with Thu for taking his pet duck and makes it his mission to kill her. In the end the little German boy is reunited with his duck, but only after he is turned into a vampire as well.

Food Party S2E8
Episode 8

A giant rat eats Thu's gingerbread house.

Thu is trying to turn her house into a gingerbread house by slathering it in raw gingerbread. Unfortunately a giant rat eats all the gingerbread in the middle of the night and leaves behind gingerbread turds on the kitchen floor. Inspired to cook, Thu makes delicious turd‐inspired food. The rat admits to eating the gingerbread and is sorry but denies leaving the turds so Thu and Satan set up a surveillance camera to catch the pooping culprit.

Food Party S2E9
Episode 9

Thu harvests oregano buds with help from her celebrity grandfather.

Thu hosts a Martha Stewart type cooking & crafts show featuring a bounty of ideas using "oregano". She harvests the oregano buds, smokes meats with a gravity smoker, makes oregano cotton candy with a vaporizer, and tops it all off with some oregano butter - all with the help of her celebrity Grandpa, some rasta bees, and a little bit of tye dye.

Food Party S2E10
Episode 10

After a storm, Thu resorts to the only food she has left.

A giant storm bounds towards Thu's house, but instead of stocking up on food, Thu makes a giant stew sing all the remaining food she has in the house. In the morning Thu is starving but can't leave since the snow has sealed her inside the house. After trying to eat her puppet friends, Thu resorts to the only food left - her own body.

Food Party S2E11
Episode 11

Thu Takes a Ride in an RV to Find a Cheap Meal.

Thu goes on a road trip to Las Vegas to visit a drive-in buffet. Along the way, she meets a mystical hobo and an intense policeman.

Food Party S2E12
Episode 12

Thu and Her Friends Encounter a Donut-loving Zombie.

Thu and friends become friends with a donut-loving zombie. The zombie uses an "Anti-Light Flashlight" to bring down the giant donut in the sky ([The Moon]), thus destroying mankind.

Food Party S2E13
Episode 13

Thu Battles a Wizard in an Egg Fight.

Thu's daughter finds an egg from which a wizard appears. When the egg wizard attempts to steal her daughter's eyes, Thu battles him, then befriends him.

Food Party S2E14
Episode 14

Thu Uses Mirrors While Preparing Food to Control the Amount She Makes.

The Mirror Diet Guru teaches Thu how to use mirrors to make her meal amounts seem larger.

Food Party S2E15
Episode 15

Thu Creates Food Using Zit Butter.

After getting sprayed with butter at the butter factory because of her rebelliousness, Thu's face begins breaking out. Rather than being pessimistic, she uses her new zits very resourcefully. Celebrity guests include Santa Claus.

Food Party S2E16
Episode 16

Thu Gets a Birthday Gift from Her Father.

It's Thu's birthday, as she does all the things teenagers do, as well as prepares food for her sweet sixteen party. Her father presents her with a special birthday gift, which gives her the confidence she needs to pursue her musical dreams.

Food Party S2E17
Episode 17

After Eating Bad Meat, Thu Is Saved by a Tonic.

Thu recounts the story of the donut, including the epic battle between the Moon and the spoon, before almost dying from eating hybrid monkey-pig meat.

Food Party S2E18
Episode 18

Thu Experiments with Vegan Recipes.

While babysitting a koala, Thu experiments with vegan recipes, and clones Vincent van Gogh.

Food Party S2E19
Episode 19

Bloopers from the show; host Thu.

Food Party S2E20
Episode 20

Thu battles an evil sister and a stepmother.

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