For Better or Worse

For Better or Worse

For Better or Worse - Season 2 Episodes

For Better or Worse S2E1
Episode 1

Waiting for Larry White

Angela still doubts Marcus' fidelity, so she pays Sabrina Murphy a visit. She learns that Marcus was actually telling the truth. Marcus is disappointed when he discovers that Angela doubted him and had to go to Sabrina for the truth. Tyrik is officially hired to renovate the salon.

For Better or Worse S2E2
Episode 2

You Are The Father

Haunted by a one-night stand she had fourteen years ago, Angela is horrified when Tyrik's mom has an uncanny resemblance to M.J. This uncertainty forces Angela to take drastic steps to attain DNA samples. It is revealed that Tyrik cannot have children, so M.J. is indeed Marcus' son. Also, Marcus, Joseph, and Todd are frustrated by Keisha's incessant presence at the studio.

For Better or Worse S2E3
Episode 3

The Blind Date

After Jennifer reveals she is once again seeing Tommy's father, Angela and Leslie are worried. As a result, they decide to set Jennifer up on a blind dinner date. Angela and Leslie coerce Marcus and Joseph to find some guy friends as blind date candidates. The evening backfires when the guys turn out to be jerks.

For Better or Worse S2E4
Episode 4

Just Say No

Angela gives Miss V. the day off because she looks extremely tired. Angela finds a joint by M.J.'s door and fears the worst. It is later revealed the joint actually belongs to Miss V., who has cancer.

For Better or Worse S2E5
Episode 5

The Will and the Grace

Angela dines with her longtime male friend, spinning into motion various complications.

For Better or Worse S2E6
Episode 6

The Engagement Ring

Richard plans a hasty wedding with Keisha, but Marcus questions Keisha's true motives. Meanwhile, Joseph helps Richard purchase an engagement ring.

For Better or Worse S2E7
Episode 7

The Grand Opening

Angela is having a "Grand Opening" to celebrate the expansion of the salon being complete. Angela decides to invite Tyrik even after being warned against it by Jennifer and Leslie. In a weird twist of fate, Keisha and Tyrik are old friends, and see each other at the event. Once Keisha discovers that Angela’s old fling completed the renovation, she is more than eager to let Marcus know about it. Marcus becomes furious that Tyrik is there, and decides to leave the event.

For Better or Worse S2E8
Episode 8

The New Employee

Richard is having some personal financial problems due to Keisha's spending. In order to help this matter, Richard wants Keisha to work at C-Sports Now as an accountant. Joseph supports Richard's decision. However, Marcus is absolutely against the decision. Marcus, Angela, and Leslie think it's a terrible idea and confront Richard and Keisha. Keisha lets Richard know that she doesn’t want to work at C-Sports Now; in fact, she doesn't want to work anywhere. Also, Leslie struggles with Joseph's perspective on their relationship.

For Better or Worse S2E9
Episode 9

Close But No Cigar

Leslie has a pregnancy scare. Joseph's reaction makes Leslie have serious doubts about their relationship. Joseph is scared and fears being "tied down." Leslie later discovers that she is not pregnant. Although she is relieved, she is heartbroken by what the pregnancy scare has exposed about Joseph's commitment.

For Better or Worse S2E10
Episode 10

Mommy Dearest

An excited Tina is looking forward to attending a party, but Jennifer has made plans to go on a date. Jennifer expects Tina to cancel her plans and stay home to watch her brother. Tina refuses and becomes very disrespectful to her mother. After a heated argument, Jennifer kicks Tina out of the house. Tina goes to Marcus and Angela's house to spend the night. The next day, Tina gets much needed advice from Miss V., who gives her a lesson about compromise, sacrifice, and respect.

For Better or Worse S2E11
Episode 11

Biological Clock

It is Leslie's birthday and she does not want to be reminded about getting older. When Leslie sees a wedding party at Angela's Salon, it prompts genuine desires of wanting to be married and have a family. Leslie is conflicted as the birthday reminds her that she has not done all she had hoped to do in her life.

For Better or Worse S2E12
Episode 12

Jack and Jennifer

Leslie tries to set Jennifer up on a blind date with Jack. Due to the last blind date disaster, Angela and Leslie disguise the date as a simple lunch at Ozzie's Pub. Nevertheless, Jennifer sees right through their plan and decides to totally be rude to Jack. When Jennifer realizes that Jack was unaware of Angela and Leslie's plan, she decides to seek Jack out and apologize.

For Better or Worse S2E13
Episode 13


Jennifer discovers that her son, Tommy, is trying on make-up and wearing heels. She is afraid that he may be gay. In an attempt to counteract his behavior, she pleads with Marcus and Joseph to spend some time with Tommy. Angela and Leslie let Jennifer know that regardless of his sexual orientation or interests, Tommy deserves her love.

For Better or Worse S2E14
Episode 14

Joseph's Limp

Joseph is unable to perform while he and Leslie are being intimate.

For Better or Worse S2E15
Episode 15

The Bachelor Party

Richard's bachelor party gets going only after Angela, Leslie and Jennifer leave.

For Better or Worse S2E16
Episode 16

You Are Not the Father

Under the care of Keisha, Dominique falls off the balcony at Richard's place and has to be rushed to the hospital. Meanwhile Marcus finds out that he's not the father of Dominique at the hospital.

For Better or Worse S2E17
Episode 17

Just the Two of Us Part 1

Angela convinces Marcus to spend the entire weekend alone with her. She feels this time together will help them improve their communication and strengthen their marriage. Although Marcus is hesitant, he ultimately agrees. Angela reveals that she yearns to have another baby.

For Better or Worse S2E18
Episode 18

Just the Two of Us Part 2

Angela begins to drive Marcus crazy. Marcus is not too excited about having another child and tries to avoid the conversation like the plague. Finally as the weekend ends, Marcus uses reverse psychology on Angela. He reminds her of all the problems she had during her pregnancy. Angela decides to think more about whether she really wants to have another child.

For Better or Worse S2E19
Episode 19

To Be Born Again

Joseph suspects that Leslie is cheating, but he gets an unexpected response when he confronts her about the issue.

For Better or Worse S2E20
Episode 20

In the Red

The guys suspect Richard of spending company finances when checks begin to bounce.

For Better or Worse S2E21
Episode 21

Tall M.J.

Because of M.J.'s short stature, Marcus suspects that M.J. is not his biological son.

For Better or Worse S2E22
Episode 22

Off the Hook

Keisha lets Marcus stop paying child support for Dominique since he is not her biological father.

For Better or Worse S2E23
Episode 23

Anniversary Sorrow

Marcus pretends to forget his anniversary, then sets out to surprise Angela by giving her a diamond ring—but his plan soon backfires

For Better or Worse S2E24
Episode 24

When Jenny Meets Harold Part 1

Jennifer falls for a new man, but her friends suspect he has hidden motives.

For Better or Worse S2E25
Episode 25

When Jenny Meets Harold Part 2

Jennifer is forced to reflect on her choices after being intimate with a new man becomes a frightening ordeal.

For Better or Worse S2E26
Episode 26

Momma's Boy

Joseph is caught off guard when he discovers his mother is planning a visit and in the process, brushes Leslie off.

For Better or Worse S2E27
Episode 27

Mi Casa, Su Casa

Leslie temporarily moves in with Angela and Marcus in the wake of her fight with Joseph.

For Better or Worse S2E28
Episode 28

Leslie's First Date

Leslie wades back into the dating pool while still living with Angela and Marcus.

For Better or Worse S2E29
Episode 29

Moving On

Leslie tries to move on from her breakup and goes on a blind date.

For Better or Worse S2E30
Episode 30

Who Gets the Friends?

Leslie happens upon a man she used to date and Joseph has a new love interest.

For Better or Worse S2E31
Episode 31

The Grand Old Opera

A rich former classmate arrives and is attracted to Leslie. Complications arise when he also works on a business venture with Joseph.

For Better or Worse S2E32
Episode 32

You Should've Put a Ring on It

Leslie and Chris embark on a weekend getaway to Spain just as Joseph realizes he wants to have a future with Leslie.

For Better or Worse S2E33
Episode 33


Chris seeks a prenuptial agreement with Leslie.

For Better or Worse S2E34
Episode 34

The Truth Stings

Marcus and Angela throw an engagement party for Chris and Leslie, but Keisha stirs the pot by revealing information.

For Better or Worse S2E35
Episode 35

The Big Day

Chris and Leslie's wedding day arrives.

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