Friday Night Lights - Season 5 Episodes

Friday Night Lights - Season 5

Season 5 finds Julie in college, Tammy at a new job, and more turmoil for Coach Taylor and his players.

Episode 1


Season premiere - A new football season begins with high expectations.

Episode 2

“On the Outside Looking In”

To the outsiders' dismay, The Lions start their season off strong.

Episode 3

“The Right Hand of the Father”

When an embarrassing video, shot at a rowdy football party, circulates and mars the Lions' reputation, and Coach struggles to impose discipline on his players. A connection unexpectedly forged at college leaves Julie feeling even more isolated than ever. Vince doesn't want his father to come to this week's game. Luke informs Becky of the sacrifice he made to get her as his rally girl.

Friday Night Lights S5E4
Episode 4

“Keep Looking”

The Lions Roster changes, Becky's father re-enters her life and Tami deals with a troubled student - Brad Leland ("CSI: Miami") and Emily Rios ("Men of a Certain Age") guest star.

Friday Night Lights S5E5
Episode 5


The Lions take a road trip that impacts the lives of four players; Julie's (Aimee Teegarden) relationship struggles - Cress Williams ("Prison Break") guest stars.

Friday Night Lights S5E6
Episode 6


Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler) receives praise, while Luke (Matt Lauria) and Julie's (Aimee Teegarden) futures are altered.

Friday Night Lights S5E7
Episode 7

“Perfect Record”

A website ignites controversy for The Lions during rivalry week; Vince (Michael B. Jordan) gets caught in a power struggle - Cress Williams ("Prison Break") and Derek Phillips ("Private Practice") guest star.

Friday Night Lights S5E8
Episode 8


Coach fears he's beginning to lose his grip on the team. Tami worries that one of her students is being neglected. Vince alienates his teammates. Becky enters a beauty pageant.

Episode 9

“Gut Check”

Coach threatens to suspend Vince. Luke faces pressure. Billy learns some surprising news from Mindy. Becky starts a surprising new job.

Friday Night Lights S5E10
Episode 10

“Don't Go”

An elite college football program attempts to lure Coach away from East Dillon. Vince vows to earn his spot back. Friends and family speak at Tim's parole hearing. East Dillon holds a Fall Sports Banquet.

Friday Night Lights S5E11
Episode 11

“The March”

Tami fields a potential job offer in Pennsylvania while the Lions' football program faces budget cuts and their first playoff game in 25 years.

Friday Night Lights S5E12
Episode 12

“Texas Whatever (aka Small Town)”

The fate of East Dillon's football program is decided - Taylor Kitsch guest stars.

Friday Night Lights S5E13
Episode 13


Series Finale - The Lions advance toward State as many decisions are made with implications that could change the players' futures.