Friday Night SmackDown


Edge, Chris Jericho, Undertaker and many more WWE Superstars and Divas battle on SmackDown.

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An intelligence analyst discovers a secret pattern he can't explain. As he unravels a series of clues, he's drawn into a world of conspiracy & murder. Rubicon: not every conspiracy is a theory.

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WWE Teams Up with MyNetwork TV for ‘Smackdown’

"The momentum at My Network TV continues with this major acquisition. This partnership with WWE is a perfect fit for viewers, advertisers and affiliates," said network president Greg Meidel.

MyNetwork TV is scheduled to air WWF Smackdown! as a weekly two-program beginning this fall.

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CW Puts a Nail in the ‘Smackdown’ Coffin

The CW network has just announced that it will no longer be airing the WWE program WWF Smackdown!. According to Variety, the network dumped the wrestling program after failing to reach a new deal with the WWE.

WWE has confirmed that WWF Smackdown! will no longer continue on CW after the 2007-08 season. WWE has not announced where WWF Smackdown! will return, though it does have a relationship with the USA network.

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