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Funny or Die Presents - Season 2 Episodes

Funny or Die Presents - Season 2

Funny or Die Presents - Season 2

Get ready for another round of the TV show that perfectly reflects the depraved sensibilities of today's funniest--and sickest--minds. It's Season Two of 'Funny or Die Presents,' the HBO sketch-comedy series that provides the ultimate creative forum for dozens of the most talented comedians, actors and writers in an anything-goes environment. Based on the insanely popular 'Funny or Die' website, the show fuses off-the-wall scripted pieces with animated vignettes, music videos, faux commercials, and more.

Funny or Die Presents S2E1
Episode 1

Season 2, Episode 1

Season Two Premiere. Rob Huebel and Deepak Chopra engage in a philosophical discussion on life and death in 'Do You Want to See a Dead Body?'; 'Terrible Decisions - The Drop Off,' Gary Cole is an FBI agent who enlists Ben Schwartz in an undercover sting; a woman describes the anatomical anomaly of a former boyfriend in 'Reenactments of Actual Conversations from the Ladies Rooms of Hollywood.

Funny or Die Presents S2E2
Episode 2

Season 2, Episode 2

Tijuana Jackson: Life Coach - Romany Malco's ex-con gets some help from his momma.

United States Police Department - Detectives Ducca and Phuck investigate a child pornography ring.

Reenactments of Actual Conversations from the Ladies Rooms of Hollywood - An unhappy guest expresses her frustration with the guest list at a Hollywood wrap party.

Funny or Die Movie of the Week: "Paco Dances" - A cockatiel becomes a YouTubesensation, moves to Hollywood and gets caught up in a life of drugs, sex and murder.

Welcome to My Study - Mitchell collects items in his study and shares his thoughts about them.

Funny or Die Presents S2E3
Episode 3

Season 2, Episode 3

Do You Want to See a Dead Body?: Rob Huebel picks up Ben Stiller on his way to the Staples Center and shows him something gruesome.

Brick Novax's Diary: Brick recalls his days as a legendary folk singer and friend of dolphins.

Adam West Hits on You...Hard: The former Batman actor offers a lesson in biology.

John and Will's Animal Choices: John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell imagine what life would be like if they could be any kind of animal.

The Amazing Adventures of David & Jennie: Dave and Jennie experience love and loss on a trip to "Gabe and Mustard's.

Funny or Die Presents S2E4
Episode 4

Season 2, Episode 4

It's Gert: Mary Bly's unconventional sitcom star encounters an unwelcome guest on her camping trip.

Reenactments of Actual Conversations from the Ladies Rooms of Hollywood: Two California women discuss The Celestine Prophecy before turning their attention to more pressing matters.

Death Hunt: Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer and Rob Riggle are a group of friends on a hunting trip. After they meet a park ranger played by Jack McBrayer, their outing takes a deadly turn.

Juggalo News: The financial analyst for fans of Insane Clowne Posse dishes out dope financial advice.

Men of Unquiet Desperation - The Prick: A brash radio deejay takes out his insecurities on a subordinate.

Funny or Die Presents S2E5
Episode 5

Season 2, Episode 5

Tijuana Jackson: Tijuana takes the nephew he's mentoring to visit his parole officer.

Death Hunt: In part two, the hunter who's been stalking the crew is revealed.

Brick Novax's Diary: Brick recounts his days as a married man.

Welcome to My Study: Mitchell finds some unusual items in his study drawers.

Funny or Die Presents S2E6
Episode 6

Season 2, Episode 6

Lady Refs: In the first installment, there's a new hot lady ref in town. Featuring Rachel Dratch.

Do You Want to See a Dead Body: Rob Huebel runs into an ex-girlfriend on a hike.

Song for Our Dogs: A special offer to get music for dogs to listen to while their owners are away.

The Burn Unit: Three badass women track down a cheating husband.

Sticky Minds: In the movie of the week, Kristen Wiig stars as a sought-after waitress.

Funny or Die Presents S2E7
Episode 7

Season 2, Episode 7

Tijuana Jackson: Tijuana offers unsolicited advices to a distressed woman in a liquor store.

Juggalo News: The greatest achievements in Juggalo cinema are recognized, from Best Supporting Psycho to Dopest Picture.

Lady Refs: Kennedy's integrity as a ref is put to the test.

Adam West Hits on You...Hard: The former Batman stars offers a lesson in geography.

Terrorists on Flight 77: Hijackers set a plane's course straight for Mt. Rushmore.

Funny or Die Presents S2E8
Episode 8

Season 2, Episode 8

Do You Want to See a Dead Body: Rob Huebel helps "QB-killer" Warren Sapp find a corpse.

Lady Refs: Jablonski warns Kennedy that she's just the scrunchie of the month.

Reenactments of Actual Conversations from the Ladies Rooms of Hollywood: Two Hollywood women prepare for TV pilot season.

Body Boys: Legend of the Pipers: A documentary looks back at the world's greatest bodysurfing family, and how it all fell apart for them.

Juggalo News: The nine-year-old winner of the Juggalo Junior Spelling Smackdown stops by for an interview.

Boobie: Elijah Wood stars as a mustachioed man who does battle with his nemesis over a teddy bear.

Funny or Die Presents S2E9
Episode 9

Season 2, Episode 9

Brick Novax's Diary: Brick recounts his days as a movie star in Japan.

Lady Refs: In the conclusion, a halftime wedding breaks a Lady Ref's heart.

Jeff Baker: Junior College Professor: Professor Baker, played by Fred Willard, fields a student's request for an extension.

Crazy Town: In the movie of the week, two friends on a road trip encounter a strange place.

Welcome to My Study: Mitchell is joined by his friend Stuart, played by Zach Woods.

Funny or Die Presents S2E10
Episode 10

Season 2, Episode 10

United States Police Department: Office politics spiral out of control after Detectives Ducca and Phuk receive accolades in the press.

The Terrys: A documentary explores the relationship between two trailer-park meth addicts named Terry.

Baby Boss: In a company run by babies, one disgruntled female employee takes matters into her own hands.

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