Futurama - Season 1 Episodes

Futurama - Season 1

Futurama - Season 1

Futurama's first season began airing on March 28, 1999 and concluded after 13 episodes on November 16, 1999. The entire season is included within the Volume One DVD box set, which was released on March 25, 2003. There is a total of 13 episodes contained in the production season, although the last four episodes were pre-empted by sporting events and pushed into the second broadcast season.

The full thirteen episodes of the season have been released on a box set called Futurama: Volume One, on DVD and VHS. It was released in the United Kingdom, on January 28, 2002, in Australia on November 27, 2002 and in the United States and Canada on March 25, 2003. The season was re-released as Futurama: Volume 1, with entirely different packaging to match the newer season releases on July 17, 2012.

Futurama S1E1
Episode 1

Space Pilot 3000

After an accidental cryogenic freezing, Fry awakens at the dawn of the year 3000. With the help of his two new friends, a degenerate robot named Bender and a beautiful one-eyed alien named Leela, Fry defies his life assignment as a delivery boy.

Futurama S1E2
Episode 2

The Series Has Landed

After delivering a package to an amusement park on the moon, Fry shows Leela how to appreciate the celestial body.

Futurama S1E3
Episode 3

I, Roommate

Fry is such a slob that he is forced to move out of the Planet Express offices.

Futurama S1E4
Episode 4

Love's Labors Lost in Space

On a mission to save endangered animals from a collapsing planet, lonely Leela meets legendary starship captain Zapp Brannigan - who (at least in his own opinion) is the universe's greatest ladies man.

Futurama S1E5
Episode 5

Fear of a Bot Planet

While delivering a package to a planet inhabited by robots, where humans are killed instantly, Bender becomes intoxicated with the robot lifestyle and must choose between becoming a celebrity of sorts or saving his friends' lives.

Futurama S1E6
Episode 6

A Fishful of Dollars

Fry discovers he's a billionaire because his savings have been accruing interest for 1,000 years. Caught up in the excitement of his riches, he squanders his fortune to buy an unopened can of anchovies - extinct since the year 2200.

Futurama S1E7
Episode 7

My Three Suns

The crew visits a planet inhabited by liquid aliens. Fry, after delivering a package under the scorching heat of the planet's three suns, finds a bottle of cool blue liquid to quench his thirst. But when that liquid turns out to be the civilization's ruler, Fry finds he has become the new leader.

Futurama S1E8
Episode 8

A Big Piece of Garbage

A gigantic ball of garbage carelessly launched off Earth in the 21st century returns on a collision course for New New York City and Fry and the crew set out on a mission to destroy it.

Futurama S1E9
Episode 9

Hell Is Other Robots

Bender puts his sinful lifestyle behind him when he joins the Temple of Robotology. But after returning to his old ways, he is banished to Robot Hell where, in a musical extravaganza, he faces the Robot Devil and endures tortures unimaginable to man.

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