Futurama - Season 2 Episodes

Futurama - Season 2

Futurama - Season 2

Futurama's second season began airing on November 21, 1999 and concluded after 19 episodes on December 3, 2000.

The full nineteen episodes of the season have been released on a box set called Futurama: Volume Two, on DVD and VHS. It was first released in the United Kingdom on November 11, 2002, with releases in other regions in 2003. The season was re-released as Futurama: Volume 2, with entirely different packaging to match the newer season releases on July 17, 2012.

Futurama S2E5
Episode 5

I Second That Emotion

After Bender flushes Nibbler down the toliet, Fry, Leela, and Bender make a perilous journey through a mutant-infested sewer system.

Futurama S2E6
Episode 6

Brannigan Begin Again

After being court-martialed, Zapp Brannigan joins the Planet Express team...only to inspire Fry and Bender to mutiny against Leela.

Futurama S2E7
Episode 7

A Head in the Polls

When the price of titanium skyrockets, Bender hocks his titanium-rich body and lives the good life...until Richard Nixon's head uses Bender's discarded torso to stage a political comeback.

Futurama S2E8
Episode 8

Xmas Story

Fry and Leela find themselves targeted by a murderous robotic Santa Claus; Bender volunteers at a shelter for homeless robots.

Futurama S2E9
Episode 9

Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love

When Dr. Zoidberg runs amok during his people's mating season, Fry sets out to teach him how to woo a mate.

Futurama S2E10
Episode 10

Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Valentine's Day turns into a nightmare for Fry after his head is surgically attached to Amy's body.

Futurama S2E11
Episode 11

Lesser of Two Evils

Fry fears the worst when Bender's exact duplicate joins the crew on a mission to deliver a valuable atomic tiara to the Miss Universe pageant.

Futurama S2E12
Episode 12

Raging Bender

Bender's popularity soars when he becomes a pro-wrestler, but when he is instructed to intentionally lose a fight, Leela steps in to help him defeat an opponent trained by her old Kung-Fu master.

Futurama S2E13
Episode 13

A Bicyclops Built for Two

Leela finally encounters another member of her species, a handsome male. But when he turns out to be a jerk, she fears that leaving him will mean her species' extinction.

Futurama S2E14
Episode 14

How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back

Hermes grows despondent when he misses an opportunity for a promotion; a female bureaucrat is turned on by Fry's sloppiness.

Futurama S2E15
Episode 15

A Clone of My Own

The Professor chooses his clone, Cubert, as the successor to his research...only to realize that Cubert has dreams of his own.

Futurama S2E16
Episode 16

The Deep South

Deep beneath the ocean, the crew discovers the lost city of Atlanta, where Fry falls hopelessly in love with a mermaid.

Futurama S2E17
Episode 17

Bender Gets Made

After joining the Robot Mafia, Bender finds himself involved in a scheme to rob the Planet Express spaceship of its cargo and destroy the crew.

Futurama S2E18
Episode 18

The Problem with Popplers

Powerful alien beings threaten to devour all of mankind after the Planet Express crew imports the aliens' tasty offspring as a food product.

Futurama S2E19
Episode 19

Mother's Day

On Mother's Day, Mom unleashes a hoard of rampaging robots to destroy Earth - and only the Professor can stop them.

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