Futurama - Season 5 Episodes

Futurama - Season 5

Futurama - Season 5

Futurama's fifth production season began airing in March 2008 and concluded after 16 episodes on August 30, 2009. The episodes were TV versions and edits of the four DVD movies. This list is for the TV versions.

Futurama S5E0
Episode 0

Bender's Big Score

Futurama S5E0
Episode 0

The Beast with a Billion Backs

Futurama S5E0
Episode 0

Bender's Game

Futurama S5E0
Episode 0

Into the Wild Green Yonder

Futurama S5E1
Episode 1

Crimes of the Hot

When the Earth is jeopardized by global warming, the crew attends a conference in Kyoto hosted by Al Gore's head, and when the Earth's increased temperature is linked to emissions from robots, Richard Nixon's head attempts to rid the planet of them - including Bender.

Futurama S5E2
Episode 2

Jurassic Bark

Bender grows jealous when Fry attempts to clone his beloved fossilized dog.

Futurama S5E3
Episode 3

The Route of All Evil

Hermes' and the Professor's sons try to outdo them in the business world but need their dads' help when success overwhelms them; Bender becomes a brewmiester.

Futurama S5E4
Episode 4

A Taste of Freedom

In celebration of Freedom Day, Dr. Zoidberg eats the Earth flag, for which he is sentenced to death. In retaliation, the Decapodians enslave the entire world.

Futurama S5E5
Episode 5

Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch

Amy's romance with Kif takes a twist when he gets pregnant. As Amy questions her commitment Kif, he must return to his ancient, mysterious homeworld to give birth in the same muddy swamp where he was born.

Futurama S5E6
Episode 6

Less Than Hero

When Fry and Leela discover a mysterious cream that gives them unusual powers, they form a Superhero team along with Bender.

Futurama S5E7
Episode 7

Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles

The Planet Express crew is exposed to a substance that causes everyone to revert to teenagers...and the Professor's attempt to correct the problem only makes things worse.

Futurama S5E8
Episode 8

The Why of Fry

Nibbler enlists Fry in a mission to blow up evil brains bent on destroying the universe; Fry time travels into the past to prevent himself from being cryogenically frozen.

Futurama S5E9
Episode 9

The Sting

A killer bee sting sends Leela on a long, strange trip.

Futurama S5E10
Episode 10

The Farnsworth Parabox

The Planet Express crew goes to a parallel universe made accessible by Professor Farnsworth's latest experiment.

Futurama S5E11
Episode 11

Three Hundred Big Boys

When each Earthican receives a three hundred-dollar government refund, the Planet Express crew members pursue their respective dreams and desires.

Futurama S5E13
Episode 13

Bend Her

Bender's scam to win Olympic gold sets him on the road to becoming a celebrity wife.

Futurama S5E14
Episode 14

Obsoletely Fabulous

A new model of robot threatens Bender, prompting him to go on a trip while upgrading his own technology.

Futurama S5E15
Episode 15

Bender Should Not Be Allowed on Television

Bender becomes a television star as well as a terrible role model for children.

Futurama S5E16
Episode 16

The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings

Fry makes a deal with the Robot Devil so he can become a skillful musician and win Leela's heart.

Futurama S5E17
Episode 17

Spanish Fry

When Fry succeeds in retrieving his nose, which was taken by aliens, a more precious appendage of his is placed in peril.

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