Gargoyles - Season 2 Episodes

Gargoyles S2E1
Episode 1

Leader of the Pack

A mysterious masked man, who calls himself Coyote, breaks the Pack out of prison. He appoints himself leader and all together set a trap for the gargoyles. Lexington's anger towards the Pack blinds his judgment and puts himself and the clan at risk.

Gargoyles S2E2
Episode 2


Someone is taking people off the street and turning them into gargoyle-like creatures. Unsurprisingly, the trail leads to leads to one of Xanatos's labs.

Gargoyles S2E3
Episode 3


Coldstone reawakens, but damage to machine in head leaves him completely confused and unable to control his actions.

Gargoyles S2E4
Episode 4

A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time

An archeological dig uncovers a set of scrolls, believed to contain Merlin's spells. Macbeth sends his mercenaries to try to capture the scrolls, but the gargoyles manage to stop them, getting separated from Hudson and Broadway in the process, both having one of the two scroll containers.

Gargoyles S2E5
Episode 5

The Mirror

Demona steels a magical mirror to summon an elf named Puck, and forces him use his magic against Goliath and the humans. The result is however not quite what she had in mind...

Gargoyles S2E6
Episode 6

The Silver Falcon

Matt disappears while looking into his pet obsession - the Illuminati, and Broadway insist in tagging along when Elisa investigates.

Gargoyles S2E7
Episode 7

Eye of the Beholder

Xanatos proposes to Fox, giving her the Eye of Odin as an engagement present. Soon afterwards, a huge wolf-like humanoid starts appearing throughout the city, devastating everything in it's path while looking for food.

Gargoyles S2E8
Episode 8


Xanatos and Fox are getting married, and the groom asks Goliath to be his best man. Unsurprisingly, it turns out to be another of Xanatos's schemes, this time to obtain an piece of an artifact Goliath has - the Phoenix Gate, capable of opening doorways trough time.

Gargoyles S2E9
Episode 9

City of Stone (1)

While Demona prepares to cast a spell on the entire city through a pirate TV broadcast, she remembers her life after Goliath and the others had been turned to stone by the Magus.

Gargoyles S2E10
Episode 10

City of Stone (2)

The gargoyles awaken to find nearly all of the inhabitants of New York turned to stone. Nearly a thousand years before, a young man named MacBeth must decide how much he's willing to sacrifice for love.

Gargoyles S2E11
Episode 11

City of Stone (3)

While Xanatos works on breaking the spell, the story of MacBeth continues, as the lord is forced to take up arms against his brother, the King, when the Weird Sisters prophesies his ascension to the throne of Scotland.

Gargoyles S2E12
Episode 12

City of Stone (4)

The plan to end the spell is sent into motion, but Demona make preparations to stop it. In the past, MacBeth must decide if his alliance with the gargoyles is worth a war with England.

Gargoyles S2E13
Episode 13

High Noon

MacBeth and Demona are working together; they steal Coldstone and use him as bait to lure the gargoyles into a trap. Elisa is to face Demona by herself and save the clan.

Gargoyles S2E14
Episode 14


Cyberbiotics launches a new air fortress, and suspecting Xanatos might try something, Goliath follows it closely. But the owner is waiting for him, wanting revenge for the destruction of the previous craft.

Gargoyles S2E15
Episode 15

The Price

MacBeth throws a magic powder at Hudson, and the next night the old gargoyle remains stone while the others wake up...

Gargoyles S2E16
Episode 16


Matt's investigations bring him in contact with the Illuminati, and he is offered membership... If he can get them a gargoyle.

Gargoyles S2E17
Episode 17

Double Jeopardy

A new gargoyle appears out of nowhere... He sounds like Goliath... he looks like Goliath... and he tries to force Elisa's car off the road...

Gargoyles S2E18
Episode 18


After the Pack is beaten by the gargoyles for the umpteenth time, Xanatos offers them new and improved cybernetic / gene-spliced bodies.

Gargoyles S2E19
Episode 19


Dracon is surprised to find someone encroaching on his protection racket... a cop - Elisa Maza.

Gargoyles S2E20
Episode 20

The Cage

Gargoyles S2E21
Episode 21

Avalon (1)

Gargoyles S2E22
Episode 22

Avalon (2)

Gargoyles S2E23
Episode 23

Avalon (3)

With the Archmage's millennia spanning plot nearing completion, Goliath decides they must try to recapture one of the items that give the magician his power. Meanwhile, Elisa and the Magus investigate the legend of the sleeping King - Arthur Pendragon.

Gargoyles S2E24
Episode 24

Shadows of the Past

The magic of Avalon sends the company back to castle Wyvern, where something starts to twist Goliath's perception of reality, reminding him of painful old memories.

Gargoyles S2E25
Episode 25


Some of Oberon's Children live in the human world, but they are forbidden to interfere directly in the affairs of humans. Angela seems very intelligent and observant, while Goliath leaps before he looks.

Gargoyles S2E26
Episode 26


Trying to find Manhattan again through Avalon's magic, they end up on Loch Ness, where Sevarius is trying to capture the famous monster for his experiments.

Gargoyles S2E27
Episode 27


Goliath and the others find themselves in Prague, where a rabbi is trying to reawaken the golem to protect the citizens against organized crime.

Gargoyles S2E28
Episode 28


In Paris, the company comes across Demona, Thailog and MacBeth, all deep in a triangle of treachery.

Gargoyles S2E29
Episode 29


Sent to London, Goliath comes in contact with the remnants of a local gargoyle clan, and is accused of leading one of their members to his death - 40 years before.

Gargoyles S2E30
Episode 30


In Egypt, they find the Pack working on another of Xanatos's schemes - trying to pry immortality out of the god of death's hands.

Gargoyles S2E31
Episode 31


Worried about Elisa and Goliath, the remaining gargoyles look around for clues to their whereabouts. Brooklyn starts by contacting Talon, and finds a power struggle developing among the mutants.

Gargoyles S2E32
Episode 32

The Hound of Ulster

In Ireland, Goliath, Elisa and Angela find themselves trapped by the Banshee, who believes they're agents of Oberon come to take her back to Avalon.

Gargoyles S2E33
Episode 33


The World Tourists team up with Dingo and Fox to stop an artificially intelligent machine mass undergoing a grey goo situation.

Gargoyles S2E34
Episode 34

Mark of the Panther

Humans turning into panthers (or panthers turning into humans), poachers, and Elisa's mother await the company as they arrive in Nigeria.

Gargoyles S2E35
Episode 35


Seeking out Excalibur in London, Arthur meets Griff, and together they're sent to Manhattan by the Stone of Destiny where the sword is said to lie. Unfortunately, MacBeth is about, having sensed that powerful magic is gathering...

Gargoyles S2E36
Episode 36

Eye of the Storm

In Norway, the company is met by a mysterious one-eyed man who wants the Eye of Odin. When Goliath refuses to give it to him, he says they will regret it... especially Elisa who isn't dressed for the cold.

Gargoyles S2E37
Episode 37

The New Olympians

In the middle of nowhere, Goliath and co. find the hidden city of New Olympus, where the creatures of Greek myth have retreated, and humans are outlawed.

Gargoyles S2E38
Episode 38

The Green

Cyberbiotics are cutting down the rainforest in Guatemala, and have hired Jackal and Hyena to take care of the local Gargoyle clan.

Gargoyles S2E39
Episode 39


Arriving on Easter Island, Elisa is hit by taken by a strange being. When she is found again, she has no memories of herself... or the gargoyles.

Gargoyles S2E40
Episode 40


Gargoyles and humans have lived in peace in a Japanese village for centuries, but a businessman plans to exploit that trust for financial gain.

Gargoyles S2E41
Episode 41

Cloud Fathers

Xanatos is buying up Native American land, and Elisa's father and sister decide to find out what he plans to do with it.

Gargoyles S2E42
Episode 42

Ill Met By Moonlight

The company hopes for some rest when they find themselves returning to Avalon. But the peace short lived, as Oberon appears, demanding that the humans and gargoyles leave the island to make way for the return of his children.

Gargoyles S2E43
Episode 43

Future Tense

Luck seems upon the company, as they spot the statue of liberty through the mists. But the New York the see is not the one they left... It is a devastated ruin controlled by Xanatos's robot sentries.

Gargoyles S2E44
Episode 44

The Gathering (1)

Oberon has gathered his children... save for one. Puck remains somewhere in the mortal realm, and Oberon takes a gargoyle hound to Manhattan to track him down. Meanwhile, Xanatos's and Fox's families have their own gathering, as Fox has given birth.

Gargoyles S2E45
Episode 45

The Gathering (2)

Oberon besieges Xanatos's skyscraper, determined to let nothing stand between him and the child.

Gargoyles S2E46
Episode 46


Three vengeful souls seek to make the gargoyles pay for ruining their lives.

Gargoyles S2E47
Episode 47


Tomas Brod tries to establish himself in New York by throwing out Dracon. Having infiltrated his gang, Elisa ends up right in the middle.

Gargoyles S2E48
Episode 48

The Reckoning

When the Mahattan Clan captures Demona, they and the Mutates decide to be her permanent jailers, unaware that they are falling into an elaborate trap doing so.

Gargoyles S2E49
Episode 49


Puck's first magic lesson for Alexander causes no end of confusion amongst the gargoyles, as the two transfer two of Coldstone's personalities into Broadway and Angela, while possessing two other gargoyles themselves.

Gargoyles S2E50
Episode 50

Hunter's Moon (1)

Elisa is transferred to the night shift and given a new partner. Demona is stealing large quantities of a powerful disinfectant from Xanatos. And there's a new hunter in town, out to make sure every last gargoyle is dead...

Gargoyles S2E51
Episode 51

Hunter's Moon (2)

Goliath swears revenge against to Hunters for what they did to Angela, and flies out to take the battle to them.

Gargoyles S2E52
Episode 52

Hunter's Moon (3)

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