Gary Unmarried

Gary Unmarried

Gary Unmarried - Season 1 Episodes

Gary Unmarried - Season 1

Gary Unmarried - Season 1

Newly divorced after fifteen years of marriage, Gary Brooks, a painting contractor, strives to balance work, shared custody of his two children, a controlling ex wife, and his foxy new girlfriend.

Gary Unmarried S1E1
Episode 1


Gary Brooks is a recently divorced father of two, adjusting to single life and learning to deal with his ex-wife, who is now engaged to their former marriage counselor.

Gary Unmarried S1E2
Episode 2

Gary Gets Boundaries

Now that they're divorced, Allison sets boundaries for Gary about entering her home, but her rules backfire on her. Gary gives Tom advice on how to handle his girlfriend and her demands.

Gary Unmarried S1E3
Episode 3

Gary Marries Off His Ex

Gary wants to stop paying spousal support, so he tries to convince Krandall to marry Allison by telling him how wonderful she is. Gary is so convincing that Krandall calls off the engagement because he believes Gary is still in love with Alliison.

Gary Unmarried S1E4
Episode 4

Gary Gets His Stuff Back

Allison insists that Gary move the rest of his belongings out of her house. When Gary claims the pool table as his, Allison protests and insists that it stay with her because it was a gift from Gary. Back at his house, Gary discovers a photo album of racy photos of Allison that she gave them for their first anniversay. When Allison asks for it back, Gary insists that it stays with him because it was a gift. The war of the exes insues when both parties try to outmaneuver the other to obtain what they think is rightfully theirs.

Gary Unmarried S1E5
Episode 5

Gary Breaks Up His Ex-Wife and Girlfriend

Gary coaches Louise's basketball team and the girls don't embrace Gary's "win at all costs" attitude. When he sees Allison and Vanessa bonding during the game, he freaks because he doesn't want Allison to taint Vanessa's impression of him. Back at the house, Gary forbids, Allison and Vanessa from hanging out and in protest, they make a spa date. Gary interrupts Allsion's massage to plead his case but Allison likes Vanessa because she gets to have fun. Gary decides to take action and goes to the bar to confess all to Vanessa. Vanessa tells him that she cares for him in spite of his past and his quirky habits.

Gary Unmarried S1E6
Episode 6

Gary Meets the Gang

Gary finds out that Allison is throwing a party to celebrate the release of Krandall's new self help book for divorcees and also as a way to introduce herself to Krandall's friends. Not to be outdone, Gary asks Vanessa to introduce him to her circle of friends. When their respective meetings don't go well, Gary and Allison blame each other for the underwhelming impression they made with their significant other's friends.

Gary Unmarried S1E7
Episode 7

Gary & Allison's Restaurant

Vanessa asks Gary to take her out on a real date. Gary decides to take her to the restaurant he and Allison frequented when they were married. When Gary shows up with Vanessa at the restaurant he finds Allison there having dinner.

Gary Unmarried S1E8
Episode 8

Gary and Allison Brooks

Allison convinces Gary to pretend they are still married for their friend's vow renewal ceremony, but Gary struggles to keep their secret when he is tempted by a gorgeous new divorcee.

Gary Unmarried S1E9
Episode 9

Gary Gives Thanks

Gary has the kids for Thanksgiving but Allison would like them all to spend the holiday together -- kids, grandparents and significant others. Gary rejects Allison's idea, preferring to celebrate their first holiday as a divorced couple, seperate from his ex-wife. When Allison convinces Gary's dad to to stay at her house instead of Gary's, Gary retaliates by convincing Allison's dad to come to his house. Allison's dad likes Gary's new life as a single guy so much, he tells Allison that he's divorcing her mother. Allison takes Gary's turkey hostage until Gary returns her father back to her house and her mother.

Gary Unmarried S1E10
Episode 10

Gary Goes First

Gary and Allison try to outdo one another in being the parent who witnesses Tom and Louise experience their "firsts" -- concert, date, etc. Their competition against one another spins out of control forcing Tom and Louise, with the help of Krandall, to have an intervention regarding their behavior.

Gary Unmarried S1E11
Episode 11

Gary Toughens Up Tom

When Tom gets a C- in phys. ed., Gary feels it's because he's spending too much time hanging out with Dr. Krandall and not enough time with him. Gary sets out to change this dynamic.

Gary Unmarried S1E12
Episode 12

Gary Dates Louise's Teacher

In an effort to prove to his daughter Louise that all men aren't shallow and only date pretty women, Gary asks out Louise's favorite teacher, the plain looking Miss Plummer after asking out the smoking hot teaching assistant, Miss St. James.

Gary Unmarried S1E13
Episode 13

Gary Moves Back In

In an effort to prove to his daughter Louise that all men aren't shallow and only date pretty women, Gary asks out Louise's favorite teacher, the plain looking Miss Plummer after asking out the smoking hot teaching assistant, Miss St. James.

Gary Unmarried S1E14
Episode 14

Gary and Dennis' Sister

Gary panics when he and Dennis' younger sister, Anna, start spending time together and after only a week, Dennis starts talking marriage.

Gary Unmarried S1E15
Episode 15

Gary's Ex-Brother-in-Law

When faced with an audit from the I.R.S., Gary reluctantly asks for help from Allison's brother, Taylor, a financial whiz whom Gary doesn't like.

Gary Unmarried S1E16
Episode 16

Gary Uses His Veto

Seeing that Louise is over extended in extracurricular activities, Gary vetoes Allison from signing Louise up for Chinese language lessons. However, when he discovers that Louise has an innate talent for golf, Gary tries to prevent Allison from using her power of veto to stop Louise from golfing.

Gary Unmarried S1E17
Episode 17

Gary Hooks Up Allison

Now that Allison has broken off her engagement to Krandall, Gary tries to get her back out in the dating world by playing matchmaker.

Gary Unmarried S1E18
Episode 18

Gary and the Trophy

When Gary's bowling team makes the championship, he tries to motivate them. But when one player quits the team right before the championship game, Gary struggles to find a replacement.

Gary Unmarried S1E19
Episode 19

Gary and His Half Brother

When his rambunctious half brother, Mitch, returns home from the war and decides to move in, Gary quickly loses control of his kids and his house and is forced to play the role of grown up.

Gary Unmarried S1E20
Episode 20

Gary Fixes Allison's Garbage Disposal

When Gary stops by Allison's to fix her garbage disposal, their deprived love lives gets the better of them and they find themselves in Allison's bedroom.

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