George Lopez

George Lopez

George Lopez - Season 2 Episodes

George Lopez S2E1
Episode 1

Who's Your Daddy?

After Max idolizes Angie's father, George concocts a false story about how wonderful his own father was. The reality is that George never knew his father.

George Lopez S2E2
Episode 2

Token of Unappreciation

After his bosses ask him to help on the assembly line, which is humiliating because it is the duty he performed before his promotion to manager, he receives a job offer from a competitor.

George Lopez S2E3
Episode 3

The Show Dyslexic

When Max performs poorly in school, one of his teachers suspects that he has a learning disability. Angie wants to place Max in special classes, but George objects.

George Lopez S2E4
Episode 4

Halloween Cheer

George prepares the house for Halloween, his favorite holiday, while dealing with the stress of hiring an assembly line worker whose life is a disaster.

George Lopez S2E5
Episode 5

The Unnatural

When Max is asked to not play in an upcoming Little League game because he can't hit the ball, George works tirelessly on improving his son's skills.

George Lopez S2E6
Episode 6

No Free Launch

George must help sell chocolate bars to fund Max's school trip to Florida's Cape Canaveral--but the effort doesn't quite go accordingly to plan.

George Lopez S2E7
Episode 7

The Wedding Dance

The Lopezes host a wedding in their backyard. For the first time in their 16-year marriage, George asks a delighted Angie to slow dance with him, which she has always wanted to do.

George Lopez S2E8
Episode 8

Love Bites

With Carmen maturing, George and Angie hesitantly teach their daughter about boys and sex. But when Carmen dates her classmate, her parents realize that more drastic measures are necessary.

George Lopez S2E9
Episode 9

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Honey

After learning that his mother had sex with a co-worker 35 years ago, George believes he has found his father. He meets a man, Lalo, whose picture bears a striking resemblance to George.

George Lopez S2E10
Episode 10


When Angie realizes that she has free time after helping her family with everyday chores, she volunteers with a variety of charities.

George Lopez S2E11
Episode 11

Meet the Cuban Parents

When Angie's parents, Vic and Emilina, visit for Christmas, George thinks they still believe that he is not good enough for their daughter.

George Lopez S2E12
Episode 12

This Old Casa

George's mother, Benny, has always seemed ungrateful, no matter what George does for her. So when Benny's shower drain becomes clogged, he refuses to fix it.

George Lopez S2E13
Episode 13

Super Bowl

The Lopez family finds out that Benny's estranged brother, Uncle Joe, will die soon. George and Angie convince Benny to reconcile with Uncle Joe.

George Lopez S2E14
Episode 14

The Valentine's Day Massacre

After George gives Angie a disappointing gift for Valentine's Day, she recalls their high school days in the 1980s, when George painted a great mural of her for the holiday.

George Lopez S2E15
Episode 15

Girl Fight

After Carmen ends her relationship with her classmate, Adam, he tries to ruin her reputation at school. George and Angie want to repair the damage.

George Lopez S2E16
Episode 16

George vs. George

When Carmen is accepted to a private school, George and Angie decide to take a bank loan for the tuition. They receive a bad credit report that reveals more history of George's father.

George Lopez S2E17
Episode 17

A Kiss Is Just a Kiss

As a surprise for Angie's birthday, George arranges for her father, Vic, and sister, Gloria, to visit for the celebration.

George Lopez S2E18
Episode 18

Profiles in Courage

The airplane parts factory where George works is under consideration by the federal government for more business. George's boss orders him to demote the worker.

George Lopez S2E19
Episode 19

Secrets and Lies

When Benny learns that George's father, who left her years ago to care for George alone, is now wealthy, she decides that she deserves to get rich herself.

George Lopez S2E20
Episode 20

Girls Night Out

After giving an ex-gang member, Marisol, a job at the factory, George is shocked when Angie takes further pity on Marisol and allows her to live in the Lopez home.

George Lopez S2E21
Episode 21

I Only Have Eyes for You

Carmen's first day at her new school causes trouble in the family. When George overreacts with concern for Carmen's safety, it appears that he doesn't trust her.

George Lopez S2E22
Episode 22

Team Leader

George has to fill out employee evaluations, and doesn't know what to put for Ernie. He puts all 9's when his mom tells him it is because they are trying to figure out who to layoff. It turns out they were making the top 4 team leaders, and that's Ernie. George wants to take it, because he knows Ernie can't handle it, but he doesn't know if he can do it, when Ernie tells him how much he really wants it; Angie learns how to sell makeup products.

George Lopez S2E23
Episode 23

George Has Two Mommies

When George and Angie get into major financial trouble, Benny secretly asks Lydia, the second wife of George's father, for help. Meanwhile, George does his best to obtain extra money.

George Lopez S2E24
Episode 24

Long Time No See

After George's estranged father gives him a huge loan to save the family from financial ruin, George vows to visit him in Phoenix.

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