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Ghost Whisperer

Ghost Whisperer - Season 1 Episodes

Ghost Whisperer - Season 1

Ghost Whisperer - Season 1

Ever since she was a young girl, Melinda Gordon has been able to see and talk to dead people - earthbound spirits who have yet to cross over to the other side and who seek her help in communicating and resolving unfinished business with the living. Melinda sometimes has a hard time accepting her "gift," especially now that she's a newlywed and looking forward to starting her new life with her husband, Jim Clancy, a paramedic.

Ghost Whisperer S1E1
Episode 1


Melinda Gordon just got married. During the wedding she sees something being drawn on the window and she knows it's a ghost. But for the first time, the ghost comes inside her house and that unsettles her. Despite being afraid, she tries to help him reunite with his family and pass along the message he needs her to say.

Ghost Whisperer S1E2
Episode 2

The Crossing

A boy who was killed in a collision with a train wants Melinda’s help to ensure his mother that his death was not caused by her. Melinda's mother-in-law pays Melinda and Jim a visit and they have a deep conversation.

Ghost Whisperer S1E3
Episode 3

Ghost, Interrupted

The identical twin sister of a teenage girl requests Melinda to help her apologize to her sister who is a psychiatric patient.

Ghost Whisperer S1E4
Episode 4

Mended Hearts

A man killed in a biking accident seeks Melinda’s help to save his fiancée’s life and finding out who received his heart afterwards.

Ghost Whisperer S1E5
Episode 5

Lost Boys

Melinda encounters the ghosts of three boys who died in the fire of an orphanage. They must cross over prior to the demolition of the building holding them inside.

Ghost Whisperer S1E6
Episode 6


Melinda helps an angry teenage ghost and discovers the secret that is likely to shake up the ones left behind by him.

Ghost Whisperer S1E7
Episode 7

Hope and Mercy

In a hospital, Melinda encounters a woman who wants to determine what caused her death during a surgery.

Ghost Whisperer S1E8
Episode 8

On the Wings of a Dove

An evil spirit is haunting Jim, causing him to begin doubting his sanity. Melinda must help this spirit, even though he is dangerous, in order to help Jim.

Ghost Whisperer S1E9
Episode 9


The spirit of the mother of a teenage boy attempts to communicate with her son via white noise. Melinda must find a way to get her messages across.

Ghost Whisperer S1E10
Episode 10

Ghost Bride

A ghost of a bride who didn't make it through her wedding night is back with a vengeance haunting her husband's new fiancé to the point of her leaving him at the altar.

Ghost Whisperer S1E11
Episode 11

Shadow Boxer

The dead mother of a boxer requests Melinda to assist in getting her son back together with his father. The son is furious because his father caused him not to be able to spend time with his dying mother.

Ghost Whisperer S1E12
Episode 12

Undead Comic

After a stand-up comedian commits suicide, he's left in between worlds. Melinda tries to help him find closure.

Ghost Whisperer S1E13
Episode 13

Friendly Neighborhood Ghost

The ghost of an elderly man suspects Melinda's new neighbor of killing his granddaughter.

Ghost Whisperer S1E14
Episode 14

Last Execution

A hanged man's ghost follows Melinda home from a macabre art installation, haunting her into contacting his troubled daughter. A woman sues Melinda's paramedic husband, claiming he further injured her whilst performing life-saving CPR.

Ghost Whisperer S1E15
Episode 15

Melinda's First Ghost

Melinda is forced to remember how her relationship with her mother became strained after Melinda’s first ghost emerges. Melinda’s mother could not understand how to deal with Melinda’s gift. Melinda must reunite with her mother to help the ghost.

Ghost Whisperer S1E16
Episode 16

Dead Man's Ridge

Andrea’s friend has gone missing during a hike and Melinda’s called in so she can use her abilities to find him.

Ghost Whisperer S1E17
Episode 17

Demon Child

Melinda comes across the spirit of an infuriated young boy, who's terrorizing his mother and baby sister.

Ghost Whisperer S1E18
Episode 18

Miss Fortune

When a traveling circus arrives, Melinda meets the bitter ghost of a magician who accuses his envious brother of his death, deemed to have been accidental.

Ghost Whisperer S1E19
Episode 19


Melinda must help the ghost of an African-American man who had been attacked and killed by a white co-worker in the 1970's. The ghost is haunting the prosecutor who had enough evidence but still failed to file charges against the white co-worker. Melinda tries to help the ghost find justice and help his son to change his racist views before they're passed on to the next generation.

Ghost Whisperer S1E20
Episode 20

The Vanishing

A head injury caused by an accident puts Melinda's abilities at risk. Melinda must deal with the possibility of permanently losing her gift as she attempts to help a young girl whose boyfriend has recently died.

Ghost Whisperer S1E21
Episode 21

Free Fall

Melinda experiences a sense of dread when she realizes that a plane is going to crash when the spirits of the pilot and flight attendant contact her.

Ghost Whisperer S1E22
Episode 22

The One

After a jetliner crashes Melinda faces the overwhelming task of helping hundreds of passengers crossover. While Melinda faces this task she finds that the “Wide Brim Man” is working against her. Melinda must also try to work with the crash investigators who are trying to find out how Melinda knew that the plane was going to crash.

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