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Ghost Whisperer - Season 5 Episodes

Ghost Whisperer - Season 5

Ghost Whisperer - Season 5

Melinda Gordon communicates with earthbound spirits, ghosts who cling to the living because they have unfinished business that prevents them from moving beyond the familiar plane of existence that we call life. Jim, her husband, worries about the emotional toll this work is taking on his wife as they embark on a life together.

Ghost Whisperer S5E1
Episode 1

Birthday Presence

In the season opener, Melinda gives birth to a baby boy who has inherited her gift for seeing spirits as prophesied in the Book of Changes but with one important difference which will have far-reaching consequences. And the Ghost Whisperer world undergoes a transformation when it takes a leap into a different time.

Ghost Whisperer S5E2
Episode 2

See No Evil

Melinda investigates a haunting behind a threatening chain e-mail that has gone viral in Grandview and is preying on people – and their worst fears. The case strikes close to home when the emails begin showing up in the mailboxes of people closest to Melinda -- and causing hauntings violent enough to put people in the hospital.

Ghost Whisperer S5E3
Episode 3

Till Death Do Us Start

When Eli’s (Jamie Kennedy) father has a massive heart attack, it triggers a messy reunion with Eli’s mother who’s been dead nearly ten years, but unable to cross over because of a secret she took to her grave. Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) is channeling clues from Aiden (Connor Gibbs) that lead her closer to the truth, but only Eli’s mother can reveal what has kept her Earthbound. Meanwhile events reunite Eli with a secret crush and old friend of the family.

Ghost Whisperer S5E4
Episode 4

Do Over

When Jim (David Conrad) brings home an antique surgical clamp from the hospital, he brings home more than he bargained for. Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and Aiden (Connor Gibbs) are both visited by a ghost surgeon who is reliving a failed surgery, and tormenting everyone around him with his guilt. Making matters more complicated, a ghost is terrorizing the hospital morgue, and there may be a connection between the two. Meanwhile, Delia (Camryn Manheim) contends with a mysterious secret admirer, whose identity shocks her in the end.

Ghost Whisperer S5E5
Episode 5

Cause for Alarm

As Eli (Jamie Kennedy) begins treating a wealthy high-profile client (Chad Lowe) for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and severe paranoia, he discovers the patient has good reason to feel like he’s being watched. He is… by a ghost. When Aiden’s (Connor Gibbs) emphatic connections sync up with Eli’s client, Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) has personal reasons to track down this ghost, and we take one step closer to understanding Aiden’s true powers.

Ghost Whisperer S5E6
Episode 6

Head Over Heels

As Grandview prepares for Halloween, a headless horseman terrorizes the town. The haunted figure is mysteriously linked to Aiden’s (Connor Gibbs) teacher who is mourning the recent loss of her father. Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) works to solve this puzzle. Meanwhile, the season opening prophecy from the Book of Changes seems to be coming true, as Aiden begins to see things Melinda can’t -- things that are either imaginary friends or supernatural beings from a dimension we've never known existed.

Ghost Whisperer S5E7
Episode 7

Devil's Bargain

Jim (David Conrad) and Eli (Jamie Kennedy) find themselves connected in an unsolved mystery when both of their bosses are haunted by ghostly spirits. Jim’s mentor, the Chief of Rockland Memorial Teaching Hospital (Mark Moses), and Eli’s boss, the Rockland University President (Bruce Davison), share secrets involving a missing young woman who’s come back into their lives with unfinished business. And that unfinished business is vital enough to command the attention of the “Shadows” -- those mysterious spirit beings Aiden's (Connor Gibbs) been warning Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) about...

Ghost Whisperer S5E8
Episode 8

Dead Listing

Melinda is visited by the ghost of a recently deceased real estate mogul, Kirk Jansen. He's convinced his wife, Rita, who's also his real estate partner, was responsible. Melinda delves into their relationship.

Ghost Whisperer S5E9
Episode 9

Lost in the Shadows

Melinda discovers Julia, the girl who was living in the hospital dying from leukemia, hiding in Aiden's closet, now a ghost. Suspicious of her, Melinda demands that Julia leave and she can help her crossover.

Ghost Whisperer S5E10
Episode 10

Excessive Forces

Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) finds herself in a tough spot when a ghost claims he was killed by a Grandview cop – a cop who happens to be on leave after an incident involving an officer shooting a civilian. The plot thickens when it's revealed that the victim had ties to the cop's rebellious daughter. Someone is lying, and may be covering up a murder.

Ghost Whisperer S5E11
Episode 11

Dead Air

When Ned discovers a ghost is haunting his work at the Grandview radio station, Melinda must help before the ghost seeks revenge over the airwaves.

Ghost Whisperer S5E12
Episode 12

Blessings in Disguise

Melinda must discover the truth hidden within a new family before it threatens to not only tear apart the family, but also a young couple just falling in love.

Ghost Whisperer S5E13
Episode 13

Living Nightmare

Madness seems to grip the hospital -- and the town -- when a ghost who is making no sense haunts a patient who's making even less. The mystery deepens as Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) discovers a family secret that has killed before, and may kill again.

Ghost Whisperer S5E14
Episode 14

Dead to Me

Ned thinks his professor of the occult, Avery Grant, is being haunted. At first, Avery just thinks Ned has a crush on her and he does have a hidden agenda - he wants to be her TA so that he can have access to the Copeland Library Wing where the Book of Changes was first found. She tries to get Ned to leave her alone but when he sees these strange happenings, he enlists Melinda's and Eli's help to figure out who the ghost is. Eli tells them Avery used to have a fiance but he was tragically killed in a car accident so they're led to believe the ghost is her fiance Curtis. When Avery keeps running into the same man, Brian, in a series of accidents, she starts to think Curtis is still with her. Ned uses a Ouji board to try to contact the ghost but all he seems to get are a number of other ghosts desperate to make a connection. Avery runs into Brian again and finds he experienced a devastating loss like she did - his daughter, Madison was killed in a car accident when they were driving together. They discover that Curtis was the other driver of the car - he hit Brian and his daughter, killing himself and Madison. Melinda finally gets a glimpse of the ghost - it is indeed Madison, Brian's daughter who didn't die instantly from the crash but a week later from a brain embolism. Avery, so distraught, drives to the crash site, a place where she set up a memorial for Curtis but she's reckless on the curves and the car runs off the road. Brian, also driving to the site, finds her and saves her. Melinda and Eli catch up and are finally able to figure out all that Madison wanted was for her father to have a connection with someone - for her death to finally mean something and he would meet another person and be able to move forward. Melinda crosses her over and Brian and Avery agree to explore their newfound relationship. Melinda is concerned when the Ouji board gives her a message that someone they know is going to die soon.

Ghost Whisperer S5E15
Episode 15


Melinda believes that some old war antiques she has are haunted. When she goes back to the man, George Mastersargeant who sold them to her, he gets very anxious and won't answer her questions. She becomes even more convinced when she has a vision where she steps on a landmine and everything explodes and starts seeing a ghost boy who seems to be playing soldier. Suspicious, she and Eli follow George Mastersargeant to an old, abandoned army base. Melinda discovers George was simply stealing artifacts from the base. She once again sees the little boy but he eludes her. When she sees him again, she finds him holding what is an old land mine from Vietnam. Melinda becomes a little confused because she doesn't see any evidence of her ghost boy being killed by the bomb and when she goes back to search the base again, she discovers the body of her ghost boy in an airtight container. She finds out the boy was missing for a couple of days and had gone to this base because his father, a solider who was killed in Afghanistan, used to take him there. The last time the ghost boy, Joey, was there, he wanted to take one of the land mines as a souvenir but was startled into hiding when he heard someone come. The container he was in closed on him and he suffocated but not before seeing Professor Bedford take one of the live bombs. In the meantime, Professor Bedford is demanding the Book of Changes from Eli, Melinda and Ned so he calls from Delia's real estate office telling them to bring the book to him or the bomb he has will go off. Eli brings the book and frees Delia. When Professor Bedford finally has the book in his hands, he's horrified to find that the book erased itself and the Shadows get angry, setting off the bomb blowing up him and Delia's office. Melinda crosses Joey over and reunites him with his father. The Book of Changes puts itself back into another one of Ned's Economics books.

Ghost Whisperer S5E16
Episode 16

Old Sins Cast Long Shadows

Melinda investigates the haunting of a very old house she was initially looking into for it's antiques. She makes contact with Cassidy, the ghost of the daughter of the couple who used to live there. Cassidy is terrified and warns Melinda to stay away. While the family was living there, Cassidy used to fear the ghosts in the house that were making her do things. Because she was sick with Louis Barr syndrome, her parents never took it seriously. Melinda looks deeper into the house and finds that a Madame Greta, in a wheelchair, lived there and used to hold seances to contact the dead and more specifically, ghosts of murderers and those who were falsely accused but still executed. Madame Greta, a ghost herself, is now helping the Shadows, made up of these murderers, collecting the ghosts of young children so they can grow stronger by feeding off their guilt and fear. She won't let Cassidy leave and go into the light, using her to tempt other children's ghosts. Melinda, Eli and Ned try to battle the Shadows to free Cassidy and her ghost friends but they're proving to be a formidable opponent. Delia, who's resisted helping until now, shows up in the nick of time and saves the day.

Ghost Whisperer S5E17
Episode 17

On Thin Ice

Melinda and Eli try to help a graphic novelist who's being haunted by a ghost, reenacting scenes that Damon draws. They realized that Damon is being possessed by this ghost and has no memory of drawing them. New characters are introduced in Damon's graphic novel but Damon doesn't recognize them. Melinda believes the ghost is trying to tell them how he died and a vision she has leads them to finding a body underneath the ice on a popular ice fishing lake. They ID him as Shane Dunning, a troubled kid whose step-brother, Colin, is found to be the other character in Damon's comic panels. Colin tells them he believes Shane stole the graphic novel he was working on and sold it to Damon. In reality, Shane saw how good Colin was and tried to get Damon to look at them. He refused but Shane left them there. When Damon's publisher saw them, she assumed they were his and Damon didn't correct her. On the way back from Damon's Shane took a shortcut across the lake and fell through the ice. It was all a tragic accident and though Shane resented his new family, when his mother left after the divorce, and felt alone, as a ghost he was trying to give Colin credit for his talent and make a connection.

Ghost Whisperer S5E18
Episode 18

Dead Eye

A ghost named Charlie appears to Melinda in full clown attire and make-up. We learn he is a private investigator who died while undercover as a clown at a birthday party. Hired by a disheartened boyfriend Todd, his job was to locate his estranged girlfriend Sherry. Sherry is a recent lottery winner, and is keeping it a secret. Charlie grew to care about Sherry and wanted to make sure that the current man she is dating Alex, does not know about the lottery, and was not after her for her money. Todd had asked her to marry him seeming out of the blue, as she had wanted to marry him for years; and she left him for fear that he wanted her money. In the end it turns out Alex was after her money and Todd had no idea she was a lottery winner. Todd thought she was pregnant and that it was time for him to grow up and get married. When we know Sherry is back with her true love and Alex has been uncovered as a fraud, Charlie can cross over in peace.

Ghost Whisperer S5E19
Episode 19

Lethal Combination

Haunted nanny alert! When a ghost tells Melinda a neighbor’s nanny is a threat to children, Melinda unravels a twisted relationship between the two women, revealing a haunting secret history. Meanwhile Melinda and Jim’s romance kicks into high gear with ‘date night’.

Ghost Whisperer S5E20
Episode 20

Blood Money

When a fun night out turns dangerous for three teens, Melinda investigates an unsolved kidnapping that may put her in more danger than she anticipated.

Ghost Whisperer S5E21
Episode 21

Dead Ringer

A routine haunting turns very strange when a man whose ghost Melinda is trying to help suddenly turns up alive. Melinda finds herself caught in a bizarre and dangerous revenge plot, battling enemies she didn't know she had. Meanwhile, Melinda and Jim’s romance deepens in an unexpected way.

Ghost Whisperer S5E22
Episode 22

The Children's Parade

Melinda's investigation of a poltergeist in the hospital leads to a showdown with supernatural forces terrorizing her and her son.

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