Gigolos - Season 1 Episodes

Episode 1

“Date Night”

In the Season 1 premiere, a group of Las Vegas gigolos competes for the business of a wealthy older woman. As the cast discovers that there's a new gigolo in town, Nick gets hired by a teacher for a romantic evening.

Episode 2

“All 4 One”

Steven can't afford to send his son to camp, so he takes on more clients than he can handle and the rest of the gigolos team up to help earn the money for him; a psychic gives the guys a look at their futures and Brace breaks down.

Episode 3

“Release the Kraken!”

A fledgling dominatrix hires Jimmy to help her perfect her craft; Brace looks to the future with an old flame and his vitamin supplement line.

Episode 4

“Three Gigolos and a Baby”

Nic, Vin, and Steven are enlisted to babysit, while Brace takes a personal day; Jimmy anticipates coming clean about his profession when two old friends from college visit.

Episode 5

“Dance Dance Gigoloution”

A client hires Vin to participate in a salsa dancing competition.

Episode 6

“Birthday Sex”

The guys celebrate Steven's forgotten birthday in wild style.

Episode 7

“One Shot, One Opportunity”

Nic gets the opportunity of a lifetime when a music producer agrees to lay down tracks to kick-start his rap career; Vin takes on a lonely lead singer who needs a little love on the road; Steven meets a woman with a Sleeping Beauty fetish.

Episode 8

“The Ties That Unbind”

Vin services a wife while her husband tapes them for their private pornography collection. Later he has relationship issues with his girlfriend, Leilani, when she asks him to move with her to Arizona. Fed up with Jimmy's slovenly ways and constant didgeridoo playing, Nick orders him to move out.