Gigolos - Season 3 Episodes

Episode 1

“The Steven Clown Affair”

Jimmy's future with the company is in jeopardy when he stops returning calls from his boss and fellow gigolos. Meanwhile, Brace gets his first spray-tan and Steven clowns around with a client.

Episode 2

“Searching for a Fire Power”

Ash goes the extra mile with a fiery client to prove himself to his new co-workers. Brace takes a wild limo ride and Nick is uneasy about his client's creepy crawlers.

Episode 3

“Ride Her, Cowboy”

Garren sends the gigolos to a dude ranch to mount-up and compete for a date with a rodeo champion. Ash and his date flush their inhibitions when things get hot and heavy at a restaurant.

Episode 4

“Grin & Bear It”

After Nick injures Brace's back, Brace vows revenge. Vin helps a recent divorcée get back in the saddle, while Steven explores the art of "swing sex" with a client. Nick winds up in a hairy situation.

Episode 5

“Courtesan Session”

Vin is hired by a voyeuristic couple to perform with two female escorts. Later, Vin meets the high-end ladies and their friends to discuss the female side of the escort business. Meanwhile, Nick plots his revenge on Brace and attempts to transform him into a not-so-Pretty Woman.

Episode 6

“Spanks a Lot”

A wealthy client wants to meet all the guys to choose who she likes best. Ash attends a dominatrix class to prepare for a client with a kinky fetish. He then enrolls the rest of the guys so they can also learn the sensual art of domination.

Episode 7

“Black Cock Down”

A client refuses to hire Vin because he is not "black enough."

Episode 8

“A Decent Proposal”

Steven contemplates a months-long job that would take him on a European tour. Vin is tasked with pleasuring a lesbian client who hasn't been with a man in years.

Episode 9

“Lock, Stock & Two Swollen Testicles”

Steven is confronted by a client's jealous boyfriend. Ash's date teaches him some spicy salsa moves. Meanwhile, Brace considers undergoing a vasectomy.

Episode 10


Nick considers an offer to star in an adult film, but questions if it would enhance or destroy his esteemed escorting image. Meanwhile, Brace suffers a "senior moment" during sex and must seek drastic measures to fight off Father Time and protect his virility.