Good Morning, Miami

Good Morning, Miami

Good Morning, Miami - Season 1 Episodes

Good Morning, Miami S1E1
Episode 1


Talented young television producer Jake Silver comes to Miami to visit his grandmother Claire under the guise of a job interview to produce the country's lowest-rated morning show at a local TV station, but he ends up taking the job he never sought after meeting the show's captivating hairstylist, Dylan Messinger. As Jake attempts to transform the show into a winner, he inherits an eclectic ensemble of employees, including an arrogant host, Gavin Stone; a self-centered co-host, Lucia Rojas-Klein; a highly insecure station manager, Frank Alfano, and his lazy and neurotic assistant, Penny; and a volatile nun, Sister Brenda, the show's weather reporter.

Good Morning, Miami S1E2
Episode 2

Power Failure

When Jake (Mark Feuerstein) sets out to establish his authority as the new producer and impress Dylan (Ashley Williams) in the process, his plan backfires, isolating the entire staff against him and leaving his two co-hosts Gavin (Matt Letscher) and Lucia (Tessie Santiago) unwilling to come out of their dressing rooms just before they're ready to go on-air. Meanwhile, Frank (Jere Burns) promises to deliver on a new set for the show but can't come through, even though the old set was already taken away.

Good Morning, Miami S1E3
Episode 3

The Way to Dylan's Heart

Jake agrees to let Dylan fix him up with her best friend Cindy only because he secretly wants to be able to spend more time around Dylan. But when Jake and Cindy agree to join Dylan and Gavin for a romantic weekend, Jake calls on Claire for advice. Meanwhile, Frank and Lucia enlist the help of Penny and Sister Brenda when they have to create a public service announcement for the station.

Good Morning, Miami S1E4
Episode 4

Swan Jake

A road trip bonds Jake and Gavin, who discover they share a youthful dance discipline; chitchat over romance entangles Lucia and Dylan (Ashley Williams).

Good Morning, Miami S1E5
Episode 5

It Didn't Happen One Night

Apartment-hunting rattles Jake, who makes an ill-timed decision to move in to Dylan's place. Too bad she's moved in with Gavin.

Good Morning, Miami S1E6
Episode 6

The Heart Is a Lonely Apartment Hunter

On Halloween, the TV program's cast and staff don disguises for the taping of a theme show---at a costume party in a gay bar.

Good Morning, Miami S1E7
Episode 7

Kiss of the Spiderman

Jake forces a reluctant Penny to have lunch with Dylan in order to create more harmony in the office, but Jake becomes floored when Dylan tells him to admit he has a crush on someone at work. Meanwhile, Sister Brenda and Frank are at odds over a pocket watch Frank took from their deceased uncle.

Good Morning, Miami S1E8
Episode 8

Penny Wise, Jake Foolish

Dylan gets upset when her mother (Bess Armstrong) and Gavin clearly do not get along, but things get even more sticky when her mom begins to think Jake would make a better suitor. Meanwhile, Frank has an unfortunate accident with a copy machine.

Good Morning, Miami S1E9
Episode 9

If It's Not One Thing, It's a Mother

While Sister Brenda thinks of leaving her convent, Jake gets in hot water when he enrages Dylan by questioning her intelligence. Meanwhile, Claire is offered the role of a guest host on the show.

Good Morning, Miami S1E10
Episode 10

I'm With Stupid

Jake finds himself in a jam when he falsely leads Dylan and Gavin into thinking that he, like Gavin use to be, was an alcoholic. Elsewhere, Penny ponders what to do when she finds Frank has her under his 'Emergency Call' number.

Good Morning, Miami S1E11
Episode 11

Hi, My Name Is Jake

After a little help from Penny, Jake conspires the perfect gift for Dylan, a poetry book inscribed with his true feelings towards her, but everything goes wrong with Frank issues a present-swapping time. Finally Jake retrieves the book and gives it back to Dylan, telling her it's very important. It seems like he's finally going to get her, but everything goes rye when Gavin finds the inscription. Meanwhile, Claire instructs Frank to build Jake's Christmas present -- a bike, and also finds out about all the pathetic gifts the ex-station manager received in past years.

Good Morning, Miami S1E12
Episode 12

Jake's Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire

When Gavin confronts an anxious Jake, revealing to him that Dylan knows of his feelings, he sets up some guidelines for when he's in the hairstylist's presence.

Meanwhile, Claire finally gets her dressing room, but also inadvertantly discovers Penny's feelings for her grandson. As Frank ponders his weight, Dylan tries to sort out her feelings about Jake, only to get into a fight with her boyfriend.

After Gavin leaves, Dylan pours out her feelings to Frank, whom is in need of a haircut. She tells a tale of a girl named Mee (Mie) who is torn between two men, Davenport and Lake.

When Dylan finally confronts Jake, she finds him in an akward position...he's kissing Penny.

Good Morning, Miami S1E13
Episode 13

Mee So Torny

After the romantic kiss they shared in the previous episode, co-workers Penny and Jake decide to work out their situation, coming to a final decision -- their relationship will be strictly physical. Meanwhile, Dylan tries to pry out information on Jake and Penny from Frank, who wonders why Gavin and him have barely ever talked.

As Dylan continues her quest for answers, unnerving Gavin, Claire becomes involved with a T.V. repairer by the name of Lenny (Tom Poston).

Good Morning, Miami S1E14
Episode 14

Take a Penny, Leave a Penny

While Dylan and Gavin make another step towards commitment by planning to adopt a dog together, Jake and Penny realize -- after trying to share a romantic evening in his place -- that they can't move forward in their relationship until Jake resolves his feelings towards Dylan. Meanwhile, Frank accuses Claire of stealing clothes and jewelry from her dressing room.

Good Morning, Miami S1E15
Episode 15

Mutt and Jake

In an attempt to increase the ratings on the show, Jake persuades Gavin to "tandem skydive" with an overly enthusiastic Frank -- not realizing that Frank has a hidden agenda. Elsewhere, Jake also tries to reconcile his relationship with Penny when he sees her dating another guy while Claire invites Dylan out for what seems to be an innocent night of dinner and drinks.

Good Morning, Miami S1E16
Episode 16

The Big Leap

To Gavin's disappointment, he finds that he's #100 on "Miami's Hot One Hundred List," and, much to Dylan's dismay, enlists the help of stern agent Roberta Diaz to give his career a boost.

Meanwhile, Penny convinces Jake to transfer her downstairs to work with Frank, who spends his entire day doing absolutely nothing at all. Claire complains of the new poster with her face on it, which annoys Jake, who's attempts to swoon Penny continue to fail.

Good Morning, Miami S1E17
Episode 17

Fear and Loathing in Miami

Dylan becomes upset after hearing about Gavin supposedly receiving a job offer in New York without telling her. As she fuels her anger, Jake is tempted to give his anchorman up without a fight after hearing Dylan might not move to the Big Apple with him. Meanwhile, Penny and Claire get in an auto accident, and both bribe Frank, the only witness, with friendship, hoping that he'll blame the wreck on the other. Later, when Roberta accidentally slips that the job offer in N.Y. was just a scam to get Gavin a raise in his salary, Dylan gets angry and tells him that it's over for good.

Good Morning, Miami S1E18
Episode 18

About a Ploy

Dylan and Gavin's breakup seems to be effecting the entire office. As Dylan mops around, crying constantly, Roberta tries to get Gavin into a new clique. Realizing that the hairstylist that he's been after since day one is now single, Jake plans to sweep her off her feet, but his grandmother Claire forces him to give it three weeks.

Good Morning, Miami S1E19
Episode 19

Three Weeks Notice

As Gavin mopes around being mean to guests on the show, Jake convinces Dylan to go with him to see "West Side Story," but not until he pays visit to Gavin for some bonding. Meanwhile, Frank, after hearing how much Claire hates her birthday, acts as a mole for the newspaper, sending in gossip and other things about the new Good Morning, Miami co-host so she'll forget completely about turning another year older. Gavin soon hears about Jake and Dylan's little date, and plots to spoil their evening of fun by telling them that he needs Jake to be with him tonight. Jake, wanting to go on his first "date" with the girl he's been after for so long, pays Penny to watch Gavin so he can still go out with Dylan. But everything backfires when Penny gets drunk and Gavin tells his ex what Jake did.

Good Morning, Miami S1E20
Episode 20

Someone to Watch Over Gavin

Jake asks Dylan out on a date, but she turns him down claiming that she is not ready to move on until she knows that Gavin is ready. Penny and Jake form a new segment for Good Morning, Miam called Get It On with Gavin, a dating show where Gavin dates a woman on camera and, in the next episode, decides if he will go out on another date with her. All goes well, until the date shows up and is a complete idiot. Jake feeds her lines through an ear-piece on camera so the date won't be a complete waste. Gavin finds out and tells Jake that he just isn't ready to move on, but Jake gives him a few words of encouragement. The next day Gavin makes a move that shocks Dylan and Jake. Meanwhile, Claire gets a phone call saying that an old friend of hers is in the hospital. Frank asks if she wants to see her, but she refuses because of a falling out the two had. When Frank learns about the falling out, he takes Claire to the hospital to visit her old friend. The air is cleared until another

Good Morning, Miami S1E21
Episode 21

The Slow and the Furious

When Gavin impulsively proposes marriage to the surprised and conflicted Dylan during the live show, she cannot answer. Desperate to finally tell Dylan that he loves her, Jake asks Claire for advice, and she convinces Penny, who recently dated Jake, to plan a romantic dinner for him and Dylan. Meanwhile, Frank, Claire and a nurse tape a public service announcement for flu prevention, but Claire ruins so many attempts that Frank receives an overdose of flu shots. This delays Jake and Dylan at the studio, while Gavin and Penny end up commiserating at the restaurant. Before he can persuade Dylan not to marry Gavin, Jake realizes something about his true feelings . . .

Good Morning, Miami S1E22
Episode 22

One Flu Over the Cuckold's Nest

Dylan is stunned to hear Gavin's unexpected on-air marriage proposal but Gavin is surprised to hear that she needs time to think about it. To take her mind off her decision, she agrees to go to dinner with Jake, who has ulterior motives of his own.

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