Greek - Season 1 Episodes

Greek - Season 1

Greek - Season 1

Take an unforgettable journey with the students of Cyprus-Rhodes University as they build friendships, shatter stereotypes and discover that life's most important lessons are learned outside the classroom.

Greek S1E1
Episode 1


One's a Greek. One's a geek. Poised to become the most powerful girl in the Greek system, Casey Cartwright is everything an "it" girl should be: beautiful … vivacious … funny … warm — except to her little brother, Rusty. He's new on campus, and he's the geek. But that was the old Rusty. After a lifetime of geeking out, he sees college as an opportunity to create a whole new identity. He may excel in the honors engineering program, but what he really wants is what other guys have: gals … pals … an awesome fun time. And to pledge a fraternity.

Greek S1E2
Episode 2

Hazed and Confused

It's the first week of school and the first week of rush, and neither is going well for Rusty. On his very first night trying to become one with his pledge brothers, he falls asleep on the job.

Greek S1E3
Episode 3

The Rusty Nail

It's mating season, but no one seems to be having a good time. Rusty has to come up with a date for a Kappa Tau party, but since just talking to a girl turns him into a blithering idiot, it's hard to find an armpiece.

Greek S1E4
Episode 4

Picking Teams

Everyone is asked to suit up and pick sides as Kappa Tau and Omega Chi go head to head in floor hockey. But that's not as easy as it looks. Casey is rooting for Evan and Omega Chi, naturally. So much so that she sets Cappie up for a fall — goaded on by a little skullduggery on Rebecca's part.

Greek S1E5
Episode 5

Liquid Courage

It's Homecoming Weekend, and Casey's very excited. Evan's blueblood parents are visiting, and she means to wow them. But they can barely hide their disinterest over lunch. The only time they perk up is when Rebecca shows up uninvited — they're very impressed by the senator's daughter! So impressed, they force Evan to renege on an invitation.

Greek S1E6
Episode 6

Friday Night Frights

A big storm is cruisin' toward campus and everyone is getting ready. With the rest of the Zeta Beta Zeta sisters off at a football game in Indiana, Casey has corralled the pledges and is holding a ZBZ PLEDGE CLASS SLUMBER PARTY!! Only problem is, everyone finds it a huge yawn — especially Rebecca, who's determined to steal Casey's thunder.

Greek S1E7
Episode 7

Multiple Choice

Midterms are upon CRU, and everyone has a favorite way to study. Evan is leading the Omega Chi pledges through a study session that involves cramming three months' worth of information into three days. Over at Kappa Tau, they've brought out The Files -- 30 years' worth of tests taken by Kappa Taus. Midterm gold!

Greek S1E8
Episode 8

Separation Anxiety

Couples are coming together. Couples are splitting apart. Casey and Ashleigh have been BFFs and sorority sisters since freshman year, and now they're on the outs. But someone's waiting in the wings to show Ashleigh she can be a friend, and that someone is Rebecca.

Greek S1E9
Episode 9

Depth Perception

There's a learning curve going on at Cyprus-Rhodes and it's not taking place in the classroom. Physics, English and Psychology aside, these lessons are about life.

Greek S1E10
Episode 10

Black & White and Read All Over

Someone at the college paper blows the whistle on the Greeks at Cyprus Rhodes, complete with intimate details of hook ups and meltdowns, both personal and academic. When the fallout is over, some are in and some are outed, but nobody escapes unscathed.

Greek S1E11
Episode 11

A New Normal

It's a new school year. Time to reunite and rejoice, right? Uh, not really. Thanks to Jen K's tell all article about Greek life, everything's on lockdown. Anything fun is basically off limits for all Greeks. And because Jen was a ZBZ pledge, everybody blames the house. Casey may have won the presidency, but it's a hollow win. Evan is gone. The house has been trashed. Guys treat ZBZs like poison ivy. And then there's Lizzi.

Greek S1E12
Episode 12

The Great Cappie

This week, we bring you the Greek Street Weather Report, covering the climate at all our prime locations.

Greek S1E13
Episode 13

Highway to the Discomfort Zone

So far this school year, no one's in the zone. Well, okay, maybe Cappie and Rebecca. Casey, the former "it" girl, has been dumped by Evan and trumped by her "little sister," Rebecca. Out of respect for Casey's feelings, Cappie's been meeting Rebecca on the sly, but the more time they spend together, the more he wants to date her – he just needs to break it to Casey. Which does not go well.

Greek S1E14
Episode 14

War & Peace

Who's a friend? Who's a foe? It's hard to tell right now if you're a Greek. Casey is absolutely, positively sure Lizzi has been sent by Nationals to destroy the chapter and make her life a living hell in the process. First, Lizzi imposed her endless rules. Next, she nixed partying with cute Greeks -- and replaced them with pure geeks. Then there's the major problem of what to wear. Nothing sexy. Nothing provocative. Nothing you'd want to be seen in … ever. Will there be salvation? Can anything make Lizzi move on and let the girls get back to doting on Marc Jacobs?

Greek S1E15
Episode 15

Freshman Daze

The All-Greek Ball is coming up and it's got everybody reminiscing about the last one. Everybody except Rusty, who is left trying to figure out what actually happened that fateful night.

Greek S1E16
Episode 16

Move On Cartwrights

Evan broke Casey's heart. Jen K broke Rusty's. Now the question is -- can the Cartwrights move on? In the case of Casey, the answer would be no. And who could blame her? Evan didn't just break up with her; he publicly humiliated her. And so she's exacting her revenge. No socializing with the Omega Chis, not now and maybe not ever if Casey has her way. Which isn't sitting well with Frannie.

Greek S1E17
Episode 17

47 Hours and 11 Minutes

According to Cappie, CRU is on "the threshold of an invasion by a vast and powerful army" of ... parents. Yep, it's Freshman Parents Weekend, and the Kappa Taus are holding a barbecue for the parental hordes. As usual, the pledges have to do the work. But are the pledges going to bother putting on a nice show for their folks? Rusty hopes so, because he hasn't exactly been upfront about what kind of frat he's joined. The Cartwrights think their perfect little son is in a "service fraternity."

Greek S1E18
Episode 18

Mr. Purr-fect

It's time for the ZBZ Fest, when each of the CRU frats competes in sports and swimsuit competitions for the ZBZ's Big Cat on Campus title. Each frat gets a Zeta Beta to coach them, and Rebecca, Casey, and Frannie are wagering an eternity of bathroom duty on whoever can't get their frat to claim the prize.

Greek S1E19
Episode 19

No Campus for Old Rules

Looks like everyone has a beef with the rules lately. Rebecca and a bunch of other Zeta Betas came up short on their Kitty Points (they've been cuttin' study hour). So Casey says they can't go to the Spirit Social before the CRU Titans' big basketball game with A&M. Rebecca and the rest are TO'd, but those are the rules, and Casey's not budgin'. But wait! Turns out Ashleigh's short on points too. Later, in private, Casey gets Ash to fess up why she's short on points. Seems she missed them because she was so busy planning for Spirit Week. Casey decides to let it slide and gives Ash a pardon on the downlow.

Greek S1E20
Episode 20

A Tale of Two Parties

Now that restrictions have been lifted, it's party time for the houses of CRU, and everyone's ready to go wild. Omega Chi is all set for a big six-way party with all the best houses on campus. Only problem — Evan isn't including the Kappa Taus with "the best houses," which means he's officially snubbing the Capster and his posse.

Greek S1E21
Episode 21

Barely Legal

It's time for the Cartwrights to get their study on. Casey's getting set to go to law school, and she's prepping for her LSATs. Meanwhile, Rusty's studying up on … Chad Stewart? Wait … who? Turns out Cappie's given all the Kappa Tau pledges fake IDs, and Rusty and the rest have to know their new identities backwards and forwards before Spring Break.

Greek S1E22
Episode 22

Spring Broke

Aw yeah! The wait is over: It's Spring Break! Everybody at CRU is ready to cut loose at Myrtle Beach, SC (except Dale, who's going turkey hunting). Equipped with his new fake ID, Rusty's all set for his first college-style Spring Break with the KTs. And Casey's all set for a week of drama-free vacation so she can get her life together without all her presidential duties getting in the way. She's even got a Spring Break to-do list from freshman year that she's been meaning to finish off. Things are gonna be great, right?

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