Greek - Season 2 Episodes

Greek - Season 2

Greek - Season 2

A new year with new pledges and new challenges. Rusty's life takes some interesting twists as he climbs the fraternity ladder, and Casey finds herself torn between two very provocative offers.

Greek S2E1
Episode 1

Brothers and Sisters

At Cyprus Rhodes U, the students are back from Spring Break. It's time for Greek Week (aka the Greek Olympics). Rusty and Calvin maintain their friendship neutrality, but instead of Switzerland, Rusty dubs their nation of two -- Ralvin. Evan and Cappie's feud only amps up over Greek Week and the pair try to pull Rusty and Calvin into their war.

Greek S2E2
Episode 2

Crush Landing

Casey's still smarting from the Frannie/Evan revelation. Ashleigh's there for her, but so is any food that's not locked down or consumed by someone else. Frannie tries pleading her case — she wanted to tell Casey and Evan outed them before she could — but Casey's not having any of it. Then she meets a new guy at the Career Center and perks right up.

Greek S2E3
Episode 3

Let's Make a Deal

In the new "Greek" episode, "Let's Make a Deal," Ashleigh's credit card comes due ... in full! She has to pay off the whole bill in one lump sum. Ouch! Luckily, Omega Chi's having a Casino Night with a 2K jackpot for the winner. But the odds aren't great: Neither Casey nor Ashleigh knows how to play cards! After they ask Rusty for help, Casey and Rusty snipe at each other while Max the R.A. shows the girls how card-counting works. In the end (because they're smart), Casey and Ashleigh drag Rusty and Max to Casino Night to help them win.

Greek S2E4
Episode 4

Gays, Ghosts and Gamma Rays

This week on "Greek," everyone's moving on in their own way.

Greek S2E5
Episode 5

Pledge Allegiance

In this week's episode, "Pledge Allegiance," Casey and Max finally go on a real date. It looks bad for the new couple when Casey awkwardly tries to be someone she's not (someone who's not interested in ZBZ or life's little annoyances, like Frannie snaking her parking spot). She realizes that her thing with Max is doomed if she stays on that path, and she learns that Max wants her for who she is — not for who she thinks she should be. They agree to try to make their relationship work with honesty.

Greek S2E6
Episode 6

See You Next Time, Sisters

The CRU ZBZ officers hit the National Convention, where they run into Lizzi, Tegan, and the whole ZBZ Nationals gang. Frannie formally proposes a legislative change: that any ZBZ officer removed from office be allowed to stand for office again. Casey has two days to lobby the council to keep the ban (or she'll have to run against Frannie for the presidency).

Greek S2E7
Episode 7

Formally Yours

The Kappa Taus throw a prom, and Rusty's appointed prom chairman! Was there ever such an enthusiastic conscript? He puts everything he has into planning the big Kappa Tau Prom. See, he didn't go to his actual prom, so he's really into getting a shot at attending one.

Greek S2E8
Episode 8

The Popular Vote

Rusty's bummed about his lack of a love life. When he drags Cappie to Dobler's for a speed-dating event, they both get digits from hot coeds. Rusty's looking for a soulbond; Cappie's looking for a little of what Cappie's always looking for: a good time. Rusty's big date with one of the speed-dating chicks is wrecked when Jen K. turns up as their waitress and spills a tray of drinks all over his lap.

Greek S2E9
Episode 9

Three's a Crowd

Casey's having a hard time letting go of the ZBZ presidency. Ashleigh would happily give up the job, but that's against the rules, so they're both stuck with the breaks. Casey passes the gavel, but Ashleigh has to pry her fingers off of it.

Greek S2E10
Episode 10

Hell Week

Hazing (but don't call it that) kicks off as the pledges are yanked out of bed by their frat brothers for a week of, er, hell. Omega Chi and Kappa Tau have predictably different styles for I Week (that stands for either Initiation or Inspiration). The KTs make their pledges dress up in bikinis and prance around like ninnies, while the OXs force theirs to do push-ups and chores. Typical. But what's weird is that Cappie's being really hard on Rusty, while Evan's going super-easy on Calvin.

Greek S2E11
Episode 11

Take Me Home Cyprus Rhodes

Casey's still in DC at her desk job when Max swoops in to take her back to CRU. Surprise! He turned down Caltech to stay at Cyprus-Rhodes for grad school -- just to be with Casey. But that's not what he's telling her. She thinks he lost the Cal grant to someone else. Wonder what she'll have to say when she hears the truth.

Greek S2E12
Episode 12

From Rushing with Love

Rush is in full swing at the ZBZ house. Ashleigh and Casey are hard at work prepping their sisters for the new batch of recruits when Ash gets a tip that Martha Stewart's niece Maya is among this year's crop. OMG! Major points if she pledges! So Casey tries a risky move when the recruits come by for open house: She focuses her sisters on recruiting Maya, even at the cost of ignoring many other rushees. The ZBZs have their fingers crossed.

Greek S2E13
Episode 13

Engendered Species

Still scrambling to meet their rushee quota, the ZBZs are short on cash, so they cut back the kitchen staff to just one hasher -- a VERY cute hasher named Fisher. All the girls do their best to get his attention, taking the flirting way over the top as the guy's trying to wash dishes and clean up. He confesses to Ashleigh that he's had this problem at other sororities before -- he's even been fired because of it. Can she help? She does, in a very Ash way: by spreading a rumor that he has herpes. He's never been so relieved to have a "disease." There's one snag in her plan, though -- major sparks are flying between Ash and Fisher. She tries to keep it cool for his sake, but when they bump into each other in the kitchen late one night, they cave and have a makeout session over a bowl of cornflakes.

Greek S2E14
Episode 14

Big Littles & Jumbo Shrimp

WTH? Are the Kappas actually CLEANING? Oh, it's the weekly chapter meeting! Time to pair up little and big brothers for the year. Andy's picked Rusty as his first choice, of course, since Rusty brought him in. Rusty's not happy about that, given the Jordan situation (which Andy has no clue about). But Rusty, being Rusty, tries to do the right thing by backing the pledge he fought for and agreeing to be Andy's big brother. He's so not happy. Then he accidentally helps the two lovebirds get closer together. He even has to sit handcuffed to Andy while little bro and Jordan kiss. Total torture.

Greek S2E15
Episode 15

Evasive Actions

Jordan's not connecting so well with Casey, her big sis. See, Jordan's a tomboy with three big brothers, and she plays softball -- the total opposite of Casey. Casey keeps trying to get her to feel the sisterhood spirit, but Jordan keeps turning her down for hang time to do things like play poker at the KT house. Casey tries to boost that ZBZ spirit by bestowing beloved ZBZ heirloom Mr. Purrs-a-lot on Jordan, but after the plush toy falls victim to a particularly terrible prank, Ashleigh and Casey decide to have a talk with her. Jordan tries to make them understand she's just ... different, but they think the cure is a makeover. Oh, girls.

Greek S2E16
Episode 16

Dearly Beloved

ZBZ alum Kiki is in town to get married on campus. She was Frannie's big sis and therefore Casey's grand big sis, so the sworn enemies have to be bridesmaids. Together. This should be interesting.

Greek S2E17
Episode 17

Guilty Treasures

Did you know there's a secret room in the KT basement? The KTs didn't, either! They only discover it after an unwelcome visit by a pranking Omega Chi pledge. But what a discovery. Thanks to the house's long-standing tradition of pranking thievery, there's enough stuff to fill an antiques store -- and they even have the long-missing bust of Omega Chi's founder. Evan hears about it and tells Cappie he has 24 hours to return the bust -- or the KTs are busted for real. Cappie decides to return everything BUT the bust so that, when Evan shows up with the campus cops, the basement will be empty. But returning everything sounds way easier than it turns out to be thanks mostly to Rusty and Andy (more about that in a minute). When the cops do show up at the KT house, ready to shut down the chapter,Evan has a change of heart and fully backs Cappie's story.

Greek S2E18
Episode 18

Divine Secrets and the ZBZ Sisterhood

Defectors from IKI show up on ZBZ's doorstep, begging to come back into the fold. Casey's not sure she should let them in. Ashleigh is out of town, and it's a big decision. Maybe they should wait until she gets back.

Greek S2E19
Episode 19

Social Studies

It's midterms time at CRU. Rusty, Dale, and Calvin decide to have a marathon art history study session. Jordan wants in, and they agree, but reluctantly. Rusty's not OK with that, even when he says, "I'm OK with that."

Greek S2E20
Episode 20

Isn't It Bro-mantic

It's date night at ZBZ. Everyone has plans but Casey, since Max is still at Oxford. Casey's got nothing to do? Look out, world. She worms her way into ZBZ sister Betsy's dinner plans at a fancy restaurant in town. Guess who else is there? Rusty and Jordan — on their first date. They're all seated right next to each other. Hey, that's awkward.

Greek S2E21
Episode 21

Tailgate Expectation

It's homecoming week! The CRU campus is alive with school spirit, and the Greeks are all aflutter with the annual homecoming float contest. Well, every house but ZBZ. In her new role on the Panhellenic Council, devious Frannie has paired the Ickies with the Omegas and the ZBZs with the KTs. Float-making really isn't the Kappas' bag. Cappie wants to just skip the whole thing, but Rusty convinces everyone they need the $2,000 float prize money to rebuild Vesuvius, the legendary (and sadly deceased) beer volcano.

Greek S2E22
Episode 22

At World's End

After she falls into a manhole risking her life, coupled with the Kappa Tau's throwing an "End of the World" party, Casey is sent into an emotional tailspin, questioning her relationship with Max and her lingering feelings for Cappie. Whom will she choose to be with at the "end of the world"?

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