Greek - Season 3 Episodes

Greek - Season 3

Greek - Season 3

The end of the world has come and gone. Well, Kappa Taus End of the World party, that is. And now the students of Cypress-Rhodes University face an uncertain future as a consequence of their actions. Can Rusty keep his GPA above the minimum to stay in the honors engineering program? Will Casey finally win the heart of Cappie? Can Dale make penance for his temporary lapse in morality?

Greek S3E1
Episode 1

The Day After

After she falls into a manhole risking her life, coupled with the Kappa Tau's throwing an "End of the World" party, Casey is sent into an emotional tailspin, questioning her relationship with Max and her lingering feelings for Cappie. Whom will she choose to be with at the "end of the world"?

Greek S3E2
Episode 2

Our Fathers

Fathers invade campus for the Daddy/Daughter weekend at ZBZ. While they hope to help ease the tension between the ZBZ girls, their appearance only leads to a house brawl, a best friend fallout, and a hospital trip.

Greek S3E3
Episode 3

The Half-Naked Gun

The Gotcha! Game is winding down and Rusty and Jordan are the two left standing-forcing their housemates to play bodyguards. Casey and Evan work to save the Annual Undies Run, but Casey soon questions if the Run or her place as Panhellenic delegate are actually something worth fighting for.

Greek S3E4
Episode 4

High and Dry

Casey and Evan are thrown together as they make the rounds ensuring all Greek houses aren’t sneaking alcohol during Dry Week on campus. When they unintentionally eat pot brownies, the truth comes out over Evan’s hand in stopping Cappie from chasing after Casey.

Greek S3E5
Episode 5

Down On Your Luck

The ZBZs are having a bad run. They've been stood up by Pi Sigma three times now, the new pledges aren't up to the house's usual levels, and it turns out that Ashleigh's decision to get a new flat-screen TV instead of upgrading the fire sprinklers was a bad idea. So bad that all the girls wind up on the front lawn on Friday night, half-dressed and in mud masks, while a truckful of hot firemen tromp through and tell them it's just a false alarm.

Greek S3E6
Episode 6

Lost and Founders

It's Founders Weekend, and Casey's motivating the ZBZs to milk the alumnae for funds -- she wants ZBZ back from "fourth-ish" to on top! But, she tells Ashleigh, they can't reveal the house's new rank. She's going to focus on wealthy Doris McGovern, class of '66.

Greek S3E7
Episode 7

The Dork Knight

Casey's convinced that Cappie and Evan are secret friends. But they deny it. She tries tricking them into confessing, but no go. When they stage a fight to prove they're not friends, tons of KTs and Omegas pile on and turn it into a very real fight. Ouch!

Greek S3E8
Episode 8

Fight The Power

Ashleigh has plans to get ZBZ back on top with a 4-way party between ZBZ, Gamma Psi, Omega Chi and Lambda Sig, but her efforts fall short when the true cost of the party is revealed. The OX house is in revolt over Evan’s control as president, affecting Calvin and Grant’s relationship.

Greek S3E9
Episode 9

The Wish-Pretzel

It seems everyone had the same idea to stay behind during Thanksgiving break. Old rivalries are weakened during the “Orphan Thanksgiving Dinner” and a KT party, making everyone more open to taking a chance on new friendships or love.

Greek S3E10
Episode 10

Friend or Foe

The episode is full of competition and rivalry on the Cyprus Rhodes campus. One of the biggest blue ribbon competitions – Songfest – is approaching and the ZBZ’s are determined to win. But Panhellenic president Katherine (Nora Kirkpatrick) offers Casey a VP position – forcing Casey to choose between furthering her position in Panhellenic or helping the ZBZs win. Katherine throws a second curveball to the ZBZs by disqualifying their dance the night before the competition. ZBZ pledge Abby (Oleysa Rulin) offers to save the day by choreographing an all new dance. Will they make it work and win the competition?

And the Omega Chi and Kappa Tau rivalry heats up when the OX’s fill the KT house with crickets. Cappie and Evan launch a plan in hopes of uniting their houses – but will it bring them together or push them even further apart? Meanwhile, Rusty and Dale are feuding over their science projects and decide the best way to settle the score is a good old fashioned battle bots competition.

Greek S3E11
Episode 11

I Know What You Did Last Semester

The ZBZ girls are still reeling from possibly burning down the Gamma Psi house, and hiding the evidence and the secrets are putting a strain on Cassie and Cappie’s new relationship. Rusty feels the pain as he takes over the role of pledge educator, and Calvin and Grant’s relationship might be over because of Grant’s inability to come out to his fraternity brothers.

Greek S3E12
Episode 12

Pride & Punishment

A “Nerd Auction” does little to take Casey and the ZBZs’ minds off of the fire. Cappie and Rebecca fight over a spot in the coveted “Human Sexuality” class, as well as over her new relationship with Evan.

Greek S3E13
Episode 13

Take Me Out

The Greeks suit up for the Greek wide baseball match, pitting lovers, friends and enemies against each other. An homophobic remark brings out the worst and best in the fraternities.

Greek S3E14
Episode 14

The Tortoise and the Hair

When the “G” word is mentioned- Graduation- Casey and Cappie must come to terms with their future. A handsome DC veteran complicates matters by encouraging Casey to pursue a career in Washington.

Greek S3E15
Episode 15

Love, Actually, Possibly, Maybe... Or Not

Love is a dangerous game as a couple of Greeks end up in the hospital in the Valentine’s Day themed episode. Casey tries to hook Rusty up with Pan-Hellenic President Katherine, but things don’t exactly go according to plan. Also, Casey and Cappie battle over who can come up with the most romantic present.

Greek S3E16
Episode 16

Your Friends and Neighbors

It's the morning after V-Day, and Casey's hard at work finishing her Personal Statement for her law school application. She's on version 342 but still hasn't quite nailed it. Joel from the campaign office takes a look at it and declares it cookie-cutter. He tells her she's paying too much attention to "statement" and not enough to "personal." She hears him, but she's afraid of missing the Friday deadline at this rate.

Greek S3E17
Episode 17

The Big Easy Does It

Everyone at Cyprus Rhodes is preparing for Mardi Gras festivities, except for Casey, who must prepare for the biggest test of her life – the LSAT. While Casey continues to push Cappie to declare a major and make plans to focus on the future, he is to busy announcing the next parade at the Kappa Tau Mardi Gras Party.

Greek S3E18
Episode 18

Camp Buy Me Love

Cappie apologizes to Casey for his lack of interest in declaring a major, but Casey still wants to talk about the future. Its 80’s night at Dobler’s and Rusty can’t decide whether he should go with Dana or Katherine. Cappie’s hippie parents (Lea Thompson and Jim Abele) show up for a surprise visit and decide to take Cappie and Casey camping. Evan is bummed about Rebecca, and wonders if he should take back the necklace he gave her.

Greek S3E19
Episode 19

The First Last

While the KT’s and OX’s prepare for the Gods of Golf Tournament, the ZBZs are disappointed to learn that the annual Greek Week has been canceled. Casey talks to Katherine who agrees to bring back the Greek Goddesses Pageant, but with Rebecca representing ZBZ, their win and house standing could be in jeopardy. When Cappie and Rusty miss the Tournament due to a prank gone wrong, they re-challenge the OXs putting their Spring Break plans on the line.

Greek S3E20
Episode 20

All Children... Grow Up

The students of CRU are on Spring Break in Myrtle Beach which means the year is winding down and the seniors have big decisions looming over their heads. While Cappie is busy planning a romantic surprise for her birthday, Casey worries that not making it into CRU Law could be the demise of their relationship. The Kappa Taus launch their Spring Break Revenge Plan to sabotage the Omega Chis, but when Rusty is caught planning the next phases, he jeopardizes the entire operation.

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