Greek - Season 4 Episodes

Greek - Season 4

Greek - Season 4

It's a time of adjustment for all, as Casey and Evan find themselves classmates in CRU Law School, Ashleigh becomes overwhelmed by life in the big city, Rebecca and Calvin take control of their houses, Cappie has declared a major and even Dale has decided to make serious life changes! Can life at CRU ever be the same?

Greek S4E1
Episode 1

Defending Your Honor

The season opens with Casey, Evan, & Ashleigh‘s graduation day. Casey and Cappie haven‘t spoken since Spring Break and are anticipating saying their final goodbyes to each other which does not go as smoothly as expected. We then skip to the end of summer and Casey packing up to move to Washington DC for law school. Through some prompting from Evan, Casey learns that the reason she did not get into CRU law school was a result of a bad recommendation from Joel (Sam Page). After Casey confronts Sam, he reconsiders and has his letter rescinded. Casey is accepted into CRU law and decides to stay after all. Ashleigh has moved to New York for an internship that is not exactly what she was hoping for. Evan is attending CRU law school with Casey. Rebecca is now president of ZBZ and working on getting the house in order. Calvin is dealing with his new presidential position at Omega Chi.

Greek S4E2
Episode 2

Fools Rush In

The KT‘s decide since they lost several members of their frat last year, it‘s time to actually try to recruit pledges. The KTs set up a booth during rush on campus to help with recruiting. Tegan (Charisma Carpenter) shows up to help the ZBZs maintain their newly regained best house on campus title. Tegan and Rebecca argue on how rushing should go and Casey comes to Rebecca‘s rescue with a plan to have Dana (Martha MacIsaac) keep Tegan distracted. The ZBZs entertain a potential new pledge Heather, who is Heath‘s sister. Dale also entertains the idea of rushing this semester. The KTs hold their annual secret rush party, but campus security breaks up the party after they received a mysterious tip.

Greek S4E3
Episode 3

Cross Examined Life

Rusty, Dale and Dana are hanging out together and Dana suggests throwing a murder mystery dinner party to help Dale socialize. Members of Omega Chi Delta then storm in and take Dale away as he‘s pledged to them. Casey gets a surprise visit one night from Ashleigh, who has lost her job in New York and now plans to stay back at the house. Calvin reveals that he has no major, just like Cappie, but wants to keep it a secret. Meanwhile, Rusty worries that Dale is joining Omega Chi to get back at him, so he devises a plan to get Dale membership into Kappa Tau. But Dale is insulted by Rusty‘s insistence, and goes to Omega Chi‘s hazing anyway. While he‘s there, Rusty and his friends kidnap him and take him to Dana‘s murder mystery party, inadvertently leaving Spidey there to face the Omegas‘ wrath. Dale eventually leaves Rusty‘s party, claiming that he wants to be a part of that fraternity, and that Rusty should care about his own pledge Spidey instead. Casey is having a hard time finding a study group to join in her new law class because of her controversial past. Ashleigh reveals that she actually ran away from her job because she couldn‘t handle it. Katherine (Nora Kirkpatrick) returns to attend CRU Law school.

Greek S4E4
Episode 4

All About Beav

Beaver goes to class to find he got an F on his paper because it‘s plagiarized. He‘s needs to write a decent, original paper by the next morning or the F stays on his record. Casey talks with Katherine in hopes of forming a study group with her, but Katherine says she doesn‘t like study groups. Beaver meets Katherine, and is instantly smitten. Rusty and Dana are working on a science project together, and Ashleigh joins in to help make their slideshow more presentable. Dana requests to be called a co-inventor on the credits page, but when Rusty finds out, his anger ruins the presentation. The committee likes the invention, but pulls Rusty from the project and gives it to a professional team. Rebecca invites Cappie to the pledge party so she can make Evan jealous. Casey and Beaver team up in search of case summaries for Casey. Beaver accidentally invites Katherine along as they search for notes, much to Casey‘s dismay. Later,Katherine finds out that Casey is looking to buy study notes, and Katherine admits she needs help as well. They form a study group, and Beaver gets help from Casey on his paper. Beaver wakes up in bed with Katherine. Rusty and Dana break up.

Greek S4E5
Episode 5

Home Coming and Going

Lasker Parkes (Jonathan Silverman), Peter‘s dad, comes to visit Kappa Tau, and Cappie feels pressure to impress the him. Cappie plans an Everest party for Homecoming, complete with ice luges throughout the house. Lasker wants to know who is Peter‘s big brother in the. Rusty wants to be Peter‘s big brother, but Peter wants Cappie. Meanwhile, Casey tries to convince Ashleigh to find a job and move out, but Ashleigh keeps dragging her feet. Casey and Evan go to an alumni dinner because their law professor will be there. Casey gets into a fight with Ashleigh. To impress Peter, Rusty plans to steal the A&M goat mascot at night, but while they‘re in the process, Dale and some Omega Chi members interrupt with the same plan. Calvin finds out that Heath is a stripper, but he gets over it and they both agree to be more truthful to each other. Casey angrily returns to her house, gets drunk on Rebecca‘s insistence, and goes Cappie‘s party. When he discovers her, he helps her return home. They start kissing and eventually sleep together.

Greek S4E6
Episode 6


Casey and Cappie wake up together and Casey kicks him out of the house before anyone finds out, claiming that nothing can happen between them. Rusty wakes up from the party completely hungover, and unable to remember what happened. He finds red lipstick on his mouth, and sets out on a search with Calvin to find the mystery girl. Casey and Cappie meet up later and realize that they did not use protection the night before. Casey gets the morning after pill just in case. At ZBZ, the sisters are watching over faculty children during the big game, and Cappie comes over to help Casey, and to prove to her that he‘s matured. Rusty also divulges to Casey that Cappie declared a major. Later that night, Casey and Cappie share a romantic moment in the playground. Meanwhile, Professor Segal (Josh Randall) flirts with Ashleigh, who is still distraught about her undetermined future. Rusty, though a hero to the school for stealing the goat returns home unable to find the mystery girl. He finds Ashleigh there, getting ready for a date with Segal. An ensuing flashback reveals that Rusty was drunkenly comforting Ashleigh the night before, and they shared a quick kiss. Ashleigh then gets up and leaves for her date with Segal.

Greek S4E7
Episode 7

Midnight Clear

Rusty is planning Calvin‘s 21st birthday party at his apartment. Casey and Ashleigh have not been speaking and are afraid to run into each other at the party. A really bad snowstorm hits Cyprus Rhodes shutting down all roads. Since Heath is not able to make it back with the alcohol, the gang of eight decides to walk to Dobbler‘s. Inside Dobbler‘s, the group decides to play the game ―Kiss & Tell‖ where secrets and feelings are revealed. Casey & Ashleigh patch up their issues. Rebecca & Evan break up. Rusty & Ashleigh kiss for a second time.

Greek S4E8
Episode 8

Subclass Plagiostomi

Kappa Tau faces academic probation when one of their pledges mysteriously receives straight F‘s, the KT‘s suspect Omega Chi and Dale are behind it. Rebecca uses the investigation as her post Evan break up coping mechanism and discovers that Omega Chi is actually playing a trick on Dale. Evan takes revenge on Casey for his break up with Rebecca by attempting to make her look less than capable in her Law school studies. The two take opposing sides on a mock trail assignment. During the trial, Evan lets it slip that he still has feelings for Casey, but she takes it as a trick to get more information out of her about the trail, when in fact he was telling the truth. Casey wins the case. Part of the Omega Chi scam on Dale, he ends up performing solo on stage in just his underwear in front of the entire Greek system. Calvin and Rusty come to his rescue and join him on stage. Ashleigh continues her job search with the help of Cappie who has his eye on joining the CIA. She also continues her relationship with Casey‘s professor Simon, but realizes that he sees her as a trophy girlfriend situation and breaks up with him. Cappie attends an interview with the CIA, only to realize he may not be the type of candidate they are looking for.

Greek S4E9
Episode 9

Agents for Change

ZBZ becomes a finalist for the best chapter in the nation and Rebecca takes charge with an iron first, she even goes so far as to invite Frannie, now employed at CAA, to help them prepare. Casey worries Rebecca is turning into Frannie, who tries to rekindle a friendship with her. Frannie, however proves that she hasn‘t changed and is still the same old bossy arrogant girl when she fails to deliver on her promise to get Justin Bieber to the ZBZ‘s charity event. The charity even Bieber-less goes well and ZBZ gets that much closer to winning. KT‘s troubles continue as they face financial worries when they can‘t come up with the funds to repair the house. A wealthy alum comes to the rescue agrees to put up the funds. Rusty‘s wire is bought by none other than the Evan‘s dad‘s company. Evan agrees to help Rusty find out what is happening to his patent and they go to Evan‘s parents‘ house for dinner. Despite, a rocky start, Evan begins to mend fences with

his parents. Calvin enlists the help of Dale to get his presidency back, but instead uses his success to bring the house closer together and Dale back into Omega Chi. Rusty and Cappie suspect pledge Spidey is the one sabotaging the house.

Greek S4E10
Episode 10


Casey and Evan are hired as Professor Segal‘s research assistants. However, their first case is to help the University tear down the KT‘s condemned house. Calvin decides to choose accounting as his major. Rusty takes over as KT President while Cappie studies for finals. Casey tells the KT‘s that their house is being bought out by Lasker Parkes, the alum who had just promised to buy it for the KT‘s and pledge Spidey‘s father. Rusty concludes Lasker had been sabotaging them the entire time. The KTs decide to remind Lasker of what KT brotherhood truly means. The whole crew breaks into his office building to recover his old KT memorabilia. Cappie tells Casey that he will be graduating this semester. Dale starts dating Laura. The KT‘s organize a protest and Rusty tries convince Lasker of the importance of the KT house, but the house is bulldozed anyway. Rusty and Ashleigh confess their feelings to each other and begin dating with Casey‘s blessing. Given recent events, Casey decides to quit law school and move to Washington D.C. anyway, Cappie agrees to go with her. Cappie graduates and passes the KT presidency to Rusty. Dale and Calvin find the KT‘s a new house. Cappie and Evan reconcile. The ZBZ‘s win the best chapter in the nation award. Rebecca and Evan potentially get back together. Cappie and Casey pack up and move away from CRU.

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