Green Acres

Green Acres

Green Acres - Season 3 Episodes

Green Acres S3E1
Episode 1

The Man For the Job

The Committee to Select a New State Senator considers Oliver Douglas for the job.

Green Acres S3E2
Episode 2

Lisa's Jam Session

Oliver decides it would be a great idea for Lisa to make her own jam preserves.

Green Acres S3E3
Episode 3

Love Comes to Arnold Ziffel

An unlikely but hilarious love affair between Arnold the pig and Cynthia the basset hound captivates the residents of Hooterville.

Green Acres S3E4
Episode 4

Oliver vs. the Phone Company

Oliver starts a feud with the Hooterville Phone Company and launches a campaign to recall its management.

Green Acres S3E5
Episode 5

Oliver Takes Over the Phone Company

Mr. Trendell turns over the keys of the Hooterville Phone Company to Oliver Douglas.

Green Acres S3E6
Episode 6

A Kind Word For the President

Oliver sets out to accomplish two changes at the Hooterville Phone Company, now that he's president.

Green Acres S3E7
Episode 7

Don't Count Your Tomatoes Before They're Picked

Oliver sets out to harvest his tomato crops.

Green Acres S3E8
Episode 8

Eb Elopes

Oliver and Lisa wake up one morning to find that their handyman has eloped.

Green Acres S3E9
Episode 9

The Thing

Oliver stops paying storage rates for an item that neither he nor Lisa can remember owning, and the unknown item is shipped to the farm.

Green Acres S3E10
Episode 10

Das Lumpen

Lisa tells another war story--this one details how she saved Oliver from the Nazis during World War II and started their romance.

Green Acres S3E11
Episode 11

Won't You Come Home, Arnold Ziffel?

The residents of Hooterville are in an uproar when Arnold Ziffel the pig is missing.

Green Acres S3E12
Episode 12

Jealousy, English Style

Oliver informs Lisa that he plans to attend a farm symposium without her.

Green Acres S3E13
Episode 13

Haney's New Image

When Mr. Haney finds out first that the Douglas farm is the possible site for an interchange for a proposed new highway, he offers to buy back the farm.

Green Acres S3E14
Episode 14

Alf and Ralph Break Up

Ralph, the lady carpenter, runs away from home and stays with the Douglases after having a fight with her brother, Alf.

Green Acres S3E15
Episode 15

No Trespassing

Oliver shows symptoms of overwork, so Lisa talks him into going on a picnic.

Green Acres S3E16
Episode 16

Eb Returns

The Douglases' handyman returns home from his honeymoon and reveals that he did not get married.

Green Acres S3E17
Episode 17

Not Guilty

Eb is accused of taking $300 from Sam Drucker's safe when he shows up with a new car, which just happens to cost $300.

Green Acres S3E18
Episode 18

Home is Where You Run Away From

A mysterious young boy shows up at the Douglas farm and claims to be from another world.

Green Acres S3E19
Episode 19

How to Succeed in Television Without Really Trying

Lisa invests $28 in a 10-year-old's 'Electronic Company'; to show his gratitude, the young wizard 'electronificates' the Douglas' farm.

Green Acres S3E20
Episode 20

Arnold Ziffel, Boy Hero

Lisa and Oliver are taken hostage by two bank robbers who hide out in their farmhouse.

Green Acres S3E21
Episode 21

Flight to Nowhere

As part of an agricultural exchange program, Oliver and other Hooterville farmers are offered a chance to join a chartered government flight to Europe.

Green Acres S3E22
Episode 22

My Mother the Countess

Despite Oliver's protests that Lisa's mother is not a countess, the Hooterville residents forge ahead anyway with plans for a parade and marching band to celebrate her visit.

Green Acres S3E23
Episode 23

The Spring Festival

Spring fever sets in at Green Acres when Lisa sets out to produce a Spring festival celebration.

Green Acres S3E24
Episode 24

Our Son, the Barber

Eb decides on a career as a barber and talks Oliver into putting him through a do-it-yourself mail-order barber college.

Green Acres S3E25
Episode 25

Oliver's Jaded Past

Lisa reminds Oliver that he promised her a New York vacation if she stayed with him on the farm for two years.

Green Acres S3E26
Episode 26

The Hungarian Curse

A fellow Hungarian, Lazlo Broslav, visits Lisa and becomes an unwanted houseguest. It is revealed that Lazlo once saved the life of Lisa's uncle, and now her family must repay the debt.

Green Acres S3E27
Episode 27

The Rutabaga Story

Oliver decides that all Hooterville farmers should plant rutabagas as their primary cash crop, and initiates a publicity campaign to make America more 'rutabaga conscious.'

Green Acres S3E28
Episode 28

Instant Family

When an expectant mother goes into labor, Oliver takes her to the hospital, and Lisa takes her seven other children to live with the Douglases until she recovers.

Green Acres S3E29
Episode 29

A Star Named Arnold is Born (1)

Arnold the pig appears in a play at the Hooterville Theater. Lisa arranges for an old friend to give him a chance in show business.

Green Acres S3E30
Episode 30

A Star Named Arnold is Born (2)

Oliver and Lisa chaperone Arnold's trip to Hollywood, where he lands a starring role in a motion picture.

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