“Real Life Trama Drama”

September 2nd, 2010

Grey's Anatomy has my attention, although the cast changes far too much, just as you are beginning to get into a character they drop them! I would sooner see them stay and build the story around them. If you keep changing them you will find your gonna loose your ratings. People enjoy a character that they can connect with.. When they leave the show .. you will loose people who connected with the character. I like to follow the story, to see where it is leading.. The writer is doing a good job, but try to hold on to your cast people. Der and Mer have got to get on the roller coaster and stay there.. if they get together better not have them cheat on each other.. sure temptation but not the cheater junk.. make it true love.. they look so good together on screen believeable true love sort of look. AS for the rest you have changed characters so much no point on commenting about the rest seems they wont be there long enough to matter.. but little grey and Sloan.. I see as a team.. and would loved to have seen George stay on.. and Alex and Izzy.. and Christina and Burke should have stayed together.. I just dont see Owen moving forward.. Addison is fine leaving since it is over between Der and her..Torez and Arizona are fine together but this will move forward in another direction better leave Callie in..Miranda Bailey needs someone to touch her life outside the hospital and calm her down a bit she is good but uptight at work..And if Webber retires better keep him there as a shadow that never leaves the hospital .. maybe even a ghost like you did with Denny,,, great show.. lots of drama amidst the trama.. love it but stop the revolving door of cast members.. change is good but not when it is changing the cast..

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