Grey's Anatomy - Season 3 Episodes

Grey's Anatomy - Season 3

The doctors of Seattle Grace Hospital return for a third season of love and laughter, triumph and loss, dreams and McDreamy. Be a part of every moment of the drama that proves you can have a life even while you're trying to save them.

Episode 0

“Complications of the Heart”

Episode 0

“Every Moment Counts”

Grey's Anatomy S3E1
Episode 1

“Time Has Come Today”

Izzie copes with the loss of Denny and her decision to leave the program.

Grey's Anatomy S3E2
Episode 2

“I Am a Tree”

A surgical patient lives what may be her last day to the fullest.

Grey's Anatomy S3E3
Episode 3

“Sometimes a Fantasy”

Cristina helps Preston cope with his hand tremor

Grey's Anatomy S3E4
Episode 4

“What I Am”

Addison doubts her abilities

Grey's Anatomy S3E5
Episode 5

“Oh, The Guilt”

Derek learns more about Mark and Addison's relationship.

Grey's Anatomy S3E6
Episode 6

“Let the Angels Commit”

George and Addison work with a pregnant woman who faces an unusual dilemma.

Grey's Anatomy S3E7
Episode 7

“Where the Boys Are”

Meredith assists with a procedure Sloan has never experienced.

Grey's Anatomy S3E8
Episode 8

“Staring at the Sun”

Derek and Addison strive for a civil relationship.

Grey's Anatomy S3E9
Episode 9

“From a Whisper to a Scream”

Cristina has a crisis of conscience about her teamwork with Burke.

Grey's Anatomy S3E10
Episode 10

“Don't Stand So Close to Me”

Mark and Derek must work together when two brothers seek medical help.

Grey's Anatomy S3E11
Episode 11

“Six Days (1)”

Thatcher Grey arrives to see his new granddaughter.

Grey's Anatomy S3E12
Episode 12

“Six Days (2)”

George's father continues to recover after his surgery.

Episode 13

“Great Expectations”

Bailey proposes the creation of a free clinic.

Grey's Anatomy S3E14
Episode 14

“Wishin' and Hopin'”

A surgical patient endangers the lives of those around her.

Grey's Anatomy S3E15
Episode 15

“Walk On Water (1)”

A ferryboat accident tests the interns.

Grey's Anatomy S3E16
Episode 16

“Drowning on Dry Land (2)”

Meredith's friends and fellow doctors work to save her life.

Grey's Anatomy S3E17
Episode 17

“Some Kind of Miracle (3)”

Derek and Meredith's friends work to bring her back from the brink.

Grey's Anatomy S3E18
Episode 18

“Scars and Souvenirs”

Derek treats a patient close to him; Alex continues his work with Jane Doe.

Grey's Anatomy S3E19
Episode 19

“My Favorite Mistake”

The hospital board begins interviewing candidates for the chief position.

Grey's Anatomy S3E20
Episode 20

“Time After Time”

Izzie faces her past and finds comfort in George.

Grey's Anatomy S3E21
Episode 21


The attendings are extra-attentive to the chairman of the hospital board.

Grey's Anatomy S3E22
Episode 22

“The Other Side of This Life (1)”

Addison takes leave from Seattle Grace and visits friends in Los Angeles.

Grey's Anatomy S3E23
Episode 23

“The Other Side of This Life (2)”

Addison takes leave from Seattle Grace and visits friends in Los Angeles.

Grey's Anatomy S3E24
Episode 24

“Testing 1-2-3”

Callie's suspicions of George and Izzie grow.

Grey's Anatomy S3E25
Episode 25

“Didn't We Almost Have It All”

Cristina and Burke's wedding day arrives.