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Grey's Anatomy - Season 5 Episodes

Grey's Anatomy - Season 5

Grey's Anatomy - Season 5

In Season 5 careers are made, friendships are solidified and casual dating turns into full-blown relationships. The doctors of Seattle Grace have to deal with stumbling blocks of their own as these former students teach their own interns. Everything's on the table in the series that examines the fast-paced world of the operating room, while delivering a perfect slice of emotional life.

Grey's Anatomy S5E1
Episode 1

Dream a Little Dream of Me (1)

Seattle Grace is dealt a serious blow when it falls to a twelfth ranking among teaching hospitals. Richard takes the ranking personally and has no time for Erica when she asks for tips to improve her teaching skills.

Grey's Anatomy S5E2
Episode 2

Dream a Little Dream of Me (2)

Major Hunt comes to the rescue, carrying the injured Cristina inside. He instructs her not to remove the icicle until they've determined the extent of the damage and Richard agrees. Hunt is also on hand to read her X-ray and determine that it's finally safe to remove the icicle. He tells Cristina she'd make an excellent field doctor and advises her that although she lost a patient today, she won't make the same mistake again, which means she'll save the next person's life.

Grey's Anatomy S5E3
Episode 3

Here Comes the Flood

Meredith is so happy now that Derek's moved in that she quits therapy. Alex and Izzie try to persuade Meredith to let them stay, even though Derek expects them both to move out. "Remember the muffins!" Izzie says, reminding Meredith of her baking skills.

Grey's Anatomy S5E4
Episode 4

Brave New World

Richard reminds the residents that they can no longer specialize. Cristina is upset about being assigned to the clinic, but shares her best cardio tips with Meredith, including how to perform a complicated procedure she's never done before. Erica lets Meredith do the procedure but advises her, "If you lie to me again, the next heart you'll see will be your own as I cut it out of your chest with a steak knife!"

Grey's Anatomy S5E5
Episode 5

There's No 'I' in Team

Miranda pulls all the surgical residents and interns for a "domino surgery," -- 12 kidney transplants in six O.R.s at the same time. "This whole surgery is a giant house of cards. If we lose one donor, we lose them all," Miranda advises the team.

Grey's Anatomy S5E6
Episode 6

Life During Wartime

Dr. Owen Hunt, the military field surgeon, is back at Seattle Grace, where he's been named chief of trauma. He leads a "skills lab" to help surgical interns and residents learn how to deal with trauma cases. He draws back a curtain to reveal several anesthetized pigs -- each of whom he then stabs! "Go ahead, save their lives," he tells the shocked group. "You're a monster," Izzie says and marches out.

Grey's Anatomy S5E7
Episode 7

Rise Up

Izzie and Meredith are assigned to assist Erica with a heart patient and Izzie is distraught when she realizes who the man is. "That's the heart I stole for Denny," she tells Meredith. The fact that the patient is in Denny's old room makes it even worse. "That's a lot of Denny," Meredith admits, but she isn't seeing him walking the hallways, like Izzie is. Izzie's duty during an experimental procedure -- during which the patient will be awake -- is to talk the man through the excruciating pain he's experiencing. Erica selected her because of her ability to bond with patients, but Izzie is seeing Denny in the O.R. and can't breathe. "I'm so sorry," she says and runs out.

Grey's Anatomy S5E8
Episode 8

These Ties That Bind

Cristina surprises Meredith and Derek in bed to announce that Erica Hahn has left Seattle Grace. Just then, one of Meredith's oldest friends, Sadie arrives, flinging herself into Meredith's arms. "I've never even heard of this woman. How good a friend can she be?" Cristina protests. "Good enough to kick us both out of bed. Welcome to my world," says Derek.

Grey's Anatomy S5E9
Episode 9

In the Midnight Hour

Sadie, who's staying with Meredith, asks her, "What do you think of your sister, Lexie, as my new BFF?" "I don't see that," cautions Meredith. "She was raised right, with parents and rules, and smiley-face posters on her wall."

Grey's Anatomy S5E10
Episode 10

All By Myself

The attendings choose Cristina for the solo surgery, but the Chief has put her on probation and orders her to select another resident to take her place. The residents all plead their cases to her: George insists he's grown the most, Meredith believes she's the most qualified but tells Cristina to "do what she has to do," while Alex calmly recites the surgical procedure to her.

Grey's Anatomy S5E11
Episode 11

Wish You Were Here

William, a heavily guarded death row patient, arrives at Seattle Grace with a serious stab wound. His presence amps up the tension between Cristina and Meredith, who still aren't talking. It also causes a rift between Meredith, who is sympathetic to the patient's complaints of severe pain, and Derek, who takes offense when William tells him, "We're not that different you and I. People are alive when they meet us and then it all changes somehow."

Grey's Anatomy S5E12
Episode 12

Sympathy for the Devil

Dr. Robbins is not sympathetic when Miranda pages her at 2:30 in the morning because Jackson, the boy who needs a liver transplant, should be moved up on the transplant list because his blood pressure has dropped. "He's running out of time," she tells Dr. Robbins, who replies, "They're always running out of time. Welcome to peds."

Grey's Anatomy S5E13
Episode 13

Stairway to Heaven

Jackson, the little boy in desperate need of organs, will die unless new a new liver and small intestine is found for him in the next 24 hours. Dr. Robbins suggests they try an experimental liver dialysis to extend Jackson's life. Miranda breaks down, saying she can't handle it if he dies. Robbins advises her to get some sleep. Richard orders George to check all brain-dead patients to see if they're a match and to ask, but only ask, whether the families will consider organ donation.

Grey's Anatomy S5E14
Episode 14

Beat Your Heart Out

Now that Izzie realizes that she's ill, she tries testing herself at the clinic, but doesn't get far before her interns arrive. When she has to show Sadie the right way to take blood from a patient, she demonstrates the technique on herself, then tells Sadie to run both tests. Under the guise of training, Izzie has Sadie run more tests on her. Sadie's only discovery: Izzie is anemic.

Grey's Anatomy S5E15
Episode 15

Before and After

Addison arrives at Seattle Grace with her brother Archer, who's collapsed due to a parasite in his brain. Archer suffered a seizure during sex with his girlfriend, Naomi, who also happens to be Addison's best friend.

Grey's Anatomy S5E16
Episode 16

An Honest Mistake

Addison delays her return to Los Angeles to help with Derek's pregnant patient, Jen, who's suffering mini-strokes and needs another surgery. The husband tells them, "If it comes down to a choice, save my wife," and not the baby. The first surgery goes well but then Jen crashes again and Derek insists that he can save her, even if it means taking out her temporal lobe and eventually her frontal lobe. He can't control the bleeding, however and Addison announces she has no choice but to deliver the baby. "I can save her," he tells Addison, ordering her to wait.

Grey's Anatomy S5E17
Episode 17

I Will Follow You Into the Dark

Derek is in a serious depression and refuses to go to work after losing his pregnant patient and being hit by a lawsuit.

Grey's Anatomy S5E18
Episode 18

Stand By Me

After his fellow surgeons try and fail to bring Derek back to work, Meredith must summon the strength to convince him. Meanwhile the hospital is abuzz as Mark attempts a rare face transplant surgery, Cristina, at last awarded her first solo surgery, is more focused on the needs of her friends, and Izzie does her best to keep her medical condition a secret.

Grey's Anatomy S5E19
Episode 19

Elevator Love Letter

Owen has a nightmare, triggered by the helicopter-like blades of Cristina's ceiling fan. She wakes to find Owen choking her. He only stops when Callie hears a commotion and comes in to check on her. Callie immediately calls Meredith, even though it's 3 a.m. Cristina insists she's fine, even though her neck is severely bruised. Owen can only sob, "I am so sorry. I don't know what happened." Cristina hugs him and tells him it's okay.

Grey's Anatomy S5E20
Episode 20

Sweet Surrender

Meredith tells Derek she's not into church weddings or "poofy white dresses," but it's out of her hands: Izzie has declared herself their wedding planner and arranges for several wedding dresses to be delivered to her hospital room. Meredith is worried that Izzie's enthusiasm will result in "bridesmaids in pink taffeta and someone singing 'Wind Beneath My Friggin' Wings.'" Derek tells her it's worse than that. "We have to make time for ballroom dancing lessons."

Grey's Anatomy S5E21
Episode 21

No Good at Saying Sorry (One More Chance)

Now that her father has cut off her trust fund, Callie can't pay rent and her other relatives are no help as they aren't even answering her calls. Cristina and Mark advises Callie to tell her family that she and Arizona have broken up.

Grey's Anatomy S5E22
Episode 22

What a Difference a Day Makes

The big day has arrived and Izzie is ecstatic about attending the "perfect" wedding she's planned for Derek and Meredith.

Grey's Anatomy S5E23
Episode 23

Here's to the Future

Derek figures out a way to get to Izzie's tumor. He wants to remove part of her hippocampus, a common surgery for seizure patients, but one that could affect her memory and her speech. Given the severe possible side effects, Izzie is reluctant to go that route. Dr. Swender wants to try her on IL2 medicine, which has kept her "miracle" patient alive and tumor-free for two years.

Grey's Anatomy S5E24
Episode 24

Now or Never

Derek figures out a way to get to Izzie's tumor. He wants to remove part of her hippocampus, a common surgery for seizure patients, but one that could affect her memory and her speech. Given the severe possible side effects, Izzie is reluctant to go that route. Dr. Swender wants to try her on IL2 medicine, which has kept her "miracle" patient alive and tumor-free for two years.

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