Growing Pains - Season 3 Episodes

Episode 1

“Aloha (1)”

The family is stranded in Maui.

Episode 2

“Aloha (2)”

Ben videotapes Mike and Carol's Hawaiian romances.

Episode 3

“Taking Care of Business”

Mike uses double talk to sell stereos.

Episode 4

“Not Necessarily the News”

The family scrambles to help find an out-of-work Maggie a job after she turns into Super Mom, preparing oversize meals and assigning new chores.

Episode 5


Mike is unaware that he's been nominated for student-body president because he's ""a sure loser.""

Episode 6

“Big Brother is Not Watching”

Ben asks Carol's advice on getting a new bike from their parents.

Episode 7

“A Star Is Born”

A star is born when Mike lands a leading role in the school play opposite the lovely Monica.

Episode 8

“Gone But Not Forgotten”

Burglars hit the Seaver home.

Episode 9

“Who's Zoomin' Who?”

Bobby's annoying habits make Carol look elsewhere for the man of her dreams -- just in time for her to notice a new student.

Episode 10

“This Is Your Life”

During a tonsillectomy, Ben has an out-of-body experience, dreaming that he escapes with a friendly cabbie, only to find a new Ben has replaced him at home.

Episode 11

“Broadway Bound”

After their success in the school play, Mike and Monica set their sights on a Broadway audition for ""Our Town.""

Episode 12

“The Scarlet Letter”

An unearned ""A"" makes Carol doubt her academic record.

Episode 13

“A Reason to Live”

A troubled student named Jill (Kellie Overbey) volunteers to work on a school project with Mike (Kirk Cameron) and Boner (Josh Andrew Koenig). This, however, is a subterfuge: Jill has been contemplating suicide due to some very serious problems at home, and she hopes to get some free counseling from Mike's psychiatrist dad Jason (Alan Thicke). But as it turns out, Jason is presently weighed down with a few self-pity issues of his own.

Episode 14

“Nasty Habits”

Maggie and Jason try to keep Mike in his room to complete an English paper, but Mike's mind is of course elsewhere.

Episode 15

“The Marrying Kind”

Reason flies out the window when Bobby and his parents arrive at the Seavers' for dinner and a special announcement -- that Bobby and Carol are engaged.

Episode 16

“State of the Union”

Maggie fumes over the many irritants that seem to be driving her and Jason apart -- until unexpected news sheds light on the situation.

Episode 17

“The Mom Who Knew Too Much”

Maggie and Carol share confidences at the beauty salon, but later Carol learns to her chagrin that a secret isn't safe with Maggie.

Episode 18

“Great Expectations”

A letter from the girl he met in Hawaii has Mike scheming to fly to Los Angeles to see her without his parents' knowing.

Episode 19

“Dance Fever (1)”

At the school dance, Mike gets a girl and Carol gets raked over the coals. Meanwhile, Ben's adventure goes awry.

Episode 20

“Dance Fever (2)”

Great expectations turn sour at the Dewey High dance after Mike hears Lydia's voice; and Ben and Stinky find themselves in a seedy diner eyeing a pinball machine that pays real money.

Episode 21

“Bringing Up Baby”

The Seavers begin to make room for baby, relegating Ben to the guest quarters and making the others lament the changes bound to come. Meanwhile, Maggie grasps for a way to tell her boss she is pregnant.

Episode 22

“The Obscure Objects of Our Desire (1)”

Spring-cleaning breathes new life into the family's household objects, and each has a story to tell (via flashbacks from past episodes).

Episode 23

“The Obscure Objects of Our Desire (2)”

Household objects continue to recall occasions in the Seaver home.

Episode 24

“How the West Was Won (1)”

Mike and Boner learn that Coach Lubbock has been fired, prompting them to organize a protest.

Episode 25

“How the West Was Won (2)”

Jason, Carol, Mike and Boner are arrested in the demonstration over the dismissal of Coach Lubbock.

Episode 26

“Graduation Day”

At Mike's high-school graduation, family members recall moments when it seemed like his graduation would never take place.