Growing Pains

Growing Pains

Growing Pains - Season 4 Episodes

Growing Pains S4E1
Episode 1

Fool for Love

Ben gets spooked at the prospect of asking a girl to a Halloween party; Jason becomes a disruptive force at Lamaze class.

Growing Pains S4E2
Episode 2

Birth of a Seaver

Maggie goes into labor on Ben's 12th birthday and Ben confesses to a patient at the hospital that he's already feeling crowded.

Growing Pains S4E3
Episode 3

Family Ties (1)

Mike has a showdown with Jason over his rights as an 18-year-old college student, and declares his freedom from parental rule.

Growing Pains S4E4
Episode 4

Family Ties (2)

b: 9 Nov 88 pc: 186432 w: Tom Walla d: John Tracy -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ""Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?"" gs: Charlie [ Tawney ] rc: Irma, Wally

Jason learns his widowed mother has a beau.

Growing Pains S4E5
Episode 5

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Growing Pains S4E6
Episode 6

Homecoming Queen

Carol is chosen for homecoming court.

Growing Pains S4E7
Episode 7

Nude Photos

Mike's photography course includes nude studies.

Growing Pains S4E8
Episode 8

Ben's First Kiss

Ben throws a party to get to know a girl.

Growing Pains S4E9
Episode 9

The Nanny

The Seavers hire a nanny for Chrissy.

Growing Pains S4E10
Episode 10


A travel snafu strands Julie with Mike.

Growing Pains S4E11
Episode 11

In Carol We Trust

Carol sneaks out of the house for a date.

Growing Pains S4E12
Episode 12

Mom of the Year

Maggie prepares her ""Working Mother of the Year"" acceptance speech.

Growing Pains S4E13
Episode 13

Semper Fidelis

Boner flunks out of college and joins the Marines.

Growing Pains S4E14
Episode 14

Feet of Clay

Maggie arranges for Ben to meet his favorite rock musician.

Growing Pains S4E15
Episode 15

Anniversary from Hell

Guests bicker at the Seavers' 20th-anniversary party.

Growing Pains S4E16
Episode 16

Fortunate Son

When Mike takes a job at a convenience store, his mother is worried about him working the dangerous night shift; but Mike is more concerned about the favoritism his racist boss shows him as one of the few white employees.

Growing Pains S4E17
Episode 17

Double Standard

Jason punishes Carol and Ben unequally for the same offense when they are both caught after sneaking out for dates without permission.

Growing Pains S4E18
Episode 18

The Recruiter

Carol doesn't want to attend her parents' alma mater.

Growing Pains S4E19
Episode 19

Show Ninety -- Who Knew?

Jason intervenes when Mike gets bad grades in psychology.

Growing Pains S4E20
Episode 20

Second Chance

Carol's boyfriend is injured drinking and driving.

Growing Pains S4E21
Episode 21

The Looooove Boat (1)

Jason's mother plans to wed aboard a cruise ship.

Growing Pains S4E22
Episode 22

The Looooove Boat (2)

Jason tries to mend his mother's broken wedding plans.

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