Hank - Season 1 Episodes

Hank S1E1
Episode 1


Ever wonder if there's any upside to downsizing? Hank Pryor is about to find out.

Episode 2

“Yard Sale”

All aboard the Hank Pryor Express! What's the Hank Pryor Express, you ask? Well, it's the name Hank has dubbed his plan to get back to the top. But when Tilly gets a job before he does, you think the Hank Pryor Express will be derailed? Nah. We're guessing it'll be a full-blown train wreck.

Episode 3

“Drag Your Daughter to Work Day”

When Hank forces Maddie to take a job at an ice cream shop, his daughter cons him into joining her. Sweet!

Episode 4

“Relax, Don't Do It”

Hank is ready to attack the day with his trusty "to do" list which includes things like fixing the toilet with Henry, prepping for the SAT with Maddie and teaching Tilly how to change a tire. Unfortunately, Henry would rather play video games, Maddie wants to hit the mall and Tilly, well, let's just say she's not all that into lug nuts.

Episode 5


Hank's mother-in-law (Swoosie Kurtz) visits for their first Thanksgiving in the new home, and Hank is less than thrilled.

Hank S1E6
Episode 6

“Got It”

Tilly's habit of saying ``got it'' annoys Hank; afraid to discuss the issue with Tilly, Hank recruits Grady to broach the topic with her.

Episode 7

“Hank's Got a Friend”

Episode 8

“The Pryor Name”

Episode 9

“Tree House”

Episode 10