Happy Endings

Happy Endings

Happy Endings - Season 2 Episodes

Happy Endings - Season 2

Happy Endings - Season 2

For years, perfect couple Dave and Alex drew their friends in and held them together. Now that they've split, does this group have the stuff to stay together? Or do Max, Brad, Jane and Penny have to choose sides? Suddenly every event is a negotiation... like, who gets to go on the annual ski trip? There are a lot of big questions to be answered, but this group has been together so long, somehow, little by little, they'll figure out how to hold on, even though their center is split up. It helps that Dave and Alex have agreed to stay friends. But there will definitely be other complications down the road. Happy Endings stars Elisha Cuthbert (24) as Alex, Eliza Coupe as Jane, Zachary Knighton as Dave, Adam Pally as Max, Damon Wayans, Jr. as Brad and Casey Wilson as Penny.

Happy Endings S2E1
Episode 1

Blax, Snake, Home

Penny buys a condo and vows to turn her life around; Jane talks Dave and Alex into finally being honest with each other.

Happy Endings S2E2
Episode 2

Baby Steps

Alex's new T-shirts intended for children end up being a hit with with teenagers; Jane searches for the child she believes was conceived from an egg she donated years ago.

Happy Endings S2E3
Episode 3


The gang is inspired when Penny's consistently optimistic mother (Megan Mullally) visits; Penny discovers her mom is hiding unhappy news.

Happy Endings S2E4
Episode 4

Secrets and Limos

Jane tries to help her friends visualize the path to their dreams; Brad has a hard time relating to his humorless boss; Dave is afraid to introduce his new girlfriend to the gang.

Happy Endings S2E5
Episode 5

Spooky Endings

While Brad and Jane are house-sitting in the suburbs, the rest of the gang attends a warehouse party.

Happy Endings S2E6
Episode 6

Lying Around

Brad lies and says he has to go out of town for work when Jane's former sorority sister visits; Dave and Max make a commercial to promote the food truck.

Happy Endings S2E7
Episode 7

The Code War

The return of Max's high school girlfriend affects everyone in the group differently; Jane tries to find herself a work husband.

Happy Endings S2E8
Episode 8

Full Court Dress

Alex offers to design Jane a dress for her charity event; Penny helps Max babysit; Dave and Brad realize their new friendship with the mailman isn't all it was cracked up to be.

Happy Endings S2E9
Episode 9

Grinches Be Crazy

Desperate to earn money, Max agrees to play Santa at Penny's charity event; Jane tries to reclaim money she and Brad saved for their vacation after she accidentally gives it to the housekeeper.

Happy Endings S2E10
Episode 10

The Shrink, The Dare, Her Date And Her Brother

Dave has a surprising reaction when his shrink (Ken Marino) starts dating Penny; Max and Jane's fight over a sweater leads to a strange competition; Alex and Brad bond when they discover a shared interest.

Happy Endings S2E11
Episode 11

Meet the Parrots

Dave's father (Michael McKean) comes to town with his new girlfriend.

Happy Endings S2E12
Episode 12

Makin' Changes!

Penny tries to change the slacker (Ryan Hansen) she is dating to suit her needs; Brad starts acting the way he did in college; Alex and Max try to convince Dave to give up V-neck shirts.

Happy Endings S2E13
Episode 13

The St. Valentine’s Day Maxssacre

The road to romance is rocky for the gang, as Penny has a new boyfriend she wants to dump; Dave is afraid his new girlfriend is about to dump him; Alex, an expert on all things Valentine's, goes looking for a party in the sketchy part of town; and Brad's hopes for a perfect night out for Jane are dashed when a dental appointment goes terribly wrong. But they don't have anything on Max, who picks up a couple with his limo only to find that one of the passengers is Grant (guest star James Wolk), the boyfriend he broke up with a year ago -- on Valentine's Day

Happy Endings S2E14
Episode 14

Everybody Loves Grant

Max wonders if he is good enough for his boyfriend, Grant (James Wolk); Dave tries to prove that he is cooler than Grant.

Happy Endings S2E15
Episode 15

The Butterfly Effect Effect

The gang relies on Brad and Jane's annual argument to let them know when Max will come out of hibernation and when winter will end.

Happy Endings S2E16
Episode 16

Cocktails & Dreams

Dave gets a liquor license for his food truck, making it a new hot spot; the gang avoids Dave because his signature drink gives them sex dreams.

Happy Endings S2E17
Episode 17

The Kerkovich Way

Alex teams up with Jane to convince Dave that something he's certain happened never did. Penny and Max are determined to finally beat Julie and Justin in the annual Rosalita's Run and Scavenger Hunt.

Happy Endings S2E18
Episode 18

Party of Six

Since Penny's birthday celebrations have a history of being cursed, her friends search for a special restaurant—one that hasn't banned any of them and where they hopefully won't run into any exes.

Happy Endings S2E19
Episode 19

You Snooze, You Bruise

Not everything is jim-dandy at Dave's gym after he becomes the target of a bully, so onetime bully Alex coaches him on how to work out his problems with the tough guy. Meanwhile, residents don't take kindly to condo-association president Jane and her controlling ways and mount a campaign to replace her.

Happy Endings S2E20
Episode 20

Big White Lies

Penny tells a little white lie to get out of reuniting with a pesky childhood friend, and soon the entire gang is caught up in a frenzy of fibbing, with each seemingly innocent untruth growing bigger than the one before. Meanwhile, Max and Dave's robust love life is grating on their lonely landlord, who is looking for a way to evict them—until he takes a liking to Alex.

Happy Endings S2E21
Episode 21

Four Weddings and a Funeral (Minus Three Weddings and One Funeral)

The gang find themselves at yet another wedding, this time the nuptials of Derrick (Stephen Guarino reprising his role) and Eric (Nate Smith). Will there be "DRAMA," to quote Derrick? Of course, as Brad struggles to tell Jane something important. Jane tries to find a way to help Eric hide the fact that the pricey reception must be downscaled and Max tries to find the courage to perform with his old all-male Madonna cover band. Meanwhile, a dateless Penny is sad that she's at another wedding, alone, until she meets cute guy Chris (Brian Austin Green) via Skype.

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