Hardcore Pawn

Hardcore Pawn

Hardcore Pawn - Season 6 Episodes

Hardcore Pawn S6E1
Episode 1

Rich Returns?

Rich returns to speak to Les about their confrontation. In a last-ditch effort to regain Les’ trust, Rich spots what he thinks are stolen goods. If he’s right, he’ll look like a savior. If he’s wrong, he will undoubtedly be handed his final walking papers. Meanwhile, Seth continues on his path to take over the store from his father, all under the disapproving eye of his sister Ashley.

Hardcore Pawn S6E2
Episode 2

The Shocker

Les complains that the internet department is not generating enough sales; to rectify this, Seth decides to have all items sold both online and at the pawn shop. However, they experience a problem when a man buys a watch online, but that same watch was sold several minutes earlier to an in-pawn shop customer, and was not removed from the website on time. Seth places the blame on Ashley, but she has a solution to the problem -- use barcodes. Also: a man tries to sell a "brand new" space heater, but it looks anything but brand new. A woman tries to redeem her pawn of her golf clubs, but when she learned that she actually sold them instead of pawning them, she had some choice words for not only the "thugs" on the staff, but also for Les and his Jewish faith. A man tries to sell a Halloween prop of a man being electrocuted in an electric chair, but not only the technology for props have advanced, they also became cheaper. A man and a woman fight over a jacket, as both claimed that they saw it first, leading to Ashley to decide who should get it -- no one. A shy little girl sells her rocking carousel horse, but realises that she needed to learn about an actual value of an item.

Hardcore Pawn S6E3
Episode 3

Million Dollar Story

Seth and Ashley suspect that Les has been buying items, in particular fireplace irons, an antique icebox and a scale used by NASA, based only on the story than the actual value; however, Les feels that sometimes buying them based on the story would end up making a profit in the end, and he tries to prove his kids wrong. Also: a woman tries to sell an electric sweeper without its cord, threatening Ashley when they couldn't make a deal. A man tries to sell a novelty football grill and stereo unit, but gets very angry when Seth points out that its blown speakers made it worthless. A man tries to sell his earrings for money to go to a voguing competition, but learns that the gems are not real. A woman gets angry with a clerk when she found out that she needed to pay more to redeem her pawn, but she has her friend with her carrying a Red Solo Cup, leading Seth to believe that at least she was drinking.

Hardcore Pawn S6E4
Episode 4

Amy Got Back

Les rehires a former employee, Amy, in hopes that she'll increase the sales of the jewellery department; however, Seth had a bad feeling about the rehire, as she made several mistakes before, before she left the pawn shop unannounced. But when she made the mistake of misplacing a boxed ring, accidentally giving a customer an empty box instead, Les simply chalks it up as an innocent mistake, believing that her sales outweigh her mistakes, which infuriates Seth, who still believes that rehiring Amy is a big mistake. Also: a man who calls himself "Pistol Pete" tries to sell what he thought was a 14-karat gold pinky ring, but a deal sours when not only was the ring determined to be 10-karat, but Ashley and Bobby J. make fun of his name. A man tries to sell his 13-inch tube-screen TV, but when he failed to strike a deal with Seth, due to the set being an unknown off-brand, he threw the TV -- and himself -- in the dumpster. A man sells his replica Harley-Davidson minibike, but finds himself in a bidding war between Les and Seth. A man tries to take his wife's items out of hock, but when Les said he could not without the pawn slip, he threatens Les through the redeem window, not thinking that there's a way out of the office. A man sells his signed Babe Ruth letter, despite not being pleased with Seth's offer.

Hardcore Pawn S6E5
Episode 5

Tripped Out Cash

Les buys a framed, handmade Stanley Mouse T-shirt for $60. Seth feels that the shirt is all but worthless, but was proven wrong when Rich told Les of the artist's notoriety, making the shirt much more valuable than Les and Seth give credit for. Also: a woman talks to Ashley about getting "free money" when she brought in a friend, only to get angry when she was told that she misread the sign about an interest-free offer. A man tries to have his wife's ring appraised, but when his wife comes into the store, she not only accused him of stealing the ring, she practically "let him have it". A young man sells what he thought was an old, hand-operated "washing machine", only for Les to tell him that it's a fairly-new replica of a wine press. A couple of men try to sell a pair of drivable toilets, which was the most bizarre item ever offered at American Jewelry. A woman tries to get her stolen TV out of hock, but when she could not without a pawn slip, she tries to steal a TV; failing that, she tries to steal a traffic cone out of the parking lot.

Hardcore Pawn S6E6
Episode 6

Motor Mouth

A couple try to exchange a video game console that was sold "as is" for their kid, but did not work. However, when his wife got into an argument with Ashley and Les, Les said that he was willing to deal, but only if his wife was not present. This also irked Seth, as Les was breaking the "as is" rule that they established. Also: a woman complains to Ashley that the stones on her ring was switched while it was in hock. A magician sells his optical illusion cabinet, but when Seth and Les learn from Rich of its value, they try everything to keep it from disappearing. An elderly man pawns his computer, to get more money for his medicine. A man sells his beer-bottle shaped portable fireplace. Another man literally goes crazy when told by a security guard that he had to move his van out of the no-parking zone.

Hardcore Pawn S6E7
Episode 7

Cold Blooded Robbery

A security guard catches a man hiding in a refrigerator in the store, spurring concerns that he was trying to rob the store by hiding until the store closes, then robbing it. Ashley suggests that a security guard work the store after it closes; however, Les and Seth dismiss the idea, as it is already well-equipped with alarms and cameras. But Ashley's fears was realised when the store was broken in after hours, and a fur coat was stolen. Also: a man tries to get a refund on a silver chain that he bought that was defective, which he discovered after leaving the store. A hunter tries to sell a bear trap, but as its use is illegal, it would be difficult to sell. A man tries to return a cell phone that he said that he bought at American Jewelry, but he has no receipt. A man tries to redeem his pawn, but the name on the ticket does not match the name on his ID. A man sells a rare espresso machine that makes 25 cups of espresso, but the market for it is very limited.

Hardcore Pawn S6E8
Episode 8

Les' Spending Spree

Les buys a set of Vietnam-era miltary walkie-talkies and a roadster. However, the warehouse is overflowing with vehicles and other items that Les bought in the past, but never sold, irking Seth and Ashley. Les failed to convince them that it takes awhile to sell the items at a price that will earn the store the most profit. To save face, Les sells a 1941 Chevrolet, but the price must be right. Also: a man gets irate when he couldn't show his pawn slip in order to get back his TV; after he was kicked out, he found his pawn slip -- in his pocket. A woman named Marcus gets angry when the wedding ring she laid-away was sold, as she was late on her payment. A woman with extra-long finger nails sells her gold ring.

Hardcore Pawn S6E9
Episode 9

Burmese or Busted?

A woman wanted to sell her deceased grandmother's gems to pay for her funeral. Ashley thought that they were all nothing but glass costume jewellery, but Les still wanted the shop's gemologist to test them out. Ashley thought that having them tested would be a waste of time, but Les wanted them tested, lest risking thousands of dollars from walking out the door. After the gems were tested, Ashley was right that all of them were glass, except for one, which is a genuine Burmese Ruby worth tens of thousands of dollars. Then later, a couple came in with what they thought was gold dust; as with the gems, Ashley was skeptical that it was real, but Les wanted to give it the acid test to make sure. Also: a woman loses her grandmother's ring after being one month late for her pawn payment, leading her to lose the ring; irate, she ended up hitching a ride out of the shop on a guard's leg. A woman, who lifts weights for exercise, tries to sell her jacket; while negotiating, she lifted a couple of employees as they deliberated. A man complains that his "as is" gas generator does not work; Les, reluctant to lose a longtime customer, has a simple fix to defuse the problem. A man gets angry when a television that he sold for $90 is on display for sale at $400; Seth knows that something is up when the man fails to produce a receipt for the transaction. A man tries to sell his 1960s Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots set, but was knocked out when he and Les couldn't agree on a reasonable price.

Hardcore Pawn S6E10
Episode 10

Lawyer Up Son

A woman comes in to redeem her son's pawn of her mother's gold ring, but was told that he had no pawns on file at American Jewelery. She later produced her pawn ticket, which Les found to be counterfeit. Refusing to listen to Les, she brings in her attorney, in hopes that he would get Les to produce the ring; however, she finds out that both her attorney and Les are honest about their work. Also: a woman gets irate when she was unable to get a refund on her non-working generator. A couple of men try to sell a Piatti scooter for $4000, only for Les find out that they're selling the exact same scooter online for $2500. A man tries to sell his DVD/VHS player, but was a cause of irritation for Ashley when he mimics everything she does. An old man, who was going deaf, sells his Segway PT, but almost rolled away when Les couldn't make a deal. A man tries to sell a lawn mower with an attached gadget that Seth thought was a portable vacuum, but was tossed out when he threatened to "bomb" the store.

Hardcore Pawn S6E11
Episode 11

Seth's Big Bet

Ashley challenges Seth to a unique competition that puts the Golden boy in over his head. If he can’t deliver the goods, the world will hear the one thing he’s been fighting to keep a secret.

Hardcore Pawn S6E12
Episode 12

Oh No He Didn't

A customer complained to Seth and Les that he was unable to pawn his watch at the Pontiac location, as he said that that location ran out of cash. This had Seth to believe that the Pontiac location was losing money, going as far as suggesting to Les that he should sell that location. However, Les steadfastly refuses to sell, as he believes that its fortunes can be turned around. Nevertheless, Seth entertains sales offers from other dealers, without the input or knowledge of Les, leading to Ashley to predict that the situation would end in a bloodbath. Also: A woman tries to exchange her diamond earrings, claiming that they were defective; however, Ashley points out to her that not only she had no receipt, but the earrings were fake. A woman requests that she gets a receipt for her television that she had taken out of pawn, but ends up in a temper tantrum when she learns that the store does not give receipts for pawns that were redeemed. A couple with a baby on the way sell their heart-shaped diamond, but almost walked out over $25 after learning that non-traditional cut diamonds were not that valuable. A man spends thousands of dollars of "God's money" on jewellery, but becomes a source of discomfort for Ashley when he start's rambling insanely. A couple of men try to sell vintage railroad crossing signs, but learn that, despite their collectability, there was no market for them.

Hardcore Pawn S6E13
Episode 13

Oh Yes He Did

Seth’s secret plan to sell American Jewelry & Loan’s second location is in full motion, but when it hits a snag, Ashley is pulled into the fray. The kids scramble to meet with a buyer and find themselves in a life-changing scenario. The Hardcore Pawn mid-season finale is jam-packed with drama and unusual items up for pawn. From a high-end empty bottle of liquor and a souped-up sports car claimed to be a factory experimental model, to a powerful racing go-kart.

Hardcore Pawn S6E14
Episode 14

Family Matters

After Seth attempted to sell his father's business out from under him, Les cannot forgive or forget his son's betrayal. The shop can't function without Les, but he seems to have checked out and locked himself in his office, refusing to speak to anyone. When a fight on the floor gets tossed outside, the parking lot rumble rolls out of control and the Golds find themselves in the line of fire.

Hardcore Pawn S6E15
Episode 15

Pay to Play

Continuing from the previous episode, it was first thought that the woman who was driving away had a gun, but instead she was reaching for something else as they drove off. However, Les was very grateful for Seth as his son for saving his life, even though there was no gun. But as a business associate, he felt that Seth needs to earn back his trust. Seth got his chance when a couple of men came in with a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar which they claim was from 1951 or 1952; they wanted a minimum of $30,000 for it. However, Seth knew there were fakes on the market, leading him to take a close look at the parts, but what he found was neither real nor fake, but instead a guitar composed of various parts from the 1950s, forcing the sellers to make a deal that won't break the bank. Also: a man tries to sell a pair of padded swords for a live action role-playing game, but ended up losing to Ashley in a duel. A man tries to sell a beat up hot rod, but learns that historical value does not equate to monetary value. A woman tries to claim her money for a phone-in appraisal of her earrings, only to learn that American Jewelry does not provide such a service. And pro wrestler Lex Luger comes in to sell his robe for charity.

Hardcore Pawn S6E16
Episode 16

Shell Game

A customer complains to Les that a con man was running a three-card Monte operation in the parking lot; Les initially dismisses the complaint as a customer who needed more money, but the complaint was proven true when a security guard catches the con man in the act. Also: a woman tries to sell a broken watch; not only was the watch not accepted by Seth due to its condition, but the customer also acted in an impolite matter, not only ordering that she get her cash, but also spitting on the floor. A man tried to redeem another person's pawn without identification or papers, but has taken Ashley's offer to let him buy something instead; however, he started to run for it when he told Ashley that he intended to shoplift instead. A couple of men tried to sell a pair of sumo wrestling suits that they bought for a bachelor party, but while Seth and Ashley had fun playing in them, the sale price would only be a mere fraction of their purchase price. A man sells a placard for a NFL Players strike, with signatures of the striking players, after "striking" a reasonable deal with Les.

Hardcore Pawn S6E17
Episode 17

Gold Meltdown

Kane Hodder, an actor who played Jason Voorhees in four of the Friday the 13th films, comes to American Jewelry to have a gold pendant featuring Jason's trademark hockey goalie mask; however, it needed to be done right away so Kane can wear it at a local horror film convention. However, when Les was testing a torch when he was testing a customer's purported bar of gold to see if it was real, he mistook the Jason mask as a piece of scrap gold, leading him to blame Seth for miscommunication. As a result, the pendant had to be remade in four hours, or risk getting it delayed and losing potential customers in what Seth perceives as a new line of business for American Jewelry. Also: A woman gets irate when she tries to redeem her pawn of her television and computer; she gets even more upset when she learns that she was late redeeming her computer pawn. A couple of men fight like "children", leading to Ashley to play mommy and send them to time out. And a man tries to sell his Clay-Adams female anatomy model, but learns from Les that novelty does not equate to value.

Hardcore Pawn S6E18
Episode 18

Vintage Victory

Les and Ashley must properly determine the value of a shoddy bike; Seth enters into a conflict with a New Jersey man; a customer desires a TV.

Hardcore Pawn S6E19
Episode 19

Ashley's Bad Day

Ashley's attitude is nothing new, but when her sass threatens to start costing the store business, it’s up to Les and Seth to get to the root of her problems. Then, a serial killer groupie brings in some frightening paraphernalia - could it be too spooky for even Les to handle? And a showdown on a drum set lets Rich show off his skills - and maybe make a deal.

Hardcore Pawn S6E20
Episode 20

Motor City Dream Cruise

Hardcore Pawn S6E21
Episode 21


Hardcore Pawn S6E22
Episode 22

Junkyard Intervention

With the warehouse overflowing with broken electronics, Seth decides to orders a dumpster to get rid of the junk - behind his father’s back. Will Les be able to let it go? Or will this new betrayal create a rift between father and son? Meanwhile, Ashley faces off with a woman who threatens to bring charges against her when her pawn doesn’t go as planned, and man claiming to be a lawyer tries to allegedly swindle her with some fake jewels.

Hardcore Pawn S6E23
Episode 23

Watch Out

Hardcore Pawn S6E24
Episode 24

Les' Mojo

Les is on a losing streak, and the kids are beginning to doubt his ability to close deals. So when the score of a lifetime comes through the door, can the kids stop him from blowing it, and losing a fortune?

Hardcore Pawn S6E25
Episode 25

To Catch a Thief, Part 1

Hardcore Pawn S6E26
Episode 26

To Catch a Thief, Part 2

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