" Glad I Didn't Vote Myself Off This Island"

Harper's Island was a 13 episode, one timer show, that dealt with horror and mystery. My aunt was the first one to tell me about the show, which aired in April. One day I caught them showing a preview of this, so I had gotten the general idea; to tell you the truth I wasn't impressed at all. It didn't interest me at all and I was disappointed. It reminded me of NBC's Fear Itself, which failed to brighten my eyes one bit. I missed back when i was a kid when TV showed good horror shows, such as: Beyond and Belief, some of the X files episodes, Friday the 13th (not Jason), and even though they were reruns, the Tales from the Darkside television show. I mean what has happened to television horror.

Anyway, unlike movies, I give new television shows a chance, simply because they're free, and I don't have to pay like 10 bucks to find out if I'll really like it or not. So, when April 9th came around, I sat down with my juicy, Philly cheese steak sub and some quenching Coca-Cola and turned on the show. The show starts out with a bunch of friends and family, heading to Harper's island for a wedding between Henry Dunn and Trish Wellington. The first few minutes of it, I thought, were enticing. The killer has already striked, by tying one of the wedding guest to the bottom of a cruise ship, near the propeller, so when the boat started, he was chopped into a million pieces, of course, they only showed the blood.

Once they get onto the island, the broom and bride's family and friends all start to be killed off by a secret killer, one by one. Now that sentence, maybe implies that I watched this show past it's first episode. Trust me, that's not the case. I was bored out of my mind and not entertained, so I just decided to listen to the final minutes of the first episode and pluck shit up on the computer. This was like One Tree Hill mixed with horror and suspense, well mainly One Tree Hill dramatized bullshit more than anything else. There was no suspense at all, that was until the final minutes where the bride's uncle gets sliced in half, and what's great is that they let you see a quick glimpse of the mutilated body. Too bad it wasn't enough to keep me into this show, so I quit it.

Sometime around mid-May, during a boring day, I was trying to search for something good to look at online. I ended up on Youtube and saw that they had updated somethings, like there TV shows. When I clicked on the link, the first thing I saw was Harper's Island. Being as bored as I was, I just started to watch all the episodes that were listed. I still wasn't interested in it, but someway the show's concept was starting to fall into place, so I decided to continue watching online. Then finally, all of a sudden, the show really picks up. The killer is a little more bold with the killings, which puts the guest into a frenzy.

Last night, I watched the show's finale, and I couldn't have been more pleased. Harper's Island turned out to be a pretty decent show. As the show went off, I just thinking to myself, why can't they make more shows like this? When your main favorite shows go off air for season finales, they should bring in more of these one timers like this one. I don't know about you but I am sick and tired of this Chef Ramsey same old bullshit coming on every summer. Now, I don't have cable and I don't always want to watch movies in my collection. I just hope this will be used a model to bring in more and better summer time shows and not these pointless, fillers with these stupid ass reality shows.

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