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Hawaii Five-0 - Season 1 Episodes

Hawaii Five-0 - Season 1

Hawaii Five-0 - Season 1

Hawaii Five-0 is a contemporary take on the classic series about a new elite federalized task force whose mission is to wipe out the crime that washes up on the islands' sun-drenched beaches.

Hawaii Five-0 S1E1
Episode 1


Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett is escorting a high-priority prisoner, Victor Hesse, out of S. Korea, when he receives a phone call from his father. Turns out Victor Hesse's brother has McGarrett's father at gunpoint and plans on killing him if Steve doesn't let his Victor go.

Hawaii Five-0 S1E2
Episode 2


When Roland Lowry, a former Security Expert for the NSA, is kidnapped, the Governor brings in McGarrett and his team to find him.

Hawaii Five-0 S1E3
Episode 3

Respect the Land

Danny spots a group carrying guns at a high school football game. He hustles his daughter, Grace, to safety and alerts McGarrett, who is at the game with the rest of the team (it's their alma mater).

Hawaii Five-0 S1E4
Episode 4


McGarrett gets a call from the Governor about Wendell Dawkins, a career criminal who just broke out of prison; he killed three guards and she wants him found ASAP.

Hawaii Five-0 S1E5
Episode 5


The Governor calls McGarrett and his team in to investigate the murder/disappearance of two sisters, daughters to a close friend of hers, the Ambassador to the Philippines, Ambassador Reeves.

Hawaii Five-0 S1E6
Episode 6

North Shore of Oʻahu

Kono is hit hard when her mentor, surfing icon Ian Adams, is shot during an exhibition run during the opening of a surfing competition.

Hawaii Five-0 S1E7
Episode 7


McGarrett uses his SEAL training to secretly board The Missouri when another former SEAL, Graham Rivers, takes a group of tourists hostage on the ship.

Hawaii Five-0 S1E8
Episode 8


Tourists get a big shock during a Luau when they unearth the traditional Kalua pig from the fire pit, revealing the charred body of a dead cop, his badge wedged between his teeth.

Hawaii Five-0 S1E9
Episode 9

The Siege

When a member of the security detail for an upcoming Aid Summit is murdered just before he can reveal details of an assassination plot, McGarrett and the Five-0 team are asked to step in, investigate the murder, and help protect the target.

Hawaii Five-0 S1E10
Episode 10


A highly skilled heist of an armored car ultimately dumped in the ocean puzzles McGarrett and the Five-0 team when they learn the thieves left the money.

Hawaii Five-0 S1E11
Episode 11


Two hunters who think they're about to nab a wild boar in Kahana State Park are stunned when a terrorized, half naked women (Erica Harris) runs towards them.

Hawaii Five-0 S1E12
Episode 12

Desperate Measures

Chin Ho has a hi-tech bomb strapped around his neck that will go off if he moves or if anyone tries to disarm it. Cut to: 48 hours earlier, the team is called to investigate the murder of an arms dealer, murdered two weeks ago, but who just washed ashore. Kono tracks down the body dump site which is a high-end condo/resort area and video surveillance footage of that location reveals that he'd had a meeting there with Victor Hesse—the man who killed McGarrett's father and whom McGarrett thought he'd killed. McGarrett and Danny go to Sang Min to get help tracking Hesse. Sang Min agrees but says his contact will only meet if he's present. At the meet, Sang Min manages to escape and following his trail leads Chin Ho to Hesse, who rigs him with the bomb. Once again Hesse has backed McGarrett in a corner. Hesse wants $10 million to deactivate the bomb and though McGarrett knows he can't trust Hesse, the $10 million gets him close. Since the Governor won't give them the money, they devise a plan to steal it from HPD evidence locker. Chin Ho's extensive knowledge of this locker makes us understand why HPD thought Chin Ho was dirty. McGarrett gets the money and meets with Hesse who then throws it into a fire. They struggle and Kono ultimately shoots Hesse, allowing McGarrett to deactivate the bomb. They save Chin Ho, and capture Hesse, but lost the money and the Governor is angry that they lost Sang Min. In prison, Hesse meets with Wo Fat, who wants to know what McGarrett knows about his father’s last investigation.

Also, it's Christmas time in Hawaii and Danny is trying to set up the perfect Christmas for his daughter, Grace.

Hawaii Five-0 S1E13
Episode 13

The Beginning

McGarrett interrupts high-tech thieves who disabled his elaborate security system and let themselves in; he's outmanned and they end up stealing his father's Champ box. Realizing they had to have had a key, McGarrett and Danny race to his sister Mary's house, only to find evidence she's been kidnapped. McGarrett and Danny manage to rescue Mary and confirm that the Yakuza (Japanese mafia) were behind the kidnapping and the theft and both are connected to the murder of McGarrett's mother. Mary’s investigations have instigated the recent attacks on the McGarrett family and she tells her brother that their father was working on two investigations, she’s not sure about one, but the other is the murder of their mother. McGarrett believes the bomb that killed his mother, was intended for his father, and meant to stop his investigation into the Yakuza 15 years ago. He and the team pick up the trail and identify a very wealthy and well-connected businessman as the Yakuza boss. He's so well connected, he eats lunch with the Governor; she, in turn, tells McGarrett to tread carefully. Our teams solves the case of McGarrett’s mother’s murder and brings down the Yakuza boss, but not without annoying the Governor and, perhaps, agitating Wo Fat.

Hawaii Five-0 S1E14
Episode 14

An Innocent Man

Chin Ho and Kono join an HPD high-speed chase, however, when the car crashes and the driver is fatally injured, they discover he was carrying a box with a severed human head. McGarrett and his team must first identify the two dead men in order to solve this case. The car turns out to be a rental that the renter reported stolen that morning. Calculating the driver was likely an illegal immigrant, McGarrett and Danny go to a neighborhood where a number of illegal workers live and start asking questions. They find the driver's father and son, all the father knows is his son was going to get a big paycheck to deliver a package; McGarrett bonds with the father and figures the driver had no idea what he was delivering, so this avenue is a dead end in finding the killer. In the meantime, Coroner Max discovers the severed head had a specific radioactive isotope, indicating the victim was a cancer patient so Chin Ho decides to swallow his pride and talk to his ex-fiancée to see if she can identify their victim. She treated the victim and gives them his personal information, however, when they arrive at his house, they discover his wife has been kidnapped. As the team puts together the seemingly disparate threads of the case, they realize the entire plan was masterminded by the murder victim’s wife as a way to extort money from her father.

Hawaii Five-0 S1E15
Episode 15

Tidal Wave

After an early morning Tsunami alert, McGarrett and Danny get called to the Tsunami Warning Center because its Director has gone missing. The timing of the disappearance couldn’t be worse as there’s a lot of conflicting data about the Tsunami that the Deputy Director doesn’t know how to interpret and Captain Mike Hale from the Coast Guard needs a threat level from the Deputy Director to activate his services as to the best plan of action. Chin Ho and Kono search the Director’s house and determine that he’s been abducted but is probably still alive. They also realize the Director was trying to send a message, but they can’t decode what it means. As the rest of the Police Dept. helps the islanders seek higher ground and move inland for safety, McGarrett and the team (with a little help from McGarrett’s girlfriend in Naval Intelligence) track down and rescue the Director. They also figure out the tsunami was a ruse perpetrated by Captain Hale in order for him to steal money from the HPD evidence locker. When the Five-0 team realizes that catching Captain Hale means HPD will figure there’s $10 million missing (Five-0 took it and it to rescue Chin Ho, but Victor Hesse burned it) and they’ll be caught, they decide to do the right thing and get Hale. In the end, McGarrett gets called to the Governor’s office; the team joins him as they’re all in it together. McGarrett gets out of the meeting saying the Governor congratulated them on a job well done, and mysteriously, the money is all accounted for.

Hawaii Five-0 S1E16
Episode 16

To Protect

McGarrett and the team are sent to find and safely bring in a high profile murder case witness who's gone missing. The cops sent to pick her up and her US Marshall guard have all been killed and she's disappeared into the jungle with multiple assassins tracking her, trying to prevent her from testifying. McGarrett and Chin Ho find the witness; Chin Ho is responsible for taking her back to safety while McGarrett tracks and immobilizes the assassins; Kono heads back to headquarters to figure out the identities of the assassins.

Also, when Rachel's car is hijacked and her house is ransacked, Danny steps in to investigate; when he finds out it's because of Stan’s shady business deals, he’s furious. But, for Grace’s sake, he takes the high road and solves Stan’s problems.

Hawaii Five-0 S1E17
Episode 17


Our Five-0 team's latest case hits home for McGarrett whose personal experience with a loved one held hostage pushes him even harder to rescue twelve vacationing college students abducted and held for ransom, apparently by local Tongon pirates. Upon finding the boat, they discover the ship’s captain and one of the pirates dead, and the lone survivor, Susan, a deck hand, still on board. Kamekona helps us discover the pawn shop that fences for the Tongan pirates and the owner gives us their location. Turns out the pirates were set up as the kidnappers and have an alibi for the kidnapping. One of the kidnapped kids gets killed but a slip-up by one of the kidnappers leads McGarrett and the team to successfully apprehend the kidnappers, including willing participant, Susan, and her fiancée, Tyler.

Hawaii Five-0 S1E18
Episode 18

The Long Goodbye

After the murder of a judge’s child, the Five-0 team begins investigating a bomber with a potential grudge against the judge and legal system. A second blast kills a prosecting attorney's, Yoon, son. Chin Ho takes a fragment of the circuit board from the second bombing to a hobby shop and is informed that somebody came in and bought three of them. Kono and Chin Ho cross-reference the information and discover a suspect, Marshall Roan, who’s son was recently killed in prison. They eventually uncover the final target and stop Roan before he’s able to kill anybody else.

Danny learns that his visiting brother, Chris, is the target of a federal investigation. Chris came to Hawaii for one last deal. Danny lets his brother go rather than arresting him and sending him to jail.

Hawaii Five-0 S1E19
Episode 19

Heroes and Villains

A man dressed in a costume plummets to his death beside a hotel pool and our 5-0 team investigates who wanted him dead. Our team identifies the victim as someone attending the local Cosplay convention, where attendees dress as their favorite anime or sci-fi character. He’d arranged to meet a woman he was having an online relationship with until her ex-husband showed up and beat him up. McGarrett and the team figure out the ex-husband didn’t kill our victim and our victim may have been a case of mistaken identity. He was thrown from a room that belonged to a thief, who had been targeting several high-end houses on the island to support his party lifestyle. Clearly the thief had stolen something worth killing for. The find the thief who has no idea who’s trying to kill him, but when the 5-0 team investigates his stolen merchandise, they find a flash drive hidden in a tourist “snowball” that has evidence of an old murder. Using the flash drive, the find the killer as well as solve the old murder.

Also, McGarrett meets Jenna Kaye, a CIA analyst on leave who offers to help him investigate Wo Fat.

Hawaii Five-0 S1E20
Episode 20


McGarrett and Danny find a dumped body while hiking up a mountain. The team identify the body as Jack Nahm, a fisherman, who had been having altercations with other fishermen because his refusal to carry drugs to shore. Using forensics, and other information, McGarrett learns that rather than running drugs, Nahm had taken a second job at a small airfield to make ends meet. They also learn that Nahm had been searching online about a recent Hawaiian crime where a wealthy teenaged boy raped and killed a young woman and had disappeared, managing to evade the police. Piecing together this information and other clues, our team figure out that Nahm was killed because he saw the boy being put on a private plane to escape. Our teams arrests the boy’s father for harboring a fugitive and are able to track down and arrest the boy; though Nahm was murdered, his son has the comfort of knowing his father died helping others.

Also, Kono and Chin Ho’s visit their Auntie Emele and on her deathbed, Chin Ho promises to make up with her husband, their Uncle Keako. We learn Uncle Keako stole the money Chin Ho was accused of stealing in order to save his wife. Chin Ho protected his Uncle and was kicked off the force and now the Uncle wants to come clean.

Hawaii Five-0 S1E21
Episode 21


Reggie Cole, an undercover NYPD officer is in Hawaii and squeezes in a brief visit with his family before returning undercover to run security for his mobster boss, Cannon. Unfortunately, on their one night together, they are attacked. Though his son is unharmed, Reggie's injured and his wife is murdered. McGarrett and his team investigate the shooting and Cannon is their prime suspect. Cannon has come to Hawaii to visit his son who isn't in the family "business"; he claims not to have known Reggie was undercover but he remains a prime suspect. Meanwhile, Reggie decides to leave the hospital and do his investigation, but when 5-0 discovers the dead body of one of the shooters, they are forced to track down Reggie in case he's avenging the deaths of his wife. They find Reggie and learn that someone else is killing the killers. Using evidence Reggie found, they bring down the final shooter and get him to confess who hired him. Turns out it wasn't Cannon, but his son. Even though Cannon's son wasn't a mobster, he enjoyed a lifestyle supported by his father's crimes and when he heard the FBI was going to bring in his father, he went after the person who threatened his inheritance.

Hawaii Five-0 S1E22
Episode 22

Close to Heart

It's the worst kind of overexposure when world-renowned photographer Renny Sinclair is murdered while on assignment in Hawaii shooting the annual swimsuit edition of a top sports magazine.

Hawaii Five-0 S1E23
Episode 23

Until the End is Near

With the invaluable information that was shared by Agent Jenna Kaye, Five-0 is closer than ever to capturing Wo Fat.

Hawaii Five-0 S1E24
Episode 24


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