Heartbeat - Season 11 Episodes

Heartbeat S11E1
Episode 1

Sweet Sixteen

After Jackie left him at the end of series 10, Mike becomes friendly with Dr. Tricia Sumerbee. Craddock's efforts to impress an inspector as the station & police house are vandalised. The vandalism turns out to be by a young boy who claims a policeman killed him in a car crash. Vernon & David have a dispute over the house, accusing David of hiding items.

Heartbeat S11E2
Episode 2

She's Leaving Home

The boy who caused damage to the police property runs off with his 16 year old girlfriend. The girlfriend falls ill after drinking contaminated water.

Vernon eventually persuades Oscar to try a slot machine in the pub. He says he will pay for the winnings himself. Vernon doesnt realise the machine has been fixed by a friend of Bernie's, meaning Oscar enjoys a busy night of trade, eventually the man who fixes the machines foots the bill.

Heartbeat S11E3
Episode 3

Russian Roulette

Mr Maxwell, a patient of Dr Tricia Sumerbee is suffering from depression, and keeps walking onto railway lines. It turns out that the depression is due to his wife's death. Meanwhile, Mike considers taking Sergeants exams

Heartbeat S11E4
Episode 4


A new policeman, PC Tom Nicholson arrives at the station for a prohibationary period. Lord Ashfordly has some figures stolen. Despite suspecting the staff of the theft, it was actually a student, who was using them for research.

Heartbeat S11E5
Episode 5

Home Sweet Home

When a series of items go missing at a nursing home, the police investigate. After Oscar Blaketon discovers her qualifications are false, suspicion is on the owner, Mrs. Hargreaves. It turns out it was actually one of the residents, who was a little absent minded. David becomes involved in house clearing, but after a not very securley attached 6 turns into a 9, David clears the wrong house!

Heartbeat S11E6
Episode 6

Old Masters

Vernon conducts tours of Ashfordly Hall. During a tour, a valuable painting vanishes. A journalist, who had caught Ventress asleep whilst on duty, photographed him. Later, when Ventress & Blaketon see the photo, they recognise the culprit - a known thief.

Heartbeat S11E7
Episode 7

The Rivals

A worker at a nearby carpet factory is injured when machinery breaks down. Until now, the boss Mr. Shields had ignored health and safety. It turns out to be sabotage, as Mr. Shields' girlfriend had wrecked the machinery to get the manager sacked.

Heartbeat S11E8
Episode 8

Home to Roost

Mr. Lawson, the owner of some disused houses, is furious when a commune arrives and takes them over. Lawson is suspected of breaking into the houses. One of the girls in the commune is pregnant, but Oscar persuades Lawson to allow her to stay there with the baby. An undercover journalist was responsible for the break in.

Heartbeat S11E9
Episode 9

Uninvited Guests

There's a salmonella outbreak and a chicken pie from the Aidensfield Arms is suspected as the source. Two criminals take a mother and her son as hostages and Vernon wants to start a cemetary for pets.

Heartbeat S11E10
Episode 10

No Hiding Place

One of Tricia's friends is having problems with her relationship with her boyfriend. She has been under threat from her boyfriend, as she has some important documents. Meanwhile the Christmas lights on the village tree (supplied by Vernon) catch fire.

Heartbeat S11E11
Episode 11

A Gentleman's Sport

A forced entry to a Goldsmiths keeps the poilce busy. Craddock is furious to learn one of the suspects escaped from the hospital whilst Tom had fallen asleep! Mr. Veritable, a known cricket player turns up in Aidensfield, but its not long before suspision is aroused and it turns out he was behind the theft.

Heartbeat S11E12
Episode 12

Closing the Book

A man dies of a heart attack on the village green. The police invesitgate a robbery of banknotes from the station. The theives hire & use a holiday caravan of Vernons, as a get away. However its not long before the caravan breaks down and the notes are discovered Craddocks wife, meanwhile, has turned up in Aidensfield and when he tells her that she matters more than his career, they decide to make up and leave Aidensfield together.

Heartbeat S11E13
Episode 13

The Leopard's Spots

Sgt. Merton, freshly demoted from CID, arrives at the police station to take on the new roll as Sergeant. When Ventress brings a disqualified driver in, Alf is threatned if he takes the further, the driver will reveal his past. Oscar presuades Alf to come clean, and Merton is understanding. The driver is later arrested on a drugs case. David attempts to get fit at a gymn, but things don't go too smoothly.

Heartbeat S11E14
Episode 14

From Ancient Grudge

A family feud over land escalates with a fight in the pub, partly provoked by Tom. Unknown to the two families involved, 2 of them from opposing sides used to go out with each other. Thankfully, Alf calms both parties down, and talks some sense into them.

Heartbeat S11E15
Episode 15

The Great Ming Mystery

The owner of a large house has recently acquired a ming varse. While he is on holiday, David looks after the house, however he leaves after he learns some other people have moved in. It turns out they are responsible for the missing vase.

Heartbeat S11E16
Episode 16

Second Chances

Helen Jones returns home walking her dog and surprises a young intruder who strikingly resembles her run-away husband decades ago. Later David finds him in Vernon's barn, and soon Vernon is involved in the wine processing business.

Heartbeat S11E17
Episode 17

Sympathy for the Devil

A new health food shop in Ashfordly demands goatmilk, so Vernon and David keep goats, but without a proper pen the goats attack Blaketon's and others' gardens.

A guest house suffers an intrusion but nothing seems to be stolen, Sue Dixon and her teenage daughter have just moved in but there's no harmony between them,

Heartbeat S11E18
Episode 18

Coming of Age

Heartbeat S11E19
Episode 19

Love Hurts

Heartbeat S11E20
Episode 20

Windows of Opportunity

Heartbeat S11E21
Episode 21

The Shoot

Heartbeat S11E22
Episode 22

Class Act

Heartbeat S11E23
Episode 23

Caught in the Headlights

Heartbeat S11E24
Episode 24

Love's Sweet Dream

Mike and Tricia get involved in a domsetic violence case. tricia seems unwell all the time, complaining of headaches as she goes to the primary school, Jenny puts this down to her stress with Mike- she'd told him that she's in love and he didn't respond. Later After the woman has left her violent husband the husband hides in tricias house, Tricia returns home from a funeral only to be attacked, she manages to escape into the garden where she colapses, Mike later finds her.

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