Heartbeat - Season 14 Episodes

Heartbeat S14E1
Episode 1

Money, Money, Money

A new recruit causes a stir at Ashfordly police station. PC Rob Walker was brought up in Aidensfield but his family life was far from perfect and his father dabbled on the wrong side of the law. Oscar Blaketon remembers Walker senior all too well and he still has some unfinished business with Rob. Meanwhile, Ben and Liz's fund-raising efforts appear to have rubbed off on Vernon, who begins to show his charitable side.

Heartbeat S14E2
Episode 2

Secrets and Lies

The residents of Aidensfield are terrorised by a blackmailer and Sergeant Merton is less than impressed by the investigative methods of the handsome newcomer PC Rob Walker. Meanwhile, Vernon embarks on a venture in the prestigious world of publishing, with the help of David and Bernie.

Heartbeat S14E3
Episode 3

Fakers and Frauds

The police's reputation is at stake when burglaries appear to be being committed by one of their men. Vernon offers his art expertise to a painting party, but when his life model fails to show, he looks closer to home.

Heartbeat S14E4
Episode 4

The Happiest Day

Blaketon is put in a compromising position when the police investigate a warehouse robbery he knows something about. A police lost property clear-out provides David with a new hobby, but it doesn't keep him out of trouble.

Heartbeat S14E5
Episode 5

Hunter's Moon

Merton has to call in CID when a farmer's body is found tangled in a fence, in suspicious circumstances. Vernon revives an old dance to impress the taxi licensing committee, but he crosses Blaketon in the process.

Heartbeat S14E6
Episode 6


Bellamy is forced to confront painful memories when he becomes a target for misplaced revenge. Visiting relatives beset Lord Ashfordly, while Vernon starts the new mechanic on scrap car restoration.

Heartbeat S14E7
Episode 7

Say It with Flowers

Merton suspects explosives from a local airfield are linked to a robbery but his hands are tied when a DI pulls rank. Vernon sees a money-spinner when David enters a unique plant in the Aidensfield flower show.

Heartbeat S14E8
Episode 8

Precious Stones

Merton has to call in CID when armed robbers snatch a woman's diamonds from her neck. Ben shares some unexpected news with Liz while David bathes in new found fame.

Heartbeat S14E9
Episode 9

Buried Secrets

When an ex-army officer is found dead in his home, suspicion is cast on his money-hungry wife. And Rosie ends up with more admirers than she bargained for when she goes on a blind date.

Heartbeat S14E10
Episode 10

Stormy Weather

When a retired policeman is killed while escaping to Spain with a mystery woman, Merton is faced with the task of breaking the news to his widow. Vernon tries to make a quick buck at the poker table but comes a cropper at the hands of a crafty hustler.

Heartbeat S14E11
Episode 11

Who's Sorry Now?

A new doctor arrives in Aidensfield, and Merton is put under pressure when Jenny becomes convinced that he is having an affair.

Heartbeat S14E12
Episode 12

In Sickness and in Health

A kidnap case leaves Vernon's plans for Liz and Ben's wedding in chaos, while Helen's dreams of a fresh start for her and Matt look set to be shattered. Jenny is relieved when she finally gets a medical diagnosis explaining her recent symptoms, but the news brings a difficult decision for husband Dennis, who has to choose between his wife and his police career.

Heartbeat S14E13
Episode 13

In the Bleak Midwinter

Veteran singer and keyboard player Alan Price guest stars in this festive episode of the rural drama, as the leader of a down-on-their-luck jazz band. Travelling to Aidensfield, where they've been booked by Vernon to play at the villagers' Christmas concert, the Rio Trio offer a lift to a young girl, unaware she's a single mum taking her baby home to see her parents for the holiday. However, the first the band know about the infant is when the girl disappears, leaving them to look after it. Meanwhile, as the concert gets into full swing, local barmaid Gina takes centre stage, hoping to impress all and sundry with her rendition of Winter Wonderland.

Heartbeat S14E14
Episode 14

Blast from the Past

Walker is forced to confront his past when he undertakes his own unofficial investigation into a series of violent robberies around Aidensfield. Helen has to come to terms with the fact that her marriage is probably over when Matthew's mistress appears in the village, and David finds himself involved in some shady behaviour.

Heartbeat S14E15
Episode 15


Bellamy and Walker hunt for a batch of stolen Russian icons, and suspect the victim of an assault at the Aidensfield Arms might be involved when they discover his criminal connections. Vernon embarks on another harebrained scheme when he meets an Italian truffle salesman, while Helen is puzzled by a youngster's baffling medical history.

Heartbeat S14E16
Episode 16

Golf Papa One Zero

A new sergeant arrives at Aidensfield police station, bringing plenty of radical ideas from his time in the city, much to the officers' disgust. When news gets out of his ambitious plans, which will leave Walker unemployed, Oscar decides to take a stand and rallies the troops.

Heartbeat S14E17
Episode 17

The Long View

PC Walker receives a tempting offer from an old friend, but as the proposition involves a spot of rule-bending on his part, the decision to go through with it could land him in serious trouble, especially as Sergeant Miller already seems less than impressed by the policeman's rebellious nature.

Heartbeat S14E18
Episode 18

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Bellamy tries to impress Miller by going it alone, while the arrival of tax inspector Derek Ford gets the residents of Aidensfield panicked. Vernon bears the brunt of Ford's wrath when his dodgy dealings and poor record-keeping are exposed, convincing the wheeler dealer the only way to avoid trouble is to fake his own suicide.

Heartbeat S14E19
Episode 19

Friends and Relations

Clare finds herself under suspicion when a wild party ends in tragedy with a drugs-related death, and Miller is annoyed to have to reprimand Walker once again when he discovers his participation in the drunken revelling. David is put in a tricky situation when his Aunt Peggy arrives in Aidensfield and sets up an illegal vodka still, while Ventress is quick to reveal the newcomer's dubious history to Oscar and Gina.

Heartbeat S14E20
Episode 20

Off the Rails

A crime wave hits Ashfordly train station as a number of freight wagons mysteriously vanish, giving the police a tricky case to crack, but a sandwich could provide a vital clue. Peggy has plans to make some fast money when she decides to play dirty in the local bowls tournament, while a night out in Whitby proves eventful for Walker and Helen.

Heartbeat S14E21
Episode 21

Rustlers and Hustlers

A young girl is injured in a horse riding accident, leading the police to stumble upon a sinister series of animal thefts. Helen tries to tell Rob she doesn't want a relationship with him, but worries about hurting his feelings. Meanwhile, Oscar catches Peggy and David hosting a poker tournament in the Aidensfield Arms and bars them from the pub.

Heartbeat S14E22
Episode 22

Duty of Care

A young boy is shot at the Hall and Lord Ashfordly comes under investigation for employing child labour - but Bellamy discovers that the truth is rather more complicated. Peggy turns her hand to the tourist industry.

Heartbeat S14E23
Episode 23

Shadows from the Past

Peggy sets aside her pitchfork for glamour in the hope of charming a wealthy widower. The local community is up in arms when a famous homicide case is reopened for investigation - but Sergeant Miller ends up with more murder than he bargained for.

Heartbeat S14E24
Episode 24

Every Dog His Day

A group of young offenders come to stay at Ashfordly Hall, but soon find themselves under suspicion after a spate of disturbances in the village. Meanwhile, Blaketon and Ventress go on the hunt for a spinster's missing dog, and a £50 reward gives Peggy an idea.

Heartbeat S14E25
Episode 25

Services Rendered

Heartbeat S14E26
Episode 26

Bin Man

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