Hearts Afire

Hearts Afire

Hearts Afire - Season 2 Episodes

Hearts Afire - Season 2

Hearts Afire - Season 2

Newlyweds John and Georgie abandon big city politics for the craziness of small-town life. Helped out by John's best friend, the couple attempts to revive the local paper. Adding to the mayhem is the big-talking Lonnie and the cynical Madeline.

Hearts Afire S2E1
Episode 1

Lovely Always (1)

Georgie, John, Billy Bob and the kids leave D.C. to run a newspaper in the small town where the guys grew up. When things start going wrong, everybody confides in Madeline, a depressed psychologist.

Hearts Afire S2E2
Episode 2

Lovely Always (2)

Return: John and Georgie start a newspaper in John's hometown. But adjustments make life less-than idyllic at the outset. Billy Bob: Billy Bob Thornton. Madeline: Conchata Ferrell.

Hearts Afire S2E3
Episode 3


Desperate for cash to get their newspaper off the ground, the gang goes to work at the high school cafeteria and asks for a loan from an obnoxious, now wealthy former classmate.

Hearts Afire S2E4
Episode 4

The Great Depression

Based on John and Billy Bob's high school reputations, the gang gets fired from the cafeteria. Then help comes from an unlikely source.

Hearts Afire S2E5
Episode 5

First Edition

The gang hires a bombshell receptionist and Lonnie, the "printer from hell." Madeline offers to write a "tough love" advice column.

Hearts Afire S2E6
Episode 6

String of Pearls

John plans to give Georgie his grandmother's string of pearls for their first anniversary, but then Billy Bob and Madeline get involved.

Hearts Afire S2E7
Episode 7

The Stud Club

Lonnie convinced the gang to with him to a cowboy bar where mayhem soon ensues.

Hearts Afire S2E8
Episode 8

Blue Christmas

Georgie finds out she's pregnant, and her dad arrives for a visit.

Hearts Afire S2E9
Episode 9

True Confessions

A mix-up with the health-insurance company has John believing that he's dying. Billy: Billy Bob Thornton. Madeline: Conchata Ferrell. Georgie: Markie Post. Reed: Mark Harelik.

Hearts Afire S2E10
Episode 10

Accelerated Dating

A woman comes on strong to Billy, but her obsessiveness overwhelms him. Charlotte: Lisa Long. John: John Ritter. Ben: Justin Burnette.

Hearts Afire S2E11
Episode 11

Sweet Revenge

Georgie and Madeline devise ways to embarrass Madeline's ex, and John suffers a bout of jealousy over Georgie's past. Meanwhile, the kids put on a play satirizing the adult's behavior.

Hearts Afire S2E12
Episode 12

The Sons of Sissy-Whatsis

A camping trip goes haywire when the girl's raid the boys' camp, tie Lonnie to a tree and steal the van.

Hearts Afire S2E13
Episode 13

Fatal Traction

Billy Bob and Madeline tend to Lonnie after they both hit him with their cars. Billy Bob: Billy Bob Thornton. Madeline: Conchata Ferrell. John: John Ritter. Georgie: Markie Post.

Hearts Afire S2E14
Episode 14

Sleepless in a Small Town

The movie Sleepless in Seattle inspires the gang to express their own feeling of loveā€¦ loudly.

Hearts Afire S2E15
Episode 15

Do the Limbaugh

With their house invaded by guests, John and Georgie attempt to find some privacy, but instead are caught again and again during intimate moments.

Hearts Afire S2E16
Episode 16

Love in the Afternoon

John and Georgie suddenly have the urge to light each other's fire, but houseguests prevent ignition. Georgie: Markie Post. Billy Bob: Billy Bob Thornton. Madeline: Conchata Ferrell. Elliot: Clark Duke. Carson Lee: Doren Fein. Lonnie: Leslie Jordan.

Hearts Afire S2E17
Episode 17

The Big Yes

Georgie and John pretend they aren't married so they can vacation in a Miami singles-only time-share condo with the rest of the gang.

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